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Every once in a while I just gotta get this off my chest.  No, it’s not a rant…….Success Coach Kathy Zimmer only permits me 4 rants a year and I’ve already used one.   Says a good one once in a while is OK but since my life is like a fairy tale to begin with she’d rather see me sharing ideas and skills that help people grow instead of getting them all riled up.

Folks there is no secret to building a big group…..that’s the secret the salespeople don’t want you to know.

There are just a couple of common sense things we need to know, beginning with the name of our industry.

Unfortunately, as Mark Twain wrote, “Common sense isn’t so common.”

We’ll get to the common sense stuff in a minute.


If you want to build a big network marketing business, start by really, really hearing AND observing people who chant, “If you treat it like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby.  If you treat it like a business, it will pay you like a business.”

Makes a lot of sense but in 20+ years I have seen less than a handful actually treat it like a business……most people don’t follow sound business principles…..only when it’s convenient or to try and ‘prod’ you to do more.

All well run, flourishing businesses develop new people they hire who can impact the bottom line.

Smart Business? Teach newbies how

When someone sponsors you into the business …….if they were ‘treating it like a business’ they would work with you, daily, to help learn what to do, what to say… you think Honda or Toyota or Mutual of New York hires people and sends them a link……and then tell new people to ‘go get ’em’?   Hardly.  Successful business owners know the people who are going to ‘DRIVE’ income don’t know what to do when they hire them.

Most MLMer’s do exactly that…..


They have to ‘sponsor more’ ……I wrote about that a few days ago…….

Why to they have to sponsor more?

Very few produce.


No one shows them the skills new network marketers need to learn.


It’s what they were taught.

Are they bad people?  Hell no…..just stuck in a ‘hire ’em in masses, train ’em in classes and throw ’em out on their asses’ mindset.

And it goes on and on this way…..until a real business person……someone who hasn’t convinced themselves that ‘network marketing is different’ …..people like Rob and Doug.


Met Rob a few years back now.  We really connected, he went through our Master Key Master Mind Alliance course and Go90Grow.

Fell in love with the 3-Deep Pattern.

Flew to Kauai to spend a week with myself and The Fabulous Davene.

We talked and talked and talked about the 3-Deep Pattern over and over and over…..

What’s the 3-Deep Pattern?

You help your enrollee sponsor a few folks.

You treat those people AS IF you personally sponsored them.

You help them sponsor a few folks AND treat those people as if you personally sponsored them.

They won't figure it out without our help

Let’s say you sponsored Jack and helped him sponsor Moe, Larry and Curly.

There is a LOT MORE MONEY in helping Moe, Larry and Curly than sponsoring new people.



Jack is on the phone with you when you get them started right…..Jack does not know how!!

Now Jack has been through getting people started right …..5-10 times…..and learns exactly what to do, why to do it that way and HOW to do it right.

Jack learns, with no pressure to ‘copy, [duplication is just a 4 syllabyle word for ‘copy’], the right things.

Folks, this is network marketing.

It seems like more work….but as you repeat the pattern with Moe, Larry and Curly’s people…’ve now got 8-12 people who are doing the right things right…..and they start doing them deeper in the group.

At the Free Networking Skills link you’ll find the 3-Deep Pattern.  Folks, it’s money…’s how to build a big group.

3 skilled people helping the new person is the path to a massive group

Talked with Rob today….his Mom just passed the day before.  Robs cranking about $5000 a week.

Rob’s got common sense… sense……so he also took Doug’s advice.


Doug Karnuth is a social media expert.  Really.

He’s helped us…..and so we asked him to join the staff at Go90Grow.

It’s one of the bonus pieces we offer… Go90Grow.

Doug says all the time that social media won’t build your MLM and the only people that will tell you that are people who want to sell you something.

He tells people like Rob and I the truth…..with work, consistent work……you can, in a few months, about 6, really seem some positive results…..and we’ve seen fantastic results.


“We shouldn’t think about where social media is taking us, we should be thinking about where we want social media to take us.”


Game changer…..and, common sense.

Look, if you were in my downline and I had this ‘secret way’ to get lots of prospects who were ready to buy and ready to join via social media…..would you want me to put you in competition with everyone in the company and with everyone with every company?

If I sold this ‘secret’ wouldn’t you be pissed?

I sure would….if you were my upline.

Folks….it’s bullshit.  There is no shortcut to success.

Common sense #1 – It’s network marketing……not net-point and click- marketing

Common sense #2 – People who just joined you have somewhere between 300-1500 new, fresh, exclusive leads.  Work those names with them, teaching them what to do, helping them earn while they learn.

Common sense # 3 – Those people lead to other, new, fresh lists….owned by people who want to make money and don’t know how to work their list……

Common sense # 4 – All those ‘leads’ are free.

It’s simple……network marketing [common sense #5], is networking through the people you bring in… definition.

Common Sense # 6 – If we are going to make some money, in any new venture, we need to learn some skills.

Sorry folks…..blasting links all over Wastebook, er….Facebook…..and buying systems to get leads……and all that jazz…….still leaves you in the same spot, with a lighter wallet……you still have to talk to them and that is network marketing skill #1 …..talking to people effectively.

We’ll be posting 3 videos shortly, beginning May 3rd, that teach the skills we need to learn and teach if we want to make big money.


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