Words Make or Break


“You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person and you can’t say the right thing to the wrong person… so when in doubt, blurt it out.”

Heard that for years and still hear it.

It’s a lie.

No, I’m not saying that people that spout that line of reasoning are liars or bad people.   Matter of fact, it’s well intended.  The touters of that line of reasoning are simply trying to get their people to talk to people.   Everybody knows if we are going to make some money, we need to talk to people.   So let’s give everyone the benefit of “good intentions.” But, in the end, it is suicide.

The key to the vault? Using the right words
The key to the vault? Using the right words



Talking to people, using the right words, matters.  In network marketing, it’s not important.

It’s everything.

Drove me crazy that people don’t practice and I was ranting about it… big time.   Reps were burning through prospects like locusts on a cornfield because they were using the wrong sequence of words.

When you work at home, no matter how “separate” we try to keep biz from family, there is spillover.

That was a huge rant… I had had it.   That day my beautiful daughter Chelsea came up with a great idea.   She said, “Dad, I know you are right about getting people to talk to people and they need to learn that skill, but maybe there is a better way to get them to understand the importance of words and the sequence.”

“And?” I asked.

You’d have to know my daughter to know why I asked “and?”

“Maybe we could do a palindrome.”

A palindrome is a sequence of words that mean one thing when you read them forward and something completely different when you read them in reverse order.

We did, ok, mostly she did.   It was hard, really hard… and, a lot of fun… and we shot it out to the group.

Surprise!   They “got it” and practiced a simple skill that had people saying “yes” to looking better than 90% of the time… rejection free.

If your team doesn’t think words, sequence, and practice don’t matter… you may want to get this out to them.




Here’s a nifty networking skill, my favorite for both over the phone and face to face

When people ask me “how do I sponsor more,” I always reply the same way…

Will you learn a skill and practice?

Leave me a comment and let me know how you feel about words, sequence, and practice


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