network marketing shortcut

Network marketing shortcut?

Hey, there a dime a dozen, along with “secrets” … check that, they’ll cost a lot more than a dime. 🙂

The Only Network Marketing Shortcut?

Most people have figured out shortcuts usually cost money and waste more time than we care to admit.

I did not believe, I did not “not” believe… but money was really tight and like so many others, I had mixed feelings.   Was it really a shortcut?   I passed on the convention.   Six months later, another convention.   I passed.   I watched the others and did not see any great results.

Were the folks who went excited? Yup.

Had they found a network marketing shortcut?  Not that I could see.

My upline, as my checks began climbing, convinced me conventions were the difference maker.   So did they make a difference?   Was it a shortcut to network marketing success or a $hortcut… costing time and money?


We don’t spend bucks advertising.   We figured if we put out some content that would help the mindset of want-to-be MLMers and some skills you could use, the word would get out there.  Truth be told, the popularity of the skills and videos we have on the site is all you, we are grateful.   So we wanted to thank you in a special way, do something that would make a difference.

Since we are really coming into convention “season” it got really easy…

network marketing shortcut
Showing up without a plan?

See, MLM companies know that things can “slow down” a tad in the summer… vacations, northern states have a short time to enjoy the outside world without heavy coats, etc.   Here is the link to register for “How Leaders Are Born At Events” and with the worksheets, you’ll be able to teach this instantly.

When?   Saturday at 1:00 PM eastern time.

Make sure you grab the workbook. It’s actually the plan we defined, refined and perfected.  Something to think about with your convention coming up is sharing that link or this blog with your teammates.  Not just the ones already committed to going but all of them.  Who knows, once they find out how easy it really is to leverage the event, they might just change their mind. And if they get there with this strategy (that a 10-year old can copy), great results will happen automatically.

keep giving to keep growing


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