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Most Laws of the Mind are pretty complicated or have several levels of meaning.  Not this one.

Pretty simple.

The Law of Diminishing Intent

The longer you wait to do something the less enthusiasm you will have for it.

Look, whether you’re brand new to MLM and just learning some network marketing skills, a stalled veteran or a top leader, we are all vulnerable to the Law of Diminishing Intent.

Someone pops in our head that we forgot about and we think, “Oh, Hank…geez, he’d be good at this, I gotta give him a call,”…or we remember a whole group of people, or we get the idea to just knock on 20 doors a day…and we are excited.  It’s 9 o’clock at night, it’s a good idea and we are looking forward to tomorrow.

Visions of sugar plums dance in our head as we head off to bed, imagining a whole vein of prospects from this one idea.
We are EXCITED!  We have INTENT.


With each passing hour the next day, as ‘life’ happens to us; kids need a ride to school, politics in your organization, customer service challenge, comforting a rep who just got discouraged, our enthusiasm wanes.  And right there, right at that spot, the Law of Diminishing Intent rears its ugly head.  It moves, quickly from being a great idea to something we need to get around to, and excitement is gone.

Most of these ideas never get executed…so sad.

A good idea is worth, according to franchise consultants, about a buck.  A plan to put it in play?  Millions.

In network marketing, as much as any other business, the Law of Diminishing Intent is a backbreaker.


Most people don’t realize, unlike Master Key Master Mind Alliance fans, that we are establishing a habit, and everybody knows habits are not easy to break,


We set a pattern up that makes Henry Ford right, again…You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do
Usually, within a few days, we’ve forgotten all about the idea, the Law is validated, yet again.  So sad.

Here are 4 Leadership Tips that work

 4 Keys to Prevention

1. Write it down, right now.
The excitement with these ideas needs to be defined, so write it down.

I’ve always got a little notepad in my pocket.  They cost about a buck; made me a lot of money.
The old saying “If it isn’t written it isn’t true,” is dead on.

Write it down.
It’s very cool to look back at about a months worth of these ideas, and it becomes a habit – thinking creatively for solutions.

The writing down of ideas always leads to more ideas.  Each idea, no matter how great, is worth about a buck.

Here’s how to convert it to cash and eliminate those ugly, self-esteem crushing moments of hesitation that become the invitation to the Law of Diminishing Intent.

2.  Schedule time to think about it within 24 hours.

Sometimes we get the idea away from home.  Write it down and when you get home schedule time to think about it.  Five minutes is good.
Sometimes we get the idea at home.  Write it down and schedule a time to think about it.

Why write it down (step 1) if you can just schedule time to think about it?

Habit. Form good habits.

We are our habits and plugging something into a formula – WITHOUT SKIPPING STEPS – will establish the habit in your mind of ‘how to’ bring an idea to fruition.  Nothing will pay greater dividends than the habit of an idea that you know how to manifest.  Routine is something that works and builds self-esteem.  It is a priceless asset so follow the formula.

Sit still for 5 minutes focused on the idea.  Enthusiasm is something we feed or we starve to death, so feed it in those 5 minutes.

3. Schedule a time to do it.

The difference between knowing what to do and doing it is whether or not we schedule it.
So you are scheduling two things…a time to think about it and the precise time you will do it.

4. Do it.

Do it at the precise time you scheduled yourself to do it.

Complete the cycle of these 4 steps.  All our ideas won’t work out but they all work.

Huh? Confidence is magic.  It’s the fuel that momentum runs on.

Where does self-confidence really come from?
Achievement?  No, hardly.
It comes from self-esteem and nothing builds it or destroys it faster than ourselves.

The truth is those tiny moments of hesitation not only open the door for the Law of Diminishing Intent, but they also undermine our self-esteem.
On the other hand, the thrill of putting an idea in play with this easy 4 step formula builds our self-esteem.

To create an idea, big or small, think about it, schedule it and bring it to life, over and over, its what builds self-esteem and awakens the sleeping giant within all of us.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Mark you are so right. Glad to have taken part in the MKMMA course so I can keep forming new habits like this one. You have taught me so much. With Gratitude, Sue

  • Right on, Mark! Makes me remember my little mini recorder. It’s easy to carry with me, and I think i will start using it for those moments when it’s not convenient to write my ideas down so I can listen to the idea and implement it later. I’m going to start carrying it again!

  • Thanks Susan

    the truth is, just like an MLM…’s the people, not the guide that make the trip…..and you made a difference, so thank you

    mark j
    keep growing!

  • Hello Mark, Just stopped by as “you know who” told me this was a fantastic post ……. and I have to agree with him. Great perspective I will be getting this idea and passing it on to my downline.
    Often the question comes up “How do you improve yourself?” Your site is a great generic resource for anyone in MLM.

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