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You know how testimonial pages are from people you don’t know or if the person giving them has been successful at what you want to do?  Or if the person asking you to trust them actually made any money?  Or where?

Mark has been successfully networking and speaking since 1993. He started this unparalleled run with Market America.  He was in the top 50 earners (over 200,000 speaking and checks) within 2 years and “retired” in 1997, collecting residuals for more than 10 years.

MBC Mark hit Diamond, Top Pin Level in record time, 4 months, which still cashing checks at Market America.  He did not take anyone with him.  Eagles Club Member at ProStep – in Top 5 producers off new business.

Joined XanGo in 2004 within 12 months hit 100K Select, climbing into the top 50 earners from over 1 million reps worldwide, semi-retired.

Everybody knows the real value of testimonials are the credentials of the people giving them. Check out what million dollar earners who are currently succeeding have to say about Mark.
Tom Big Al Schreiter Testimonial

Scott Reese, John Cini Testimonial

Rob Kenyon, Million Dollar Earner Testimonial

Tom Holden, MLM Million Dollar Earner

Vicki and Kathy Testimonial
Doug Karnuth Testimonial

Diane Norris Testimonial

Cindy DiLorento Testimonial
Bill Smitherman Testimonial

Walt Pomerleau Testimonial

Brian Bush Testimonial

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