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W. Clement Stone asserted, “every adversity has the seed for equal or greater achievement within it” for those who have a Positive Mental Attitude and think instead of react.

His response was, to all problems, “Congratulations” … and, if one claimed, “you don’t understand, this is a really big problem” … Mr. Stone would instantly shout, “Well then, double congratulations.”

Who the hell is W. Clement Stone?

Built the largest and most successful sales force in history…selling insurance.   Billionaire who came from nothing…while he did many great things in sales and within the insurance industry, it was his affect on

"Problem? Congratulations!" W. Clement Stone
“Problem? Congratulations!” W. Clement Stone

Napoleon Hill that is most powerful.

It was Hill’s, the author of Think and Grow Rich, meeting and eventual friendship with W. Clement Stone that made Hill far more rich and famous than he could have imagined.  Stone drove Hill and Think and Grow Rich to the widespread, far reaching impact it still enjoys today… I worked for and was trained in Chicago by Stone and his company way back in 1971.  And, to this day, it remains the only long standing “ouch” I have around business….I was just to young to realize the magnitude of this glorious blessing.

Fortunately…the teachings were so powerful and profound that some of it penetrated…

The industry is a train wreck right now… and presents the biggest problem since Richie DeVos fought all the way to the Supreme Court to get us all legal] …and the biggest opportunity within the problem that the industry has ever seen.




This is the second biggest lie in our great industry, right behind “you just have to find the right people.”

Ford factories don’t duplicate.

McDonald’s burger joints don’t duplicate.

Apple production facilities don’t duplicate.

So how are they growing, Apple, McD’s and Ford from factory to factory or store to store?


What they do is take their best skilled peeps and build it, teaching the skills needed at each position, hands on.

The window to riches is looking at how they all expand and applying it to human nature…

See, what duplicates is system, based on skills, vitalized by people who teach those skills hands on.

The human nature part is massive….people, you, me and everyone you know…is tribal.  We are all tribal by nature.

So when we elect to join a group, we, at the first meeting, have an uncontrollable compulsion to “copy” the behavior of the group to gain acceptance of the group…tribe.

Confused people don't commit
Confused people don’t commit

Is your team a “tribe” or individuals who all represent the same company?

There is a massive difference between the two.

While we may have differences of opinion on some things I know we can agree on this: Confused people don’t commit and building an MLM, no matter how great the company is, takes commitment.

The very core of this wonderful opportunity [problem 🙂 ] is 2 fold.

Ego and the internet…oh, it’s not the internet’s fault…it’s what those egos do with it.


The solution is so simple…get with your team and submerge egos, agreeing on what to do and agree to DTST…all Do The Same Thing…using the same vocabulary.

I mean, come on….MLM is not rocket science… we only do 3 things.

1. Get names

2. Call them up and ask them to look at what we have to offer

3. Collect decisions and repeat the process with people who say yes.

Good grief….40 different names for these 3 simple things?

Go for it….stand tall and declare, with your team….”this is who we are, this is what we stand for”


Newbies, hearing the same thing will “copy”….with less resistance….and the next wave even less resistance….

The only problem?


And it’s a big problem.

Double Congratulations

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing
Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing



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