Friday I wrote my normal ‘riddle of MLMer’s blog about why math & marketing plans turn a prospect’s mind off and raises the sales filter.

My point was math turns people off.  In the title to the blog we added, ‘Like Math?’

Lowest read blog in a long time.  I should have known.

I rest my case 🙂


Great series, losing end for me but all fans won…..there is nothing like a Game 7 for all the marbles.

The lesson in the Celtics run is huge for MLMers.  4 Rounds, each team they faced had MEGA-STAR.  What is interesting is as each series rolled on the Celtics team concept brought about the best possible scenario for the Celtics and the worst for the opposing team.  These are 2 different things.

As a team, the Celtics got deeper and the trust in team defense and unselfish passing on offense got stronger…so did they.  They got better, then they got better.

Conversely, Maimi-Wade, Cleveland-LaBron, Orlando-Howard began gettng more dependent on the star and not functioning as a unit.  And they got worse….and worse.


The Lakers were heading down the same road, leaning on Kobe until he finally surrendered and started involving his team mates.

The Celtics beat the team with the best & second best records……and got all the way to game 7 with a lot, lot less than anyone else.

How far can we get if our people trust us?  If we trust them?  If we play like a team.

I see getting to the finals in MLM as 25,000 a month or more.   Most people would not mind making 25,000 a month if they did not ‘win’ top earner status.

John Wooden shares this, “Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.”

I admire [while hating ~ :)] the Lakers and Kobe.  Unlike the earlier Celtic opponents, they changed.

What changes can we make to do better?

Unfortunately, most people change companies…..instead seeing where they can improve.

Wooden adds, “The best way to improve the team is to improve yourself.”

What can you do today to imporve?

  • Practice?
  • Learn to show the plan?
  • Make prospecting calls FIRST? …before the ‘feel good’ shoot-the-sh&$#T calls?
  • Get all the things ready for the next time prospecting is planned?


Can’t say it often enough…..ok, 2 thngs…..

  1. I HATE the expression ‘the next level’
  2. Nothing propelled my blessings like Wooden

Clearly, Wooden was the master team builder but once he hung a couple of banners up, people came to UCLA TRUSTING him and the program.

Stephen Covey’s book, “The Speed of Trust“, was elixir I needed to establish trust faster until I had enough success have it ‘pre-earned’ like Wooden.

I’ve broken down this brilliant book and how to increase the speed of trust for you here on audio, it’s free of course.  You can download it and listen to it in your car or Ipod.


We are going to run 4 Live webcasts and knowing what you need, what you believe will most benefit your teams…. is something I would like to know.  You can email The Fabulous Davene at Davene Grant or leave a comment below.


Each day that passes validates moving from Boston, MA to a town of 3000 people on the Kauai’s West Side was the perfect thing for me.

What has made it even more terrific is some really great advice I got years ago about enjoying the process as much or more than the reward.

Coach Wooden writes, “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.”

I did not get here and get peace of mind, I started earning every day by reading that statement 3x a day outloud.

We made mistakes but the one mistake we refused to make was not doing our best…..that links one the enjoyng the process….and peace of mind.


The setbacks, speed bumps and failures were many…..just like everyone else who ‘goes for it’…..but we refused to do less than our very best.

In the movie, “The Rock”, Sean Connery tells Nicolas Cage to ‘go find the other rockets, I’ll distract them’.

CAGE: I’ll do the best I can.

CONNERY:  The best you can?  The best you can?  Loser’s say they’ll do the best they can, winners go home  …..with the prom queen….

I never forgot that scene.  How often do we say ‘we are doing the best we can,’ knowing we did not do our best.

I am not sure where you physical Kauai is…..but I know where everyone’s peace of mind around networking is, same as mine.

Wooden is right, did I do my best ……I know for years of struggling I TALKED about doing my best….about how hard it was, how tough my situation was…yada, yada , yada….funny how all that stops when people stop doing….’the best they can’ and start do their best.

It was changing the focus from the process to the process of getting the best out of ourselves….look, not trying to make this about me and what we accomplished….trying to let you know I did not do my best….everyday…..for a long long time…..I did ‘the best I could’…….so the ‘process’ sucked.  I knew the only thing I did my best at was excuses.  Once we started doing our best ….knowing it was our best….not the ‘best we could under the circumstances’…..but our very best…..we understood what that solid advice was about  enjoying the process.


Went from 80-ish minute meetings to 60 and sign up rate went up…like from 10-15% to 20-25%….

That company was a great learning experience for me BUT…..they were so in love with their plan and every ending product line the meetings keep getting longer.

We differed…..shook hands….residuals are great.

Went to 45 minute meetings….and, what do you know…..30-35, 40% sign-up rate.

Shorter the meeting, higher the sign-up rate….hmmmmm

Ended up doing 28 minute meetings….with 10 [yes 10] testimonials included and finished up with 90+% sign up rate on the spot and 94% total.

Not a fluke one time…..over and over and it was happening for everyone who took the time to learn it that way…..pretty close to that number on webcasts too.

Here are a few things we figured out….

  1. Easier to get people to a ‘less than 30 minute meeting’
  2. Much easier for them to believe they can get people there
  3. People NEVER sign up at the meeting, they sign up at the meeting AFTER the meeting
  4. Let’s get to the sign up part faster 🙂
  5. No one understands math or marketing plans, so we stopped doing those
  6. No one understands ‘ingredients’ so we stopped that
  7. No one cares about the owner, founder….so we left that out too..
  8. Reps love shorter meetings
  9. Guests REALLY LOVE short meetings
  10. Reps and guest HATE long meetings & details.
  11. With 10 testimonials the person doing the meeting only talks about 15-18 minutes and since we are in a business of duplication……we notice shorter meetings dupliate faster than long ones…[I am Polish and Italian so it took me a little longer to see the obvious LOL]
  12. I could give you another 40+ reasons but then the point about meetings [webcasts] being too long  would be to long 🙂


Concern for man and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavors. Never forget this in the midst of your diagrams and equations

Can we listen to our prospects without waiting for a chance to ‘pounce’ with pen and paper and draw stuff …..pretending to care but actually seeing opportunity for ourselves?

Until that day, we will not be a true leader.

Albert adds, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile“…..validating the idea of service, not sales.

And thinking we have a ‘plan’ or product for them…..and kidding ourselves that we care because we ‘know this will help them’… s very slippery slope.


This will let you/me know if we really care about prospects….

Take this short test….

Did the resp we are working with get their goals down on paper?

Do we know their goals like our own?

Are they memorized?

Do you know the goals of their personals?

The names of the husbands/wives and kids?

Test is over….

How does this apply to prospects?

If we do not know them ‘cold’ about our reps, then it simply is not in our ‘nature’ and we really don’t care about much else except enrolling them.


They ‘sense it’ … next time we complain to our upline about someone being so ‘stupid’ because they did not enroll and they need the product and the money…..maybe, just maybe….we need to look at our own motives.

Maybe they are not ‘stupid’ at all and somehow, on some level, decided they just did not want to risk putting their dream in our hands…..hmmmmm


The material is amazing and we can acclerate trust but …….not if we use the methods Covey suggests work [they do] to get them to trust us.

Am I trustworthy with someone’s dream?

Do I know what to do to really help them get what they want?

If I don’t know what to do… I have access to an expert who CAN & WILL help them and teach me?

Get those lined up correctly and apply the techniques on this free audio, once they know we care about them and not the ‘volume’ ….we never have to think about volume again.


Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal…..yup, Albert…..again.

It’s is not my system or technique….it is about the authenticity of  interest l have in their life.

I was challenged years ago about all this stuff…..and my friend Doug asked me if I had made any friends with people who did not join, would never be joining…..and had I helped other’s I had met who said ‘no’

I grew, painfully, that day.

Do I have friends who said no?

Do I help others who cannot advance my business that are not candidates?  Like my friend and my teacher Artie Leonard.

Artie rolls up his sleeves every week, no matter what and gets people feed.  Grunt work, hard work, frustrating work.

Every week.

When Artie prospects, people know he cares.  He was successful before he started.


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