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Even 2000 years ago, the Master Teacher was clear.

So to as the body without spirit is dead, so to faith without works is dead.”

Today is part 4 of the GIRAFFE philosophy; living your business with purpose and on purpose.

Think “Jerry Maguire” when Rod Tidwell and his wife ask, yelling, “What do you stand for?”

Can we answer that question if people ask us?

Sure, we can ‘say’ the usual stuff…..helping others, building a team…..but prospects know it’s bullshit and so do we.  Isn’t that true?

People join people, not companies.

And it’s not just what we stand for that separates us from the pack of mantra-quoting bozos offering up a ‘feel good, sound good’ garbage ….it’s do we live it?

Do we pass Emeron’s test?

“What you are screams so loud I can barely hear what you say.”

G- Give 100% to the dreams of other

I- Imagination – live from your imagination, not circumstances

R- Release all limiting beliefs

The “A” in GIRAFFE provides the evidence …..that we are walking the talk

No one takes action without a plan.  Organized Planning, out of Think and Grow Rich is a must read.

All you have to do is read it and do ‘OATS‘ every Friday….then duplicate that action by doing OATS with people 3 levels deep – HANDS ON.

Don’t tell them to do it, do it with them.

What’s OATS?

OObjectives – what, in writing are your objectives for the week?

AActivities – What activities do you need, in writing, to complete the HIT the objectives?

TTime – How much time will it take to complete the activities?

SSchedule it – IN WRITING – the activities; if it isn’t written, it isn’t true.

Do this with yourself for a week or 2, making sure 80% or more of your time is focused on The Main Thing.

The Main Thing?  Distributors talking to non-distributors about the business.

Help Hands On Is Action

From here… it 3+ levels deep, hands on.  Help others, hands on, set up an 80% focused on the Main Thing schedule, every week.

The 3-Deep Pattern is a network marketing skill…..and you’ll find it on our free networking skills page.

The book is Think and Grow Rich…..Think for a second.  Can you see the power of helping others, hands on, schedule their work weekly?  With 80% of their time scheduled on the Main Thing and 80% of your time scheduled on the Main Thing you’ll create compression in the timeline of achievement and bigger checks for your teammates.

Can you THINK of a single reason this isn’t a good idea that screams ‘do it now?’

Care to take a shot at what the first “F” in GIRAFFE stands for?


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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