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Interesting question…..we hear it all the time in various forms, eh?

For most people the first time it gets referenced is the day we join and MLM.

“Treat it like a business, it will pay you like a business, treat it like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby.”

Later, we are told……”Pros get paid, amateurs pay to watch pros play.”


But what do Pros do?

So yeah, we gotta lead, but… do I lead people so they will learn the  network marketing skills.

Really, what are the leadership tips that lead to growth?


The Power of Professionalism by Bill Wiersma simply nails what we need to do.

Leadership, in the end, is linked to professionalism and his 7 keys are spot on for the those who really want network marketing success.

This is a great read, but let me hit a the 7 keys for you.

If you team sees you as a Professional, they will see you as a leader and while checks attract, professionalism maintains.

And….the cool thing about professionalism is even with out a check or a big one, the aura around you develops belief in others.

I’ve created a simple way to measure yourself and identify where you can improve.

I took Weirsma’s 7 keys and matched them to networking.

Give yourself 30 points for testing yourself [pros want to know how to improve 😎 ] and then 1-10 on the 7 keys.

Max score is then 100…….but what is important is to discover what area or areas you need improvement in and to start on the worst on first.

1. Professionals have a bias for results.

Been doing this 20 years, Pros look at volume and sponsoring.

They honestly assess how they are doing and keep the main thing the main thing.

This mindset makes it really easy to stop surfing the web for ‘secrets’ and simple get to work, an example that others see.

2. Professionals realize (and act like) they’re part of something bigger than themselves.

Pros who really are secure don’t make it about them…..the know people join, in part, because they want to be part of something.

Focus on the goals of others……there is NOTHING on the planet bigger than helping others get what they want via service.

Do you know the goals of people in your organization by heart?

Get busy.

3. Professionals know things get better when they get better.

Pros practice……fakes keep ‘re-inventing’ themselves.

When I was good presenting people saw I got better the following week…..over and over.

Word spread that I practiced a few times a week…..and soon other’s joined me for those sessions.

You getting better at the primary tasks does not go unnoticed.  It inspires others.

The best way to improve the team is to improve yourself.

Just like Vikki Lawson has with the 26 week Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  She invested in herself, improving herself.

This takes work, not listening to a CD in our cars so we can grab a quote to pass on…..Pros demonstrate without fanfare improvement with effort, just like Vikki.

4. Professionals have personal standards that often transcend organizational ones.

Companies make mistakes.  So do you, me and every other person on the planet.

Fix them, apologize when necessary…..and don’t justify the apology.

Hold yourself and the fixing of problems [whether you created them or not], to a higher standard.

The last 3 are on video for you……just below…

5. Professionals know personal integrity is all they have.

6. Professionals aspire to be masters of their emotions, not enslaved by them.

7. Professionals aspire to reveal value in others.

I’d really like to know what professionalism means to you….So leave a comment and let me know what you think, what makes you ‘know’ your dealing with a Pro?

mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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