faith and hope

Is it arrogant of me to identify one thing that will make or break you, me or anyone else in MLM?

No, it isn’t.  The case I built is irrefutable…for adults anyway.

Is there a ‘pitch’ coming?

You know how people post things that tell you ‘without this you will fail’, and after they make their case you end up on a sales page?

There is no ‘pitch’ coming but keep your guard up.  I usually don’t write posts like this.  Sometimes it’s easier to slam down our Visa than hear the absolute core truth.  Sometimes it’s easier to believe a lie that some magic system will fix all our challenges than take a good, hard look at our own performance or commitment or both.

Building the Case

I’m going to assume you are not ‘green’ to network marketing, that, as an adult, we can have the ‘adult conversation.’

A few questions then the one thing, because without this 1 thing all the other stuff we think we need is useless.

What Are We Selling? Really?

Question 1:  What are we really selling?

You’ve to know this, instantly to really make big money and have fun doing it.

Know what we are really, really selling?

Every time we open our mouth?

Give up?


We are selling hope.  Hope that people can have a better life, hope they can improve their life, hope they can make more money, hope they can escape financial pressure, a dead end job, no matter.  We are selling ‘hope.’

On this, whether you’ve thought about it before or not there can be no debate.  Every time we approach a person about our business we are coming in carrying hope.

It’s true, is it not, that you joined with the ‘hope’ of a different outcome in some or all areas of your life?  That if you were successful that things would ‘change’ for the better, not for the worse.  Yes?

Question 2: Is hope the only thing we are selling?

Of course.

We’re not selling the product, plan or company.  We are proud of them and share our excitement because they provide the opportunity for a better outcome in our future.  Hope.  They, the plan, product, and company…are the ‘mechanisms’ we use to manifest that which is hoped for.

Question 3: Do you want people to follow your lead, to join?
Of course.

So why is it so hard?

Why is it so hard to get people to believe?

It used to be hard for me.  Now it’s easy.  I have the 1 thing.  And people know it so they join…more of them do anyway.

And I get them to understand if they get this one thing, they’ll have the same success too.
What made the difference?

Every breath…

Let’s take a close, close look here.

It’s Faith and Hope

You’ve got to see ‘want it with every breath’…does not mean saying we want it.  It’s got to be action and that action has got to be based on more than desire.

Spacey went to school and he learned the skills his craft demanded.  He was dedicated.

He studied, practice, improved, but that isn’t the ‘one thing’.  That’s what he ‘did’…but what was behind it?

It’s so important that we understand the folks in the audience are dedicating 3 years to study their craft, making nothing, investing time and money in themselves.

What we do is so the same…and sooooooooo much easier.
Your dedication to your craft is nowhere near as costly, nowhere near as risky…and you don’t have to wait years to make money.   But it does require the same commitment to you and by you.

No one can do it for you.

The one thing we need to ‘sell hope’?


Faith Is The Key

Faith is EVIDENCE of hope.  It’s you acting out on your hope as if it were true, as if your dream was true already.

The 1 thing, faith, in MLM, is easy to see.  Faith shows itself to you and to everyone you talk to.. Faith is all wrapped in what I like to call the 4 D’s.

Read this list of the 4 D’s and rate yourself 1-10 on each of the 4 D’s, then watch Spacey again.

He’s describing, beautifully, faith…the kind of faith needed to force the greatness with oneself to the surface.

D- Determination.  Have you really decided to make it in MLM or are you stating a preference?

D- Dedication.  Are you dedicated to learning the skills…like the skill of duplication.  When you get a network marketing skill do you breeze through it or study, practice, apply and improve?

D- Delay Gratification – Are you willing to give things up?  If we aren’t, we are just kidding ourselves and prospects ‘know’.  Those students are willing to give things up… how about TV?  Move all the TVs in your house into the basement for 90 days.  Don’t watch that much TV?  Cool.  Then putting them ALL away won’t be a problem.

D- Discipline – Do you set a schedule for contacting new people about your business 80% of the time you’ve dedicated to your business?  Have you decided how many hours a week you will work your business?  It’s not 5-10.  It’s 6 or 10 or 15.  Disciplining ourselves to commit to a specific amount of hours and then disciplining ourselves to spend 80% or more of that time talking to people WHO ARE NOT IN our business is the measure.  We cannot improve things we do not measure.  That measuring is a discipline that will pay massive dividends, and honestly, is evidence you ‘have’ that ‘1 thing’ that separates the Winners from the Whiners.

You got these 4 D’s working and you got faith.  How do I know?  I’ve been watching it for close to 20 years…and no one, and I mean no one…can do the 4 D’s without faith.

And without faith, you simply cannot sell hope.

With faith you don’t have to sell it.  They believe that you believe and that, without question, inspires hope.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Mark, great article. I know it’s true. The 4 D’s I had been taught are 1. Decision 2. Desire 3. Details 4. Deliverance. But I love your list too. They all play a part in replacing what’s in our minds and lives with what we decide to put there. It takes work. When we want our muscles to get stronger it takes repetition and resistance. It’s the same with our mind

  • Definitely have faith…and desire…Will be moving to home on the water so i can view and hear the waves crashing every minute..The water has always been my church…thanks mark and davene…..

  • Love this stuff, I have implemented your ideas and they work so great. I have listened to Big Al and Found you which has put it all together … Thank you

  • Nce list…..used to use that ……excellent

    We moved it in the direction we did because it’s more finite and EASIER to measure….

    After all……what we can measure, we can improve……

    off the record……I needed a more finite way to hold MY feet to the fire 🙂

    thank you so much for stopping by

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