Blog   Joy & Dave

Thank you so much Davene and Mark….we are SO EXCITED! J What a fabulous email to receive!

It was our pleasure sharing Go90Grow from our hearts to people we knew on our team- and other teams-and with other MLM companies as we feel your training is the most effective we have ever encountered. Having LIFE TIME access is fabulous- many people on our team did not engage like they thought they would, due to “their” circumstances….but will next time around.

Due to Go90Grow OUR LIVES/Business has changed- in particular our approach to our official launch of FGXpress in May. Thanks, Mark, for that info in advance. I’m happy to keep in touch post-Go90Grow to share our successes when we reach the financial goals in our DMP as well as when we move into our ideal Home in an airpark community. We’ll take a pic with Dave and I standing next to his airplane, or me in the tropical pool-caged court yard in my favorite swivel gliding chair. I can see it now. J I better be able to- all these days of visualization and reading our DMPs out loud.

We look forward to getting an affiliate link for the next live training of Go90Grow as we have MANY people who have asked us to let them know when it is posted. J Attending a LIVE event on Kauai is part of our strategy next time around.

Blessings and Gratitude to both of you and your team. You truly DO OVER DELIVER!

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