Blog   The 3 Gaps That Undermine Action and Success In Networking Marketing


Yeah, we all know this.

So why is there not more ‘action’ with our groups….and with ourselves?

If it’s that simple, when do we stall or even stumble?


According to Stephen Bungay, author of The Art of Action, there are 3 places we can get off track, gaps is what he calls them.

Bungay’s book should be a requirement for the leaders in your organization.  It is that good and that profound.  Packed with leadership tips and leadership attributes.

The full title is The Art of Action: How Leaders Close the Gaps Between Plans, Actions and Results and his permise is that we can learn a lot about business by studying the most brilliant miltary minds of all time Carl von Clausewitz and Helmuth von Moltke…..who’s ideas created the Prussian army model ….still used today in Germany and is at the very core of the United States model.


A company…..and you become company, really, when you enrolled… think of it that way…..has an objective.  So do you.

So we make a plan, that is the strategy that defines the actions we need to take.  So an overall strategy for an MLM, to get what they want, the objective, is to earn, let’s say, $10,000 a month.

What you need to do is build a group that will get you enough reps to earn the $10,000….so that is the objective.

Do you know what you want to make?

How many reps that are active are required to get to $10,000?

Once you know your objective, [$10,000 a month], we have a strategy [build a group to 1000 reps] and we move to the daily ‘plan’ or what I like to call tactics. What do we need to do daily to deply the strategy so we can obtain the objective.

Pretty simple in our business to figure that out and what we need to do.


Sounds pretty simple and, in reality, it is.

We all know if we are going to make some money, we need to talk to people.

That is a skill and network marketing skills are all about communication.

Simple……except for the gaps.  Ut-Oh.

There are 3 places we can breakdown.

  1. Knowledge Gap
  2. Alignment gap
  3. Effects gap

GAP 1 ~ Knowledge

There can be significant difference what we KNOW and what we NEED TO  KNOW.

If there is a gap then the plans we make do not lead to the desired outcome.  And, in networking today, it is worse than ever.  Every Tom, Dick and Harry is an expert….and people, trying to learn faster, cruise the web and listen to a lot of stuff that sounds like the ‘answer.’

Spoke with a nice gal a while back  for a lady rep in my group.  She is a MLM coach, says she is looking for a deal.  Went to her site as we spoke.  Looks great.

Really great conversation…..she’s an expert and, in my 20 years, I have never seen a better fit for the gal in my group, the ‘expert’ and the company.

That was almost 3 months ago.  She didn’t have a few hundred to get started.

Still doesn’t.

An expert.

Everyone is a guru and no I am not getting on the bully pulpit here.

Is it any wonder reps are confused.

The enemy is the combination of the desire of your reps to go faster [a good thing] and the medium they look for short cuts – the web – a bad thing.  No, the Internet is not bad….but the confusion created without penalty by self appointed and self anointed experts is.


As a leader, you’ve got to be a learner….of people, behavior and network marketing skills.  In other words, communication.

It’s really the key in all 3 areas the gaps can happen.

If people don’t know what to do, they will go looking, who can blame them

Tell them that you and the upline have a financial interest in them and keep them in a cocoon with trust, not control.


Work the 3-Deep Pattern with them and in their organization.  When working the 3-Deep, teach network marketing skills by doing it with them.  Skills get results, results get you trusted.

I’ve put the other 2 Gaps and what to do to close those gaps on this video.

  1. Alignment gap
  2. Effects gap



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world’s laziest networker

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