Blog   The 4 Keys to Escaping Commodity Hell


Snooze fest……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

And while we may not THINK so, that is exactly what is going on for prospects these days.

In yesterday’s post we shared our discovery about being in commodity hell and touched on how Oren Harari’s brilliant work, Break From the Pack, gave us a huge edge.

What’s commodity hell?

We all sound the same to the prospect……those wonderful features of your product or plan that you KNOW are unique ….are, well….boring to the prospect.  S/he hears the same ‘best product/plan/company’ from everyone.

Are you proud of your choice?  Great.

That pride and a buck will get you a cup of coffee.


Look, it’s important to believe in what you’re representing.  Really important.


Everyone does.

Your scientific documents and complicated math formulas about your pay plan make a real Pro’s job easy.


The know something you don’t.

What do they know?

Why people join.

And it matters when you are beginning……and it really matters when you are trying to get some duplication.

I’ve shown a marketing plan once since 1999…….I’ve had reps who are getting 4 figure checks ask me, off the record, if I knew anything at all about the product.

I did but I always said, ‘no, not really.’


So I could share with them how to set themselves apart in a world where we all sound the same when pitching our business.


They want to be a part of something bigger, not the same.

They want to represent something massive, feel like they can make a difference.

Scientific data, as important as it may be to you, simply does not inspire people… with it or perish.

Look at ‘text message’ companies, now trying to market MLM style.  There is on that has an edge but… that edge making a difference to the prospect and easier for reps?  No.

They, tech-no deals are like nutrition deals…..sorry….a dime a dozen :::>to the ears of a prospect.

I picked these out of Oren’s book, Break From the Pack, and they made an enormous difference


ONE::::>Choose to Dominate

Pick a passion….anything.  If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

What do you stand for?

Facts on a scientific report?  zzzzzzzzzzzz

Why your wrinkle cream is better than Harry’s?  zzzzzzzzzzz times 2 😆

How about…..

  • Getting Mom’s home with kids?
  • Paying for college?
  • Most 10,000 a month earners in your group?
  • Most 1 month vacations taken?

TWO ::::>Laser Focus, Not Floor Lamp

You simply cannot be all things to all people, don’t even try.

THREE::::>Make the Laser Focus Exciting

It’s not going to be exciting to everyone, living in Kauai isn’t….but it was to us and that excitement and talking to other’s about where they wanted to live or travel to……paid huge dividends.  We found the ‘nut’s like us that had passion.   Our excitement is what got them going, not Kauai.

FOUR::::>Be Willing to Subtract


Realizing we were not all things to all people……letting ego go……and people who were not committed to what we were without judgement but, rather, with blessings, paid huge dividends.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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