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There’s an old saying, “we improve what we measure.”

So what are most people measuring these days?

  • Friends on Facebook?
  • Twitter Followers?
  • Facebook Fan Page “Likes”?

And improving those numbers does what?

Talk about a bunch of crap…..but I love it.


Want to know why?

No one doing those things is competing with real business builders.  I kind of like knowing these moronic promotions and the morons promoting them are ZERO competition.

See, some people build social media ‘clout’…..and they want people to think it matters……..but everybody knows, in their heart, that won’t build your business.

And I’ll let you in on something… doesn’t build their MLM either.   Just their tool sales.

Got a question for you…..seriously… you really believe that is work and it will work?

Do people really believe that high visibility on social media will lead them to success?

How is giving something away……if you’ll ‘like’ their fan page……going to build a business?

… you really believe advertised bribes to get ‘likes’ is sound business?

My point? You know, just like most people…..the old saying……’we improve what we measure’ is true.

So we don’t worry about ‘likes’ …..and spend your time measuring it…..

We decided to measure the 1 thing that matters most.

I mean really… it a popularity contest or a business?

And I’ll tell you something else……you measure your SQ and improve that……you’ll be a very popular gal or guy.

What’s SQ?  It’s everything if you want to build a big MLM group.



Now I’ll be the first to admit I wish it was different…..that I could just blow people off to a website or sizzle call.

But they just don’t go……and the few that do, don’t enroll.

Highest SQ is face-to-face.

Lowest?  Sending people to a site.

For goodness sake….don’t send them to the site …..let’s be honest…..about 1 in 10 go and better than 90% you try to reach pull David Copperfield’s and vanish.

Well meaning up-teams and gurus alike want you to believe it’s a numbers game…..but it isn’t.  It’s a skills game.

If we want to make some money in MLM, we need to improve our network marketing skills that sponsor more. [go through ‘what goes through the prospect’s head’ first – all free, of course]

We’ve got to determine if they are a possibility or a genuine prospect.

Possibilities will break your heart because they are NOT sponsor-able.

A prospect is a possibility who has shared ‘why’ they need to look at this business.

Skills Are The Missing Piece to Success, Not More Numbers

We do this with a skill called an Up-Front Contract.  We share this skill in Go90Grow© so make sure you get on the early notification list to get this 3 part video series…..

Once you’ve determined you have a REAL prospect…….don’t send them some place on the web……meet them and share your biz…..

If you can’t… a screen share with them…..

Here’s the golden rule…..about improving your SQ

The higher the engagement personally and the more control you have over the presentation…..the higher the SQ.  In other words, face to face and your showing the plan.

The lower the engagement personal engagement and less control over the sequence they see things in……the lower the SQ.

And remember…….we can’t teach what we don’t know……and knowing how to improve your SQ means you can teach your teammates to improve theirs….and that, not ‘likes’ on a Fan Page…..will get you LOVED…..not just liked.  🙂

Here are a couple of screen shares….that are very easy to use…..

This means they can see your screen, you’re talking to them and controlling the presentation.   A great alternative if you can’t hook up face to face.

Join me  They’ll be seeing your screen in seconds.

Skype has one that is free.

Screen Leap is free, no downloads and instant…..very cool.

Screen Sharing Increases Your SQ and it Duplicates

Personally, I prefer about a 6-8 slide power point and a conversation.

You should be able to get your SQ quickly to 40% and no more no shows…..meaning……if they want to see it….they are going to see it right now….most excellent bump in the SQ

Favor please…..let me know, below, if you believe knowing how construct an effective presentation is something you’d like us to post up or you and your company have a great one already……one that closes sales.

The coolest thing about a short 6-8 slide presentation is that it duplicates faster.  And everybody knows duplication is caught not taught……it’s a skill.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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