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If our basic assumptions are wrong, it simply does not matter how sound are reasoning is or how precise our planning is.  We are going to fail.

In my Abstract Algebra class we had an exercise where by the number 1 = the number 2 and maintained their individual values.  The prof would the put an example like this on the board.

If 1=2 prove 1.237.984 = 47

it’s really pretty simple to prove that without violating any laws of mathematics. Does not matter what the 2 numbers are, can even be fractions. But the fact is 1 DOES NOT equal 2.

What is the point?  Examine basic assumptions before you succeed [or listen to a pitch ~ LOL]

The Biggest Lie in Network Marketing, if you fall for it, will let the pitch-person the prove why you need additional programs to succeed.  And, like the math exercise, they won’t violate any other truths.

The Biggest Lie in Network Marketing is “You just have to find the right people

The right people are every where.  Want proof?

Do you know anyone who would not want more money?  Everybody, right?

Do you know anyone who would like to pay less taxes? Again, everybody.  Yes?

Do you know anyone who would like more time with the people they love?  Silly question.

So if everyone wants more money, more time and less taxes then the right people are everywhere.  It really depends on what we say in the first 8-15 seconds that makes us successful or unsuccessful in network marketing.  Not convinced?  Try this experiment.

Go to a local grocery store with a friend in 2 cars and get 2 bags of groceries each.  Bring them out in carts.  Wait for a stranger to come by and tell him, “I hurt my back, could you put these in the trunk for me?”  He obliges and you pull out a $100 bill and try to give it to him.  What would he say?

“Oh, that’s OK” or “That is way too much, give it to charity” or “Great, any other chores you want me to do?”  The point is, easy.  Right?

Now he goes by your friend who says the same thing, “I hurt my back, could you put these in the trunk for me?”  He obliges and your friend pulls out a gun, grabs him by the throat and says, “Give me all your money or I’ll blow your brains out!”  Do you think you’d get a completely different reaction?

Look closer.  Same stranger…..completely different reaction.

Network marketing is pretty hard when you don’t know what to say in the first few seconds and buying magic systems and leads is an easy sell if you buy the biggest lie….”you just have to find the right people” Once we do buy the lie we are pretty easy targets for more magic systems, lead generators etc……but here is when it gets really ugly.  Since we are still saying the same thing, nothing changes except the balance on our credit cards.

Always examine basic assumptions before moving forward.

The right people are everywhere.

We just need to know what to say.


mark j

world’s laziest networker

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  • Mark that is some great stuff..I see alot of people spend more time looking for the right person…..When they are everywhere..thanks for the tips….
    Henry Vigeant New Hampshire

  • I agree Mark. Just think about guys making that first sentence when he wants to meet that girl.

    The decision is early and quick by our prospects.

    I love the math analogy. Yeah, we can make almost anything sound good 🙂

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