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Posted a blog last week and got a couple interesting emails……I claimed most people are aiming at the wrong target.

The point is not sponsoring people…..the point is developing teams that can help people build effective teams…….without you.

The ‘confusion’ seems to be …..’yeah, but don’t I need to get people in?’

It’s not about getting them ‘in’ ……it’s about your motive…..and objective.

With a couple easy networking skills, it’s easy to get people in but will that hit the objective?


And, quite frankly, if ‘getting people in’ is our objective we will sponsor the absolute minimum because our motive is selfish and fear based.

Mental gut check:  Does anyone really believe they can come from a selfish, fear-based perspective and build a team of winners?  Good Grief!

And, to make things worse, we preach ‘service driven leadership’ while focusing on our sponsoring.   No wonder the few we get it quit.  🙂

Do we need to sponsor?

Yes.  But the motive better start with ‘the end in mind’ ……teams that build effective teams without us.

This should help make it easy to ‘hit that spot’



C – Consider.  Get the ‘suspect’ to consider a different outcome than the one the life they currently have is leading them too.  This is known as the Hero’s Journey….when a person moves from the life they know into a life they do not know.

C – Confirm.   Get our ‘hero’ to confirm their integrity, that they will show up.   Simple skill once you realize they don’t care about the plan, product of company.  They show up for themselves……for the hope of a different outcome.

C – Commit.  We ask our ‘hero’ to commit to telling us ‘yes’ or ‘no’ BEFORE we show them our business.   They are really committing to their life, not the ‘plan’…….I mean, really, didn’t you join for the hope of a different outcome?

C – Commence.  We close on what they want.   Go90Grow© members call this the ‘prospect’s invisible close’ and they close for you in 1 sentence.

Hands on Help or Feed them to the sharks?
Hands on Help or Feed them to the sharks?

C – Collaborate.   Now the work begins…..that hands on support.  We ‘collaborate’ with new people to help them learn what to do and what to say.

Beginning on the 13th we’ll post up 3 part video training to help you learn how to begin with the end in mind.

When you get right down to it……do you want a sponsor who is committed to sponsoring and giving you don’t quit speeches…..or a sponsor who is collaborating with you, hands on, to get you that different outcome you hoped for when you enrolled.

You can grab the Go90Grow© series a day earlier right here……

So…..what are your thoughts about the 5 C’s?

Did you join your MLM because someone wanted to get you ‘in’ or because you hoped for a different outcome.

Might it be a good idea to come from that place instead of worrying [fear] about sponsoring people into the ‘deal’?

keep giving to keep growing


mark j

world’s laziest networker

Thanks For Stopping By and Sharing
Thanks For Stopping By and Sharing


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