There is an old saying, “The best things in life are free.”

It seems to be in direct conflict with the mantra, ‘you get what you pay for.’

Is there a conflict?

Not really. It is all about agenda.

We are giving away 2 free skills; one that gets a ‘yes’ 94% of the time and the second one instantly creates trust in a prospect’s mind.

Does that mean because they are free the are worth nothing?

People with something to sell, secrets, [wink-wink], sure want us to think that way.

The grand-daddy of all recorded self-help, motivational stuff has the answer to this and knowing my agenda should help anyone quickly decide which of these two ‘axioms’ applies here.

Earl Nightengale’s classic, “The Strangest Secret in The World” is the wisdom that settles this potential conflict.

Earl points out that it’s only a ‘secret’ and ‘strange’ because most people don’t seem to know about it.  The truth, Earl goes on, is that success is no secret at all, been around for over 2000 years…..

We tend to value our homes, cars, bank accounts, clothes, jewlery…..and take for granted our health, mind and spirit…..

We measure our value based on the what we possess and overlook the astonishing gifts we were given, including the most powerful gift of thought.  The really interesting thing about thought is that within it lies easy and instant access to success but we tend to look everywhere but to our thoughts for success. hmmmmm

Is our health free?

Our spirit?  Our mind?  Our thought?

I believe, once we pick-up the idea Nightengale reveals and is written on virtually every page of “Think and Grow Rich” that indeed the best things in life are free.   And it gets really easy to figure out when the statement, ‘you get what you pay for’ is applicable and when it is a manipulative statement from a pitchman.

Everybody knows there are no ‘secrets’ and folks that buy them always confess later they were looking for a short-cut born out of sloth.

The microwave mentality we call can get sucked into makes it really easy to abandon common sense and become slothful without realizing it.

Sloth?  Sure.

Life Defining Moment

“How long you been delivering seafood?”

“14 years.’ I answer.

“If you left and took a job as a landscaper would you expect to learn a few new skills so you could be effective?”

“Of course.”

“If you’re gonna make some dough here you need to learn some skills,” he says with a smile…..”the thing I love about networking most of all is we get paid for giving away what we know.  And the better we get at giving it away, the more success we have.”

Everybody agrees that when we take on a new occupation we need to learn some new skills.

I reflected right there and then on my life experience. No one, in any business I had been in [5] had ever shared the real stuff because I was, in the final analysis, in competition with then.

So we give free skills away because the more we give away the better we seem to do.


Gotta be a BUT right?  Actually there are 2 BUTS.  Ut-Oh

You simply cannot give away what you do not have.

What does that mean in this case?

We cannot teach what we do not know.

If I don’t know it, how can I give it away?

The skills we are giving away are not really free.
Double Ut-Oh.

The price of the free skills?  Repetition.

Repetition is the mother of skill.

Since we agree that a new occupation [and it’s still new no matter how long you’ve been in if you have not got the results you want], requires new skills, we must learn what they are and pay the price with practice and repetitions.

If we don’t pay the price of success it becomes mandatory we pay the price of failure.  And this happens all the time…..

Our ego’s convince us we are being ‘smart’ by looking for magic systems……we buy the lies about 1000s of leads we can generate for FREE…’s not smart……it’s ego covering sloth.

I know.  And so do you.  Sloth’s enemy is common sense.


mark januszewski

worlds laziest networker

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  • The “wisdom” you are sharing in print is amazing and will save me time!
    Thank you!

  • Kerry says, she could have found this out “5” years from now. I believe that Mark will teach us how to stop wasting time and get the results we have been looking for now.

  • No doubt Nancy…even more profound than “5 years” is…maybe I never would have found out about Mark and met him. The time, and money wasted along the way would have been criminal.

    What he gives away for free to the Network Marketing community has exponentially more value than anything I have spent untold thousands on.

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