Let’s stay positive

Before we get to these inanely insulting emails, let’s talk about what works.

Blocking and tackling.  Coach Lombardi was right – basics.

Ah…and there it is…the reason we can lose our common sense and actually read some of the ‘I know a secret that will make you rich and I will let you buy it‘  drivel.

We lose sight of what works.  We forget.

So…What works?

If we are going to make some money, we need to talk to some people.

Lot’s of people don’t want to talk to anyone, help anyone or learn anything, so any ‘fake’ work (research on internet traffic etc) will do.

I am not talking about them.  I am chatting with you.

We all do it.

We all find something that starts to get us results.  We share it with a few people, they start enrolling people…WHAM.  We stop doing it.

What was it?


Yeah, they are a pain and seem time-consuming, but show someone who is meeting with prospects live – face to face – 5 or more times a week for 9 or more months and I will show you someone who is making money.

I know top earners…the TOP earners with four different companies.  They do meetings.

Meetings are money.

Inter-webbie thing folks, fret not.  I am not against it.

Heck, I live in the most remote town on the very remote island of Kauai.

People who don’t do many or any meetings live…and are making money…are doing even MORE MEETINGS!

They/we have to talk to even more people because if people can join with a click they can quit with a click just as easily.

My point?

We all slip away from what works.  Successful people know that to continue to succeed they need to ‘take their inventory’, and in our business, it’s really easy.

How many suspects/prospects did I talk to?

Honest Inventory

An honest inventory will help get all of us back to basics – you know that spot we were in before we started to manage and believe our own press clippings?

In the end, football games are won and lost based on blocking and tackling…basic.

There is nothing more basic than talking to people.  1 Simple skill did it for me and it’s never been easier with everyone using their monitor to ‘hide’ behind…

They came, back to back…

Intelligence insulting email marketing scams…

Do these interlopers get together and just shotgun this stuff out there?

I mean, do people really buy this bullcrap?

The condescending tone, arrogance and outright ‘un-truths’ seem to be growing faster than we’d like to see our businesses grow.

That’s fast. 😆

OK, normally I wouldn’t notice but they came, really, one right after another in my email.

Insulting, manipulative and poorly done.  It’s an insult when people don’t even take the time to make a good lie.

I mean I realize people in home-based businesses are passionate and can be irrational at times, but my gosh, who would believe this garbage.

It’s really true that in the land of the blind a one-eyed man is king.  As members of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance know.

Simply by knowing a couple of leadership tips and networking marketing skills, and telling the truth to people, you can really set yourself apart and build a great business.

STUPID email #1:

So insulting I’m in pain from laughing…

The secret system that helped this guy enroll…personally over 10,000 people…something like 12,000 plus…in 18 months.

Asked if it was a free sign-up, one of those dumb deals.  NO RESPONSE.

Asked name of the not one but two companies he’s top earner with.  NO RESPONSE.

Said I got 10,000 people in my group…and will show this to them if you can prove it.  NO RESPONSE.

Gee, golly.  What a surprise!

Turns out they want you to buy leads, then charge you for calling them.  Huh?

Liar! Liar!

12,000+ personally sponsored?


(Wouldn’t it really be cool if ‘exaggerating‘ peoples pants did catch on fire 😆 )

And if your upline had a ‘system’ that was ‘all that’ wouldn’t you be pissed if s/he was sharing it with the world, putting you at a disadvantage?

Here is the skinny on this type of ‘cute’ junk.  They want to charge you to buy leads of people to call and they try to set an appointment.  But they also try and sell their system…to the prospect.

Know what that means?

What that means is you buy leads and pay them to call people so they can sell their program.   You are funding their deal on both ends.

And because new people don’t know what to say and have a little fear of the phone, this guy who has PERSONALLY RECRUITED 13,000 in 18 months is going to do them this BIG favor.

Sad part is, some new folks who are excited and worried about what to say and time constraints will end up in the land of the blind, bouncing from one ‘boiler room’ operations to another.  It’s that land of the blind once they start trying to figure out which one is ‘best’ they don’t work.

And, if you know a couple of simple skills and invest in teaching them hands-on, that displays the leadership attributes winners do.  You quickly understand you can really make a difference.

STUPID email #2:

So stupid it gives new meaning to ‘self-serving’

One of those generic systems…You know, rags to riches story, and now they are ‘giving stuff to you’.

Same old slop they all peddle.  The same tough question goes unanswered, always.  If you were in their downline how would you feel about them putting this ‘secret system’ in play with other lines in the company and with every company on the planet?

This particular email gives me a 2 for 1 ‘how stupid do they think we are?’

#1 Stupid Insult – Tells me these are not the reasons people fail.

It’s NOT because they’re not working hard enough.

It’s NOT because they’re not investing the time.

Or they are not trying, fear of the phone, leads, etc.

No, that is not why people fail email tells me.

The email tells me people fail because they quit.  Because they quit?

Excuse me?  Really?

Do they REALLY think we are that stupid?

People do not fail because they quit, the quit because they are failing and losing money.

Anyone who ever spent any time in the field and actually built successfully would know this.

People who are trying tend to quit because they are failing and they fail because no one teaches them the skills they need to grow.

Mostly because some interloper was selling magic short cuts and the newbie was buying the slick copy.

Don’t quit?

Persistence will not build any business if what you are doing does not work.

Proof?  If you are trying to make a pecan pie and don’t use pecans, no matter how many times you try you still won’t get a pecan pie.  You are failing because you are doing it wrong, not because you are not trying.

But think about it.  They tell you not to quit and keep buying leads and tools from them.  Cute.

Of course, their solution is to spend about 35 bucks and get the ‘inside information’ about…

#2 Stupid Insult: ‘what your sponsor and upline do not want you to know’.

How dumb is that?

Let’s walk through it.  Insult the upline and person that just sponsored the guy reading the email/website.  Why?

So the folks on the site won’t trust the sponsor, to get them to buy stuff (secrets the upline/sponsor does not want them to know shhhhhh!) so they can sponsor people who will then go to the site and hear about how the person that just sponsored them and their upline cannot be trusted.

Are you with me?  Who would buy this reasoning?

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot.  There is also a monthly fee with these interlopers.

Successful reps know people never quit…who never get started.

The ones who get started and quit do so because they are failing.

If we are going to make some money we need to talk to some people and people with leadership attributes teach their people what to do hands-on.

It makes them money to give away a couple of simple skills…and they’ve got a much bigger stake in a rep than the bums telling people there are things their upline does not want them to know.

Just by learning and teaching a couple of simple skills and walking them weekly through Think and Grow Rich, a chapter a week, they make money and come out of the land of the blind.

Twain was right, ‘Common sense isn’t so common’.  Carry the message and you can help people make money in the first 72 hours and have fun doing it.

STUPID email #3:

So blatantly brazen it defies the imagination.

Common sense is the solution to the first two emails but this one, this pitch is frightening on so many levels, including ethics and morals that we really need to step back and look at this from a wreck a life point of view.

Ah, somebody spends a few grand with those morons from emails 1 & 2, throwing good money after bad.  So be it.  As my good friend Big Al likes to say, you can’t stop people from hurting themselves…he’s right.

Twain and the “common sense not being so common” thing again.

This is different.

The Gold Deals

Using fear to manipulate the mind of the masses works.

I won’t deny that.

Social proof?

Politics will do, eh?

Always the same:

Republicans: There is an evil 👿 enemy, we need to raise taxes to keep you safe!

Democrats: Children and elderly will suffer 😥 unless you let us raise taxes.

One group talks about the” boogie man getting us” – to shake us down – and the other group holds our elderly and kids as hostages.

Nice group of folks in D.C., eh?

Why do they do it?

It works.

It shouldn’t but it does.

Every time.

Fear to manipulate…

MLMer’s who’ve never really built anything are now ‘enlightening’ us to the ‘inevitable’ collapse of the American economy…and a gold deal that will save me from America’s financial ruin is coming across my desk daily.  Guess folks have figured out the crap most of these interlopers have been selling to ‘explode your business’ has been found out to be pyrite.

Ut-oh…their losing audience share.

So now they are on to teaching us about money and want to give us advice, for a price of course, about the economy, using fear.


To sell?

Aren’t we supposed to be ‘positive-minded entrepreneurs’?

These fear mongers passing themselves off as economists, like they’ve made some discovery.

Good guys calling me, emailing me, all in different deals but they are all the same.

Now the cool part is the guys and gals emailing have never built nor built and sustained a real home-based business.

Buying gold a novel idea?


I started collecting coins in 1959.  We would go to Salisbury Beach, MA every summer for 8 weeks.

Big Italian family…very cool time.

Anyway, I met a kid who said he’d teach me about coins and making money with them if I would show him how to throw my ‘wicked cool’ curveball…with a wiffle ball.


He shows me how he goes from arcade to arcade changing nickels for dimes and dimes back to nickels.

It’s 1959, I am 10 years old, make over $600 bucks.  Found 3 1916-D Mercury Head dimes, worth about 100 bucks each then.

I am hooked.

Two years later we move to Boston and I get a job selling newspapers outside Fenway Park.

More coins.

More bucks from coins…and I start to learn a little about ‘holding’ as Merc & Buffalo head begin to be replaced with Roosevelt’s and Jefferson’s.  I started thinking about selling a few coins to offset the cost but making sets of coins that are getting pulled…hmm.

Works out great and I stay interested in money – making it and making money on it.

I find out buying gold coins with the profit I am making on sets is a good idea.

Less to handle, easier to move, and value not just in the rarity of the coin but also in the metal…

Rest of the kids are pumping gas, serving ice cream, working in the grocery store.  I’m making money on money.

Building sets, selling them and buying gold coins.

Buying gold is not new, folks.

If a street kid like me can figure it out, anyone can.

Money and America, and some MLM CEO’s

I stay interested in money.

MLMer Bob Pepe, good friend, $18,000 a month earner gives me the book “The Secret World of Money” in Tampa, FL in the mid-90s.

The first conversation leads us into a discussion about Griffin’s book about the Federal Reserve, The Creature from Jekyll Island, written in 1994.
Don’t know about it?  Well, you will understand why the ‘gold rush’ is nothing new to readers of this book.

One thing is certain, you don’t need to be distracted by this ‘fear-buy gold’ once you do a little homework. You’ll understand what to do with you MLM profits instead of buying furs and villas and you certainly don’t need to pay someone for poorly composed information that is a matter of public record to figure all this out…AND pay extra for the gold.

I suggest you do a little homework, I’ve put the first of 12 clips up here of Griffin talking about his book.

You can get more videos about this ‘money’ thing by clicking here, and learn what to do or we can not pay attention and allow the manipulators to scare us and then squeeze monthly fees and money for overpriced gold and other investments out of you.

Investing money in assets is nothing new.

Top earners who don’t get sucked into what some MLM CEOs want their top earners to do…spend their money to show a lifestyle others envy.  This is called, behind closed doors…’ being broke at another level’ buy assets.  They pay attention and have long invested in assets.

It is what the wealthy do.

Bob died a few years back.  Always at odds with the company and other leaders.  A good friend of mine died on me, but not broke.

See, Bob ‘saw it’ …both the economy for what it was and companies that try to keep their big earners broke so they can own them.

Bob was not owned.  Loved that guy.

Do you need an MLM deal  to help you buy gold or gold coins?

Are you kidding me?

Do you need an MLMer as a financial advisor?

If you think you do I’d advise you to stop doing drugs.

Go down to your financial advisor and let him/her know you want to buy precious metals.

Don’t have one?

I’m not big on financial advice but I can assure you the bloated self-promoters online and their cross-promoting buddies are not good options.  Neither is paying more than market value from companies in an industry that boasts a 95% failure rate for gold or any other asset.

There are bonded and insured companies everywhere.

Using a networking company to make money, more than we need and invest the overage is a good idea but the best idea is to learn for yourself about the economy.  You’ll find the alleged ‘wizards’ who boast that they are sharing something ‘startling, earth-shaking and new’ as if they ‘discovered it’ are really doing something else entirely.

They and some of my email buddies who’ve knocked around the industry for a while…and the folks and companies they represent are PRETENDING to have made a discovery then using FEAR to manipulate you to join, buy…whatever.

I mean, come on…would you trust your financial future to someone is using FEAR and PRETENDING to be smart to have ‘discovered something’?

Please, remember…this ‘problem’ with America was mainstream knowledge in the mid-1990s.  Don’t get distracted by fear or email marketing scams.   Stay focused, do what works and build a huge business.  You KNOW you need to invest in assets and not party the money away your efforts produce.


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  • the information in this blogpost is spot on – very confronting and gives me lots to ponder.
    Thanks Mark

  • Scary Title – much needed information for everyone. Not only did you give us acute awareness, we’re given a FREE solution. The problem is a lot of folks choose not to use their brain! They would rather listen to the “talking heads” and believe them! Abdicating responsibility is a very frightening thing, leaving you with a very frightening future!

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