The 5 Sacrifices For Winning in Networking, really in any business or dream are not the simple stuff like giving up TV time or golf.

While some of those must go to create the time for the big dream, 30 plus years of experience has taught me that they are the minors and until the majors are taken, we’re not going to move into our full potential.

The 5 Sacrifices For Winning in Networking

Let’s get real.  The big dream requires more than desire.  You’ve got to want it with every fiber of your being.  To want and to want badly is not enough.  I am going to assume you’re reading this because you feel that way, beyond desire yet are not firing on all cylinders.

First step is realizing that giving something up is really moving up.  Stop here.  Read that again.

Got it?

Great.  As all illuminated minds over the last 4000 years have pointed out, from Buddha to the Carpenter, to Plato, Socrates, Emerson… to Napoleon Hill, who said it best, “there is no such thing as something for nothing,” sacrifice for the greater good is a requirement for great achievement.  Notice that sacrifice comes before greater good, not after.

Sacrifice One

Not appreciating the present moment.   In the brilliant works of Wallace Wattles, {Science of Being Rich, Science of Being Well, Science of Being Great} he reduces all 3 major aspects to a science.  All the self-help and motivational stuff you’ve ever read, if it was written post 1900 has at it’s core, Wattles.  All 3 Sciences begin with gratitude.

Gratitude is a cause, not an effect.  If you can’t appreciate and be overwhelmed with gratitude right now, for everything, including challenges … make that sacrifice.  If you will not or want to think about how tough you have it and if I knew that, I’d never say this… think again.

Broke and bankrupt, foreclosed house, horrific medical news… and I was grateful.  Hope is a wish without gratitude.

5 Sacrifices For Winning In NetworkingSacrifice Two

Opinions, all of them.  Your opinion is confirmation of who you are.  Who you are does not have the success or dream you want.  You reconfirm that sense of self with each opinion, including the ones in your head that you don’t verbalize.

Equally important is the opinions of others.  The path to your big dream, successes and life you desire when you REALLY go for it is going to be shrouded in negative opinions.  Celebrate it because, while you may feel lonely or scared once in a while, and you will, there is no price to high for owning yourself.

Sacrifice Three

Your need to be right, defensiveness.  Mistakes are redirections if we learn from them.  If we do not, if we give up our right to be wrong, we lose the gift of learning and the change it triggers.  When we stop learning new things, we are through and the dream dies.  [You can learn some new things right here]

Sacrifice Four

Avoiding challenges instead of attacking them. Of all the 5 sacrifices for winning in networking, this one is the easiest to spot.

Winners are impelled to challenges and attack with pride, poise and an understanding that avoid them is lunacy.  The non-winners get involved with procrastination, excuse, self-pity and blame games.

Shit happens, make this sacrifice if you avoid challenges.

Sacrifice Five

Refusing to make personal growth the number one requirement.  Our success works in direct correlation with our self worth.  Dedicating the first half hour or so of the day and last half hour of the day [when you’re still in theta state in AM, and moving into it at PM] is crucial.   No cells, texts, calls, email before in am and after in pm is the biggest single factor in the rags to riches stories I have witnessed in 30 years.

Make this sacrifice, feeding your mind and sitting silently to think about what you’re reading is the ticket to the promise land.

Notice your mind telling you that you don’t have the time as you read this.  [Take a scholarship to our 6 month course, starts in September, in the meantime, read Wattles or Standing Tall daily 🦒. ]



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  • Great points Mark. I like the gratitude part. Always be grateful for what you have! Some people are worse off than we are. If we just keep servicing others, things will come back to us automatically.

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