Blog   Teaching Duplication Is A Trap That Causes Failure


I understand.  I really do.

Everybody knows that a strategy based on a lie is doomed.

The facts, facts you already have, prove that duplication cannot be taught.

Been on conference calls?  Been to Saturday Seminars?


What do they teach, really?  What is the ‘message’ ?


Speakers do a great job….pour their hearts out….don’t have anything left when they finish….giving it their all, 100%.

What happens to the size of the group when you go back the next month?  Or get on the call the next week?



Next month?  Same hard working trainers….

Room double?


See what I mean?

You already know this!


Making things even worse most people really believe that increased enrollments will not only lead to duplication but it will lead to increase volume.

This is BAD reasoning……..and bad business.


Volume from new enrollments is nice but it foolishly links enrollment and volume.

Without an increase in volume from your existing distributors exclusive of new enrollments, we are not growing.

We are adding……and, in the end…..adding to the problem of building our strategy on a lie.

We're Screwed If Everybody Does The Minimum
We’re Screwed If Everybody Does The Minimum

If everyone does the minimum….say 100 in volume or 200…..and the company pays 50% back to your team…’re in trouble because the people in your group that are making money are making that money because others are losing money.

This was a massive discovery for us…..

If, now stay with me here….would you rather have 100 reps doing 100 or 1000 reps doing 1000

One group does 10,000 ….the other 100,000

What do we get paid on?


What if duplication took place now?

100 reps doing 1000+ a month in volume teaching [duplicating] that with new reps……cool, huh?

I knew if I could solve the duplication problem….that is embracing the facts that prove it cannot be taught……and drive more volume, a little more each month….great things would happen for the entire organization.

That is exactly what we did.

2 very simple skills… marketing skills that will instantly help you and your teams sponsor more…..and drive lots more volume.

No upsell, no sales page, no advanced version……just 2 skills.  Share the first skill about duplication with a few peeps and I’ll shoot you the second, no strings attached, skill… to create 9X more volume in your group with 1 simple sentence.

Let me know what you think …..share the love and grab these 2 free skills right here


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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