Blog   The Phone-Chicken’s Top 10 Pretend Ways Overcome Call Reluctance

Let’s have a little fun today…..with the chicken within all of us…..

Top 10 ways Phone-chickens pretend to overcome call reluctance ….

  1. Tell your downline you want to critique them by listening to them make calls
  2. Tell your upline you want to listen to them make calls so you can improve
  3. Host a team conference call about over-coming call reluctance
  4. Host a conference call and get a guest speaker to talk about ‘posture’
  5. Go buy a new phone ….70 miles away,,,,,forget to take your cell with you.
  6. Schedule a time to schedule the times you’ll make the calls
  7. Schedule initial 20 hours of calls …….for next week
  8. Practice using the 3-way feature with other distributors
  9. Re-write the script the $100,000 upline earner gave you…because it doesn’t sound like you
  10. Tell your spouse how “easy this is”……that even they can do it and have them make the calls

It becomes a life defining moment …….making calls.

Either the moment defines you or you define the moment.

Over the last few weeks the posts here have touched different angles of this subject ……some people even think I am after gurus…..I am not.

We are really about common sense and personal growth, this is the core value of what these recent blogs are about.


Hey, these gurus have their own cosmic debt to pay, I got no beef with them.

My beef is with myself and other leaders who fail to realize we are the one’s giving these gypsys , tramps and thieves “a way in” by not being honest and blunt with ourselves and our organizations.

We are the one’s that need to carry, daily, with a baseball bat if needed, the message of simplicity and common sense.

I’ve been too soft on my team… have you……and too soft on myself.


See, the carnival barkers of today only get folks attention because they have call reluctance………

Not familiar with carnival barkers?  Carnivals are like a step or two down from a second-rate circus……with lot’s of games and pitchmen…….you know, they’ll guess you weight…..mother’s maiden name, make of your car…..’barking’ incrdible offers to get you to open your pocket…….So you pay a guy barking 5 bucks to guess the make and model of your car……he gets it wrong… win a prize they paid a buck for ….very funny 🙂

When Marybeth reads….”You won’t have to bother your friends a relatives, we’ll show you how to get 100s of hot, qualified prospects” ……we miss the point……..irrelvant that these statements are lies…….what is relevant is that Marybeth is RELIEVED……..she’s got call reluctance and this gives her a chance NOT to pick up the phone………and, she is hoping, with any luck…..they’ll be hours of trainings in there……so she can……yup, avoid picking up the phone for another month……phew….it’s almost worth it for Marybeth…..the money….to not make calls.

That ain’t the barker’s fault……I mean come on, they are telling you upfront they are going to take your money and only a complete boob with believe the promises…….and it’s not Marybeth’s fault…….that sloth, disguised as fear stripped her of common sense…….it is our fault.


We don’t know what we don’t know until we know it…….

We think because we have, in essence, a ‘volunteer’ army that we need to be gentler…….we don’t want them to quit……so we are not clear, blunt, direct.

We can say what we mean without being mean…….we gotta tell Marybeth she needs to get on the phone and the best way is to do it with you… you can show her how simple it is to get a yes by plugging into this free training.

My favorites, Og Mandino, points out that action reduces the loin of terror to the ant of equanimity…..he’s right.


An army of deer led by a lion is far more dangerous than an army of lions led by a deer.

So, this becomes a life defining moment……and the next 10 seconds defines you or you define it……

Don’t you just LOVE the chances for personal growth.


  1. Make 10 calls right now
  2. Then…..Get a free conference call line
  3. Schedule 8 hours you’ll make through that line
  4. Let everyone on your team, including your upline know

Marybeth’s common sense will return, you become a lion leading by example and the list of 10 Pretend Ways to Overcome Call Reluctance becomes funny instead of something we identify with.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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