MLM Keys and Secrets

Talent is never enough.

Yesterday we covered 3 things you gotta buy into to lead.

1. Believe in your potential.

2. Believe in yourself.

3. Believe in your mission.

In John C. Maxwell’s book “Talent is Never Enough” he makes it clear, and I’ve experienced this over and over, that talent is overrated and as a result most people miss the opportunities to draw talent out of people.  Since we all know networking is just talking to people the trick is not to find talent but to draw talents out of people.

This takes observation and energy.  Here’s a major breakthrough both myself and my wife, The Fabulous Davene, experienced.  Once we picked a mission, getting parents home with their kids while making great money, we derived tons of energy through our passion.

Come to find out.

Passion Energizes Your Talent

Talent will not carry anyone to the top of any pay plan or the top of any business.   A strong case can be made that passion is ever more important than a plan.


Passion provides fuel, ignites fire and makes obstacles and setbacks inconveniences instead of roadblocks.

Here are 6 reasons to find passion, the handmaiden to success.

1. Passion is the first step to achievement. The thrill of getting a single mom home with her kids, a working mom or dad home with the kids is what we love to do.  Dialing the phone, dealing with company challenges, personalities and Ego drove both of us crazy until we fell in love with what we do.  What we do is use network marketing so we can live in what we love doing.  Getting families together that no longer carry the burden of financial stress.

2. Passion increases willpower. We all don’t want to recruit all the time.  I go through periods where not only do I not want to recruit, I go through periods where I want to hate it.  Prior to inflaming myself with passion about a cause, I would go through periods where I just wouldn’t pick up the phone.  I had, at times, very little willpower and would watch TV and eat ice cream instead of recruiting.  Passion increased my willpower against the distractions and eventually eliminated the need for willpower.

3. Passion produces energy. There’s no other way to say this: Building a large organization and achieving high pin levels is a long and difficult road.  It takes energy and passion about the prize for others to tap this endless reservoir for both of us

4. Passion is the foundation for excellence. We’ve both seen average people transform before our eyes once their passion takes over.  The passionate are willing to practice, improve, take coaching and covet feedback.  These are the four cornerstones to excellence.

5. Passion is the key to success. There are two types of people in the world.  There is the type of people who look at a challenge and say, “Why?” and there’s the type of people who look at a challenge and say, “Why Not?”  The difference?  One type has a vision the other one does not.  When you can see the invisible you can do the impossible.  When you get right down to it people with passion have a vision, they believe it before others can see it.  And all success gets down to this one thing:  Vision.

6. Passion makes a person contagious. We’ve all been around enthusiastic people and felt our energy go up.  But when the enthusiasm is a by-product of a person’s passion they become contagious.  I mean, think about it, don’t all networkers want to be contagious?  We want to spread like a virus and duplication in networking after all the systems, diagrams and charts always seems to happen more often and more easily with the passionate.

Duplication is caught…it’s not taught.

Are you contagious?

When, in Ancient Greece, someone died, they did not do a eulogy.  They simply asked one question.

Did he have passion?


Mark J

The World’s Laziest Networker


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