Blog   The Investment of T.I.M.E. Pays MLM Big Dividends


When did we all get so damn impatient?

Has the ‘Last Great Generation’ been forgotten……and what they really stood for?

Pride in work, willingness to do the work, humility and striving to improve…..symbols of the Great Generation seem to have been replaced by……impatience, entitlement and instant gratification… least for the most part.

Network marketing and it’s promise of big money and time leverage is perfect ‘feed’ for the mindset we find ourselves getting pulled into…..especially if we misplace our perspective and our common sense.

Is 2-3 years to build a 6 figure income at NO FINANCIAL RISK [re:See Government Funding]  ……really not fast enough?   Geez, gimme a break……or at least some perspective.

It takes T.I.M.E……and time is the key element, looked at from a different perspective.


What make our economic engine grow and areas flourish in the late 1700s and early 1800s was a system of Craftsmen and Apprentice.

In the 1900s is what not called that but it was the same set up……guy goes to work for a plumber and learns what to do, hands on, from the Master.

If s/he wanted to change professions, it would never occur to them not have to learn some new skills.

MLM is the same thing…..learn the skills, practice, apply and teach the skills.

2 years to change the economic destiny of a family is not much time.

True leadership, which is what people are really seeking who have common sense, is really a person how knows how to teach basic network marketing skills…..and knows promoting all those magic systems out there makes them a pimp.

The difference between a pimp and a leader?

Integrity and pride in our profession.

Had an interesting exchange in my Face-book in box.  Girl trying to get me to sign up for this amazing system ……that would explode my group.

Turns out she just got it… now promoting it and ……hasn’t sponsored a person with it……nor made $200 in her primary deal…..which she is putting on hold to promote this ‘magic system’…… 🙂

Pimping Systems Is A Trap. The Bait? Promised Short-cut to the Impatient

She’s a pimp.

Doesn’t even know she’s pimping something……admitted she has no proof it works……which it does not…..same old tire alleged shortcut dropped in a fancy site.

We simply cannot teach what we do not know…..learn the network marketing skills so you can get a ‘yes’ 90% of the time to looking and learn how to teach it.




I – I

M- Must

E- Earn


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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