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Lori D,one of your clients, last fall introduced you to me via some of your YouTube videos. I have liked what I have watched. I especially like what I am seeing happen in Lori’s business.
Lori has shared her experiences with Go90Grow and your teaching on Think and Grow Rich. My question is simple. Would you allow me to buy in on Go90Grow now mid stream and then take the course again this fall when you start the new class.
I enjoy your gut level honesty. I need help in areas of my life to fulfill my purpose. I believe making your course part of my life will add value not only to me but also the thousands of people in my life.
My wife Sandy and I have been a part of Reliv for 14 years. We have experienced success but not to the level I want. I understand that is no ones fault but mine. I also understand that I can grow. I want to grow. I do not want to be just good I want to be GREAT! I want to create environments that people can grow in and make the decision to be part of and grow also. In all parts of their lives.
I have enjoyed great success in my previous endeavor and I enjoyed it immensely. I want to be completely purpose driven again and understand it.
Let me know who to call and register with.
I look forward to your response.
One of the many you are mentoring and have never met.

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