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Don’t you just hate the word “secret”? It’s seems like everybody has got a “secret” and everybody seems to want to sell the “secret”.  I’m tired of it, people trying to make us think they know something we don’t know… how about you?

What I want to reveal, or I should say what I want to share is a winning pattern that I learned in 1971 from one of the great minds in history of American business, the great W. Clement Stone.  Stone was really the guy who turned Napoleon Hill’s up and down career and brilliant study, “Think and Grow Rich” into a fortune.  Stone was not insistent he was adamant in the value of a reference library, a Master Mind Alliance and leveraging the knowledge of others.

I mention this because I was personally trained by Stone in 1971 and it was his declaration that the short cut to success was OPM.  Today most people think of OPM as other people money…  to Stone OPM stood for other people’s MINDS.  ‘This is no secret” I remember him saying to the class one day, “it’s just not utilized because most people are too lazy to read.”  I think Stone’s statement is even truer today than it was in 1971.

The pattern that has forged the blessings we’ve experienced is based on mining the gold from the mind’s of others by reading.  To help me sift through the overwhelming amount of material out there I’ve used a service for years called Executive Book Summaries.  These nifty little 8 page reviews allowed me to identify which books were worth purchasing and studying for my business.

Stone was right.  Reading is a pattern that created a habit that lead me to the crucial principles and provided a short cut he promised.



After all the list building, social networking, blogging, tweets, etc. it comes down to trust.

Does the prospect trust you?  If s/he does …it’s cha-ching 🙂 ….. if he doesn’t, too bad, so sad.

Trying to build a team?

If they trust you they will take your coaching… if they don’t …… nothing.

Covey’s book “The Speed of Trust” has had more to do with building organizations over 10,000 reps and millions of dollars in sales than anything else because trust is the one thing that changes everything.

What we don’t realize is most people use an incomplete plan that has been handed down for generations.  When our plan is incomplete we can’t expect to get the results that we want.

This is the traditional business formula ~

Strategy X Execution = Results

Here’s Covey’s brilliant shift

Strategy x Execution x Trust = Results

An individual, a company or a team may have a brilliant strategy and a burning desire to execute the strategy but the end results will ultimately depend on the level of trust in both the customers and the reps driving the deal.


Trust has, always, a profound effect on 2 outcomes:

1. Speed

2. Cost

When trust declines speed goes down and cost goes up. Example?  9/11 ring a bell?  What happened after 9/11?  Cost more money and more time to travel because trust was down.

On the other hand as trust goes up the speed of growth increase and costs go down.

TRUST is the one thing that changes everything: increasing trust AND accelerating the speed of trust others have in you does reduce cost and increase productivity and sales dramatically.

Proof:  There are probably 2 or 3 people you know who …..if they called and said…..’buy this’….you would.  Right?

Imagine increasing the number of people dramatically who feel that way about you, your coaching, your suggestions.  Would that make a difference in cost and sales?

What I learned in Covey’s book was how to accelerate the Speed of Trust, that there were 13 things that I could do to increase the velocity of trust.

Over the next few days I’ll break-down Covey’s book and show you step-by-step how to increase the Speed of Trust instantaneously… I took the material and applied it to our business.

Think of it as a ‘interactive’ book review.

So the ‘pattern’ that created my nick-name, The World’s Laziest Networker, is reading …..and I will share with you the key points in books that helped me find the ‘keys to the vault’ much faster and how to use them.


Mark Januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

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