It’s about 5:oo AM in Kauai and the moon is full, splashing it’s light over the ocean.  The beam that’s casting seems like a quarter of a mile wide and runs from our Lanai to the horizon.  It’s so bright that there is not a star in the sky.

The elegance of the deafening silence between the waves, the sublime stillness, lends itself to uplifting thoughts…..the moment is stunning.

The deafening silence in most people’s lives comes from the live’s of ‘quiet desperation’ is not so stunning……as Thoreau points out.

Simply by introducing people to our business we can shatter that desperation, we can help them light their live’s with hope, joy, disappointment, discouragement, achievement, fear and courage.

The routine they find themselves in can be replaced with the ‘experience’ of living the full range of life’s best offering…..the full range of emotion, at zero financial risk coupled with hope and the disticntion of helping others re-discover their dreams.

The moon cannot cast this brilliant light upon the ocean without lighting itself……just like we can’t light the path for others without lighting it for ourselves.

You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you. Coach Wooden


Most people are never in a position to help others make a discovery that can bring them the change they seek……from making a living to living a life.

We are in a position, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to do exactly that…….yet most of us complain about rejection and quickly forget this power we can ignite within others.


Is it arrogant to think I am doing something that they can never repay me for?  Yes……until we ‘get it.’

“Get it?”

What Wooden is really taking about here is humility.  I get I am not changing people……the idea that we can change people’s lives is arrogant….and doubley arrogant is thinking I am doing them a favor.

The core shift that creates energy, hope, faith and change is realizing I am simply trying to repay to the universe the gift that was given to me…..someone gave me an opportunity and I can keep and capitalize on that opportunity by giving it away at every chance I get.

Have you thanked your sponsor today?

I cannot change people’s lives ……but can invite them into an environment where they can change their lives……..and to see this happen and then to see them extend that enviroment to others ……opens the gate for a most humbling experience.


When someone joins, changes and helps others help themselves…….and the kind of kindred spirits who are grateful they themselves have been helped instead of feeling a need to be appreciated, it is astonishing.

I see this in people like Kerry Pennington who commented yesterday he is gathering the goals of others and dedicating himself to them instead of himself and his goals.

Jimmy Bartlet has long dedicated himself to making money for his partners.   Good friend Nancy Barr asked the Fabulous Davene to create leads for a rep in England instead of for herself.


All 3 with different companies……all 3 thinking of lighting the path for others instead of themselves…..all 3 lighting my life brighter than the moon outside my home with the example of grateful service instead of hungry self promotion or thirst for appreciation.

People that ‘get it’ dwarf the moon….and I wonder…..and hope…..is everyone as blessed as The Fabulous Davene and myself?   We feel like Jupiter…..12 moons there…..our life is full of people who ‘get it’…….


Another grass-root victory.

The obnoxious Henry Waxman [D_CA] is up to his old tracks, again…..slipping in an amendment on the massive financial overhaul bill that would have given the FTC sweeping new powers and control over the nutritional supplement industry.

I don’t care if you are in a cosmetic, travel or cell deal…..this effects all of us.

The preventative impact of great nutritional products AND the education about drugs and their effects is impacting the pharmaceutical companies…..their bottom line is money, not health.

What the pharmaceutical companies want is for supplements available only through a doctor/prescription….and the supplements, yup, you guess it…..must be FDA approved……basically crippling this huge segment of our industry……haven’t you wondered why so many massive CVS and Walgreens are going up……they are the size of circa 1960 grocery stores.  They are creating space for nutritional supplements that’ll be dispense in an automated fashion…….that is what all that space is for folks


Arlen Specter [D-PA], in bed with these companies for years, recently crafted a monstrosity of a bill that would reclassify supplements in the sports world as anabolic steroids……but thankfully [did you have something to do with this Jim Bartlett?] ….Specter’s reign of terror regarding nutritional supplements is over……..suffering a defeat in the primaries.

Another puppet will pick up the fight as the pharmaceuticals are bound and determine to get this business……4 times I know of bills have hit the floor of congress and the grass-roots movement has had a huge part in defeating them…..including getting the Waxman’s amendment knocked out.  We won this round, it won’t be the last.   Over 20,000 emails did not hurt but we should be in the 2-5 million range.


Folks, the boys and girls in DC do not like free thinkers and if you reading this, that is exactly what you are.

As good friend John Cini, who lives there, likes to say…..’DC means District of Criminals, and I’m not talking about the people’

Get involved….even if H&N is not your thing….a blow to the industry is a blow to all of us.

Stay informed and use the following link to get to your – ahem – representatives.

Bookmark this link, our industry is and will continue to be under constant attack.


1. Zero sign-up deals, get 1 a day now.  Tells me what a person thinks of their time, self esteem and value….while masquerading as a visionary…geez….2. You can’t eat a recipe.  Systems are great but we gotta talk to people. 3. Why do people think they can show up in your inbox daily with a different deal daily and build a business? 4. Is it me or is this the best summer in history for networking?  5. AT&T says you reach the person you are trying to reach 16% of the time.  20 dials means about 3 a day direct or 15 a week.  I like those odds.


1. Concern for man and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavors. Never forget this in the midst of your diagrams and equations. Einstein

I know we all love our marketing plans but the names of the kids your prospects want to put through school and a sincere interest in them will do a lot more for us than explaining a bonus based on world wide sales…..forget the diagrams, get to know the dreams and decide of you can really help.

2. Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds Einstein

Now there is how we should handle rejection……pray for them and compliment yourself for having vision.  WOW.

3. Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. Einstein

OK, I am singing the same song…..it’s not the marketing plan or ingredients…..it’s their imagination that needs to be inspired…..by your imagination…..not diagrams

4. I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman, “Where’s the self-help section?” She said if she told me, it would defeat the purpose. George Carlin

Seems like courses on ‘how to’ are replacing action…….last time I checked, everyone I knew already knew how to talk and listen…..are we really trying to improve ourselves or are we just avoiding the work.  Made a fortune with one simple sentence and one simple move.   People only talk about 3 things…..1. Weather 2. How bad things are 3. How bad things are going to get.  When they get to ‘how had things are’ I simply ask….”Would you like to do something about it?’……some do, some want to keep right on going…..leave the second group alone…..they ones that say yes……SMEAR them

S- Shut

M- Mouth


A- Arm


I just shut up and gave them information…..

5. Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist. George Carlin

Embracing this idea helped me.  They’ve been hurt but they are idealists…..see if you can come from this place instead of being defensive…….idealists build enormous orgainzations……not easy to deal with all the time but always dealing to do better…..and ……isn’t that what you want?


Small minds talk about people

Average minds talk about events

Great minds talk about ideas.

If you and I sit at a table and I give you 5 bucks and you give me 5 bucks, what happened?

If I give you and idea and you give me an idea…..we both walk away enriched.

Hope I’ve giving you an idea or two today…..remember, originality is concealing the source….steal away 🙂


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Hey Mark at the start of reading today’s “Sunday’s Thoughts” I was thinking within a year or so I want to be on that same beach checking out that full moon for a extended vacation. As I kept reading I know I have these character defects of ego and being humble but working on them daily only because of your advice oh also the 3 words I DON”T KNOW. As I kept reading what the ass hole from CA. is trying to is very disturbing . It reminds me of an old saying if ya throw enough shit on the wall sooner or later its going to stick. I will be sending out to everyone I know in the industry to sign the petition I’m not sure the bill your talking about is the current one that DC is screwing around with or a different on but I will be on it in the morning.

    With that said thanks again for writing again about prospecting and the verbiage to use to get a yes over 90% or so of the time.

    Thanks my friend,


  • You’re the man…glad I haven’t been exposed to all this 5 years from now! Payin’ it forward…

    What can we do for you and Davene for a change?

  • One of your bests Mark…..health, fitness, and nutrition are dear to my heart…..and I’ve signed many a petition against what our government is trying to do to regulate supplements. I’d be lost without my “holistic” arsenal to get through menopause!!
    Moon was looking good over Jacksonville Beach last night as well….glad you were able to enjoy it too.

  • Mark, thanks for the kind words and also the explanation of synergy.

    1 + 1 = 2 in mathematics


    1 friend/networker + 1 friend/networker can equal growth on many levels that cannot even be comprehended.

    I am much more for knowing you!


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