Not trying to sell you on Kauai.  Please, don’t come.

Used to live on Plum Island, MA and we had people convinced it sucked….bad water, bugs, no place to park.  Tried to keep it a secret.

Worked for 20+ years…..then all these people from ritzy areas like Weston and Newton around Boston found it.  Crap.  Moved there.  Crap.

Next thing you know, they are building suburban type homes there……wrecked the charm.  Now there are HUGE signs ….the “NO” signs.

and 15 “NO” things….all fun stuff people do at the beach….trying to make it like where they came from….

If they liked it so much in the Weston’s and Newton’s, why didn’t they just stay there?

Now it’s bursting….and most of us have moved off [there were only about 1500 year rounders]…..and we really did try to keep it a secret…I mean we really told people it was terrible……….now, everyone wants to go there…..

HEY! maybe if we tell people our MLM deals suck…..the same thing will happen and our organizations will be bursting too.

Anyway, Kauai is hot, lot’s of bugs and the ocean is too rough….you won’t like it. 🙂


Information is not knowledge…Einstein

Seems like people spend their time and money trying to get leads.  Most don’t work very well, some do OK but the folks working this way have a thirst for knowledge.

Knowing how people make decisions and what to say as a resulf of that information will take me a  lot further than Google Ad Word knowledge.


Why worry about who to talk to if I don’t know what to say?

#1 subconscious mechanism?  Self presevation

#2 …..curious as to what it is? 🙂 Read the sentence again.

If we can raise their curisosity they’ll ask us for information.
What to do next?
Try this:
“I can give you a presentation but it would take an entire minute. When do you think you could give me an entire minute?

The ALWAYS say…’NOW!’

Curious about how to do a presentation in 1 minute?
I guess I’ve made my point.

It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education. Yup, Albert


Learned the 1 minute presentation from Big Al.

My version is ‘the 54 second presentation’

Why is Al’s a minute and mine 54 seconds?

….I’m from Boston, Al’s from Texas.  Everything in Texas is bigger and I talk faster.


It won’t build anyone’s business….if we don’t really understand what it means.  Staying in, going to events, buying the product, showing up for webcasts etc., is staying in but it has nothing to do with persistnce.

Albert and Wooden:

It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.

Don’t measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability.

Einstein worked with the real problem, Wooden took inventory of authetic effort.  Learning how people make decisions and picking up the phone 90 minutes a day is all it takes.

Do I know what to say?  Am I picking up the phone?  Case closed.


If we inject a small amount of blue dye into a potatoe very quickly every inch of the potatoe will have blue dye showing in every inch via the veins in a potatoe.  My actions and consistent behavior is like the blue dye.

The interesting thing here is that the same would be true if we injected red dye.  The potatoe doesn’t care.  Any color dye will spread the same……just like my behavior.  Leaders who tell people leaders show up early and then come late themselves …..well, that is an easy one to see where that will go……but…..what about the more subtle behaviors.  And the BIG behavoir that fixes everything, sponsoring new people.

What is my ‘dye’ like…..what’s your’s like?


IQ –>Would I like a vidoe tape of my deeds around the business for the last 96 hours put up on You Tube?

IQ –>Would I like that video shown a Super Saturday to 300 people?

IQ –> What kind of ‘leading by example’ training is my team getting?

IQ –> Do I tell people to ‘get on the phone’ with my mouth or my actions?


I love the words and phrases people use to try and pressure people into buying ‘secrets and systems’…..hilarious

You know what I mean?  So stupid ……making people think survival while trying to sell prosperity.

Anyway…here are two gems

1.untold lethal secrets

2. the most powerful system on planet earth

You gotta be kidding me right?


Why would anyone want to buy a ‘lethal’ secret? 🙂


I love when they Fakers win, the press says the C’s are old.  I love when the C’s win, the press says they are experienced.  They change their story after every game.

Maybe if their broadcasting careers fail they can peddle tools to unspecting networkers.

I mean how many times have you read from the same sources….”I am going to finally reveal the secret no one knows about how I became a top earner”  One group/guy is now on his fifth…..

Wondering what that means to the people who bought the first 4 “Secrets”?  Duped?  I would hope so.

Do we think Kobe Bryant or Paul Pierce bought ‘My Secret formula about  I became an MVP and World Champion‘ online…..

AND……..”My leathal Secret formula that will make you the best 3 point shooter on the entire PLANET

or……did they just go to the gym, learn skills & practice from people who are experienced and have a stake in their success?

I like the Celtics in 7 but what I really love is the fans are winning this series.  Both teams showing up and giving it all they have while respecting each other and not giving an inch.

Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming, Wooden

Those guys are all doing their best.

Am I?


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Hi Mark, great post!

    When I see “gurus” asking people to buy some “secret miracle recruiting system,” my reply to them (rhetorically, because I already know the answer) is,

    “If this (system or tool or secret training) is so powerful and you are using what you are promoting, please open up your mlm back office and show me the last 90 days of your personal results and team results from using this ‘secret method’ that explodes downlines.”
    Do you hear that?!
    DEAD SILENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You will never get a reply if you ask by email and you will get uncontrolled stammering if you manage to get one of these guys on the phone and ask that question.

    Try it. Track one of these clown down. Do a whois on their domain name and it is probably private so you can’t find their phone number. But if you get a chance to ask them to show your THEIR results in personal recruiting for THEIR mlm program, I bet you you never get to see proof.

    And this is not just good counsel for steering clear of people who prey upon the mlm industry. This is also good to ask before following upline “leaders” who about every 18 months launch new “systems” or “revolutionary recruiting methods.”

    When these jokers get the troops on conference calls and hype them on the latest “streamlined, super velocity, inverse placement” garbage and tell you this is the “holy grail” of recruiting and building, stop first and ask them to show you proof that THEY are adding recruits and duplicating with the methods they are promoting to you.

    Folks, this is the common sense we use in the “real” business world and seem to forget in mlm.

    If a bakery was for sale and the owner told you this and that and the other as facts about the amount of business the bakery does and the bottom line profit from that volume, would we not DEMAND to see the books, and probably for the last 12 or even 24 months!


    People. PLEASE! It is not impolite to ask to see proof that something works.

    We do it with every other product, service or investment we make.

    Ask the same of anyone who tries to get you to part with your hard earned money from some “secret” recruiting method.


  • Bingo…..

    the real core of it is that most people ‘servicing’ the MLM industry do not believe in it…..kinda ironic when you think about it…..

    But, if emerson holds any value, and he does……the definitive argue about motives is really clear….’What you are screams so loud I can barely hear what you say….’ 🙂

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