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MLM, like life, is about problems.

Either they define us or we define them.

Winners tend to define these moments, the rest?  Well……it doesn’t look like the problems are defining them, but they are.

Ever notice how the gal who runs into possibilities, [some people call them prospects], that don’t have any money…..seem to ALWAYS be running into people that ‘want to join’ but don’t have the money?

Frustrated With Same Excuses?

Or the rep who had ‘2 people that were going to show up’ for the biz presentation, but never do?  Happens to that rep over and over.

Or the rep that ‘just had a busy week, going to really hit it hard next week’……and it’s the same story next week, of course.

Of course, these are easy fixes once the rep realizes it is them, not the possibility/prospect…..a couple of simple network marketing skills will fix that……BUT….until the rep sees it is them and what they are saying and doing…..these things keep happening and they keep letting those things happen….and….it defines them.

Easy to see for winners who KNOW 2 things.  1. If there is a match between what they have and what the possibility/prospect needs and they don’t enroll, it was them, not the possibility.  2. For things to get better, winners know they have to get better.  It’s about skill, not numbers.


Our belief.


Not that we don’t believe in our plan, product and company…..but the fact that we do creates a massive hole in our ‘game’ ……a blind spot.

What is it?

We don’t see it from the possibilities point of view.


This was a game changer for me.  My belief, my good friend Ron pointed out to me, was creating a ‘blind spot.’


Now Ron is not in network marketing, he’s in sales.  7+ figure earner annually.  Said he had the same problem.  This is the best network marketing tip I ever got.  It wasn’t until his girl-friend, now wife, said to him, “Don’t you think all the people you are trying to sell sound the same to prospects?”

Ron is smart.  Really smart.  He realized she was right, he told me.   Asked her how she came to that conclusion.

“A cartoon.”  OK, now Ron has me hooked.   Shows me the cartoon.  I get it.  Cut our hours in half and doubled our income in 8 months.


Blind Spot?

You believe in your company, product and plan – great.  It we think that makes a difference, we’re screwed.

What does the prospect hear?  And, more importantly, what do they hear from everyone else?

Write down the 3 best things about your deal.

Now….write down the best 3 things of your top competior.


Read this carefully.  It doesn’t matter that you think you’re a little better on all 3…….what matters is what your prospect hears.  And if you think when you tell them about the competitor and why your deal is better…….you’ve confirmed this blind spot, not overcome it.  Don’t you think your competitor is saying EXACTLY the same thing?  Double Ut-Oh.

Here is the cartoon.

Leave your belief out and look at this from the prospects point of view.

We All Sound The Same




mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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