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In this last of 5 installments breaking down Dr. John C. Maxwell’s book, Talent is Never Enough, I want to pinpoint 2 major areas.  Perseverance and Teamwork.

In the previous 4 posts we’ve learned talent is misunderstood and while it is a great thing to possess, it is overrated ……our job is not to look for talent but to draw it out of people, including, of course, ourselves.

Until we can draw it out of ourselves we’ll never be able to draw it out of others.

Training matters but not without an understanding that the purpose of training is not information but to help yourself and others become talent-plus people.


Perseverance is not a time issue nor a talent issue.  Finishing is guaranteed by perseverance.  We all know a few people, very few, who finish what they start, every time.  And they are successful.  Could be a clue, yes?

1. Perservance means succeeding because you’re determined to, not destined to.

We see this in every walk of life.  Self entitlement is the language of quitters.

2. Life is not a long race.  It’s a series of short ones strung together.

People with perseverance have a big picture mind but not during income producing hours.  The tackle the main tasks of the day and get them done…..that is what I mean by short-strung-togehter races.

3. Perseverance releases life’s rewards.

While leisure is great, the fondest memories within each of us is when we did the work, the hard work, and emerged feeling a sense of achievement.  Your memory bank’s greatest treasures are not a great vacation or a fine meal…..those are dwarfed by the times we did what we had to do whether we liked it or not.

4. Perseverance draws wonder and thrills out of adversity.

W. Clement Stone taught me in 1971 that every adversity has the seed for equal of greater achievement.  We all take head-shots and body-blows from life and business.  Most people give up…..when tough stuff happens.  It is in this moment that the biggest reward of your business career is there for the taking and, in my case, my most thrilling breaks came within the adversity.

5. Perseverance has a compounding effect.

Maxwell points out: Everyday we do the thing we all know we need to do, especially when it’s not going well…..we get better and success compounds over time.  Big time.

6. Perseverance does not stop when tired.

Fatigue and discouragement have the reverse effect on people with perseverance.  It is a signal to dig in, dig down and dig deep into their reserves.  Losers do it tomorrow, winners do it when it is supposed to be done.

7. Perseverance is life defining.

This is my addition……things happen…companies folds, lines defect, leaders do silly things that set us back.  At this precise moment something interesting happens.

That moment defines you and your career or….You define that moment.

There is no middle ground.

Talent is never enough…’ve got to be talent-plus and perseverance is a BIG….. BIG PLUS.

Got perseverance?


Let’s talk teams and their effect on talent.


Rocky….the movie….remember?  “I got gaps, she’s got gaps….togehter we fill the gaps.”

Stunning definition of teamwork.

1. Teamwork divides the effort and multiplies the effect.

More brains, more energy, more people who can fill roles, more involvement…..maximizing indivdual talent with far less stress.

Don’t you want your best hitter up with the bases loaded?

2. Talent wins games, teamwork wins championships.

Patriots were 17 point underdogs to the Rams and far less talented…..won the Super Bowl anyway then won 2 more and have been in contention year in and year out.

Remember how they came out as a team at the beginning ….not as individuals?


When someone does well on your team….get the hell out of the spotlight and tell him/her not to thank you but their team.

3. Teamwork is not about you.

My spin? The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  Period.

4. Teams create community.

Folks don’t have much community at work and people are only willing to serve to the extent they feel a part of a community…..creating teams creates community.  I believe looking up to those in your downline is crucial….don’t miss this point.   I never use stage time or conference calls to talk about the company nor my upline……it’s your team that is feeding your kids…..letting them know and breaking from the traditional lines of thinking the company and your upline is how to build a community.

5. Adding value to the team adds value to everyone, including you.

Let me cut Maxwell’s 20 pages down to 1 sentence.

A rising tide lifts all ships.

I cannot recommend this book more highly….it’s had a profound effect on our extracting talent from ourselves and helping others extract more from themselves…..


Ever wonder why people are obsessed with prospects instead of the real work?

The work begins after they enroll……


Living the dream just got kicked up a notch.   The really cool thing is he’s arriving on December 7th, a special day here in Hawaii …..enter my dog, Tommy.

The Fabulous Davene’s Dad was a Pearl Harbor Survivor.  Recently past to the next adventure.  Funny how all these odd things are working out…..

Now this really is amazing for me and I am really excited but it did not come together in a way I planned.  The details, victories and setbacks all seem pale in comparison to the awareness and respect I now find with in for people who move on their dreams.  I understand, on a different level, what the difference is between a goal and living in fantasy land, as Coach Wooden so often preached.

It is worth it …..the whole thing…..including the setbacks.  Action, consistent action is the difference between living and wishing.  The defeat or victory does not matter in the end…..just understanding that has changed my life dramatically.  While winning is great, there is no losing when we go for it 100%.


Tony Horton is the trainer on this video workout insanity.  He likes to say, “Bring It’ when he knows it’s getting tough.

Your business?  Bring it.


1. Randy Moss, one of the most talented receivers in football history is with his 3rd team this year.  Kinda makes Maxwell’s point about talent not being enough.  He could have been the greatest in history.  2. Can someone, anyone…..please just tell me ‘this is a good deal’ ….or ‘this is a very high quality supplement’ …..or …”This is a very lucrative payplan’…….I mean for goodness sake….why does everything have to be the biggest, most amazing, life-changing, game-changing , save the world and save the whales deal or product?  3. Payplans are really explained in dumb ways by company’s.  Distributors are even worse.  I haven’t shown a marketing plan since 1998 – except 1 time.  Seems to make us a lot more money in a lot less time. 4. Politicians used to be in service, now it’s a business.  5.  And they really suck at it.   6.  As soon as the American Public understands they will never get between a politician and an income stream and gives that up…..we can get on with the only solution.  Term Limits and no pensions.  Let’s see how many want to serve then.  7.  If their ‘war chests’ they take when they left office all was funneled into education, we’d have all caught on sooner.


1. A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be. Einstein

Dreaming is great, important…a requirement and we need to look at what is and do what is in front of us to move the dream down the field a little bit everyday.

2. Never mistake activity for achievement Coach Wooden

I think we might add….never mistake buying ‘secrets’ and ‘systems’ online with achievement.  Good Gawd, what is wrong with people thinking they can buy success?

3. Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful Coach Wooden

Is there a single human being selling something on line that is not the be-all, end-all, world-wide-authority that all the other gurus go to?  Do they make so much money because they are good liars are have people become so lazy that they want to be lied to?

4. Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again. That’s the way life is, with a new game every day, and that’s the way baseball is. Hall of Famer, Bob Feller

So it’s a new day.  Celebrate!  New Game, Clean Slate.  We should take hacks at the opportunity in front of us with everything we got.

5. Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything. Wyatt Earp

I never worry about leads……I focus on what to say…..if I am right…..I don’t need more leads…..teaching people what to say to get a yes is far more important than getting more people to talk to.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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