Kauai really rocks for me.  Great post in a discussion forum I jump in once and while.  Tom shared what he was going to do so he could “get to his own personal Kauai.”

I was just about to write on of my looooooooong blogs about this idea when Tom’s statement popped up…..he said in 6 words what it takes me 800+ to say.

So what is your ‘own personal Kauai?’

Mom waited too long to live the dream.  It’s great having her here and it’s nice networking has given us the previdge of being in service to her……but…..she is legally blind, can see a little but not much.

Sometimes people have the money later in life but physically cannot enjoy it…..2 older folks we met the other day wanted to go on the hike myself and The Fabulous Davene were going on….and at the trailhead asked us about it, wondering if we’d done it before.

It’s a hike down into the Waimea Canyon then back up the other side…..you can see the ocean and lots of waterfalls along the way……

“It’s a tough hike.” the bride says, ‘not dangerous or anything but you really gotta be in decent shape and have good endurance.  You’re really beat coming back out…it’s about 3000+ feet straight up twice.”

“Oh, thank you,” the guy says.  They looked kinda sad.  They knew it was more than they could handle.

Why do we wait on the dream?


Suspect is a name and a number.

Possibility is someone you contact who agrees to review your information.

Prospect is someone who has agreed to review information, given you information that ‘qualifies’ them and BOOKS A FIRM FOLLOW UP.

People confuse suspects, possibilities and prospects all the time.

Rep says to me the other day…..

“I am so pissed, my prospects has lied to me like 4 or 5 times.”

CLUE: It’s a suspect.  He just thinks they are a prospect.  Prospects have a need they have been willing to share and you have a solution.

Our job is to find prospects, that is the work part……why get frustrated, get our feelings hurt, feel rejected etc., by suspects.

Our job is to find prospects.


So do other pros….some even higher.


You shouldn’t be.

How do we do it?

Easy.  We only show our business to prospects……we don’t spend any time trying to get suspects to magically turn into prospects and kid ourselves into thinking we are working.


Ever blamed a ‘prospect’ for their decision not to join?

“Guy is an idiot…….She’s turned closed minded……that idiot doesn’t even care that he’d be getting 600+ a month in tax savings……moron said his uncle said these things don’t work…..my upline didn’t help me…..the meeting was too long….the prospect lied…..said they had the money to join, then they said the didn’t ……etc…..”

And on and on it goes.

Struggling MLMers tend to blame prospects…..thinking the external stuff did them in….

Pro’s do this 2 step self assessment constantly.

  1. Were they really a prospect? [Was my evaluation correct…this is what I’ll do to improve the process]
  2. What did I do or not do that would have made the sale?  [learn, don’t blame]

BOTTOM LINE? You cannot ‘sell’ suspects or possibilities….only prospects.


If they are a real prospect, you don’t need to be a great presenter or closer.

Your presentation at the decision making step needs to be made only if you have identified what they want, the pain associated with not having it and are positive you can help them get it….

……and asked them….after getting all the details…..this simple question:

John, you’ve told me that you want XXXXXXXX and it, to quote you, ‘really sucks and makes you feel less than by not having it’…..I think I know the answer to this question but I never make assumptions when it comes to business…..John, do you want to do something about it?

If the answer is not yes…..John’s not a prospect….so why present?

If the answer is yes…..ask this….


99.9% of the time when they say yes to the first question, they say yes to this one.

Great….I hate pressure……do you like pressure John?


Would it be OK with you John if I told you what feels like pressure to me?


When someone tells me they want XXXXXXXXX or something like that…..tell me they want to do something about it……tell me they want to do something about it now…….then once I show what we do and  they tell me they need to think it over…….and it turns into phone tag, literature relay …..it’s just lousy…..pressure on me….pressure on them…..I just won’t do it and it sounds like you don’t like it either…..so would it be OK if we agreed that once I show you what I have that you give me a simple yes or a simple no?

Yes [always……most even say really dumb things like…Oh, I will tell you the way it is …..or …….if I don’t like it I’ll let you know….

Do your little few minute thing and make it EASY for them…..

John, what would be easier for you.….to keep doing what you’re doing and go without XXXXXXXXX or to get started so you can have XXXXXXXXXX?


1. I am as curious as friend and mentor, Big Al…..why do people spend 1000s of bucks trying to get people to talk to but won’t spend 10 minutes learning what to say? 2. You can’t follow a parked car.  3. If I am not making calls daily, I am a parked car.  4. MDC = MDC…..Minimum Daily Contacts = Million Dollar Club  5. Ever had anyone call you and tell you they had the worst payplan, owners are coke-heads and the product is not revolutionary? It would be refreshing 🙂


ONE: Most people lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them”  Thoreau.  Folks, they are out there…..and we don’t need fancy systems, brands, blogs and techno magic to find them…..we just gotta talk to people.

TWO: As long as a man stands in his own way, everything seems to be in his way. Emerson. We can make money or we can make excuses but we can’t do both.  The real danger of us getting in our own way?  Believing our own excuses

THREE: Henceforth I ask not good fortune. I myself am good fortune Whitman. I’ve stopped asking God for opportunity equal to my ability and started asking for ability equal to the gargantuan opportunies I am surrounded by everyday……to help others……and…..I ask him if I can’t help others, help me not hurt them…..The good fortune we seek in this crazy business does lie within us, the plan/product/company are not the opportunity…..a chance to serve others, living lives of quiet desperation 🙂 is the fortune with each of us.

FOUR: Try not to become a person  of success, but rather try to become a valueof value. Einstein. Focus on the dreams of others, not our own pin levels…..for this is value.  Bringing value to someone else’s life adds value to ours…….we can’t light the path for someone else without it lighting up our own.  Look up to those in your downline [Gawd, I hate that word]……they are the one’s who pay you…..the check might come from the company but it is really your organization that pays you.   When the accomplish something….take none of the credit …..when things are not going as well as you would like for them…..take all of the blame….when they get up on stage, receive recognition….get the hell away, let the light shine on them and tell them…..Do not mention me…..do not thank me…..thank your organization.

FIFTH:Be prepared and be honest. Coach Wooden It just burns my ass that reps know everything about the plan/product/company and 4 other dizzy websites, blogs, branding…..and don’t have a way to bring up the business rejection free…..***and*** don’t have an answer to ‘what is it?’ that gets 100% of the people to take information…….MEMORIZED.  People just will not practice……that is what prepared means.  Honest?  Not about what we are presenting….that is a given……honest about ‘Are you prepared?’


Big thanks to Melody Johnson.  Million dollar earner who we interviewed today.  The 12 part series with 12 different authentic $1,000,000+++ earners is coming through the auto-responder soon……opt in if you haven’t.

MDC=MDC ……Minimum Daily Contacts = Million Dollar Club was one of many nuggets she shared today…..great interview, you’re gonna love this series.

Yup, you know the rule…..first time you use something, give the person credit…..second time….’some one told me’……third time?  It’s yours 🙂

Originality is concealing the source!

Imagine being able to hear for honest-to-goodness million CURRENT million dollar earner……you’ll be getting over a dozen 10 minute interviews and they are not promoting anything…….they simply like the idea we are giving great information away so folks don’t all for ‘secrets’ ……


If they made lots of money …..in MLM……and they are sharing a secret never revealed before UNTIL NOW [LOL]…..then that means, by the definition of a ‘secret’ that they made all this money from the efforts of other people and did not tell their own people…..wouldn’t that be MEAN and STUPID and SELF DEFEATING?

No, I am not ‘after’ anyone……but I am after something……Common sense for all.


Thanks to all of you how took our survey about what trainings you’d like broadcast.

We’re compiling the results right now….OK, The Fabulous Davene is compiling the results and we’ll pass them on.

Your input is going to generate the curriculum for the 4 webcasts and we are grateful for your input.


Oh, MY GAWD is the coffee here amazing.  Largest coffee plantation in the United States about 8 miles or so from our front door.

I am not taking naps any more…….after 20+ years of taking a nap daily.

Wonder if those 2 thoughts are connected.


Our 6 month personal develop course scholarship period opens in the next 2 weeks at some point.   While it will be posted here we’re capping the scholarships at 40 and it will appear in the auto-responder first…..so, again, make sure you’re opted in……

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Seems followers love the blog but not the length……..

To that end,,,,,we’ll post a 3-4 short ones during the week and a nice read [I hope] on Sunday….

Keep the feedback coming…..it’s great and I am grateful


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Too long? How about “not long enough”? Your pearls are worth whatever blisters I develop on my posterior while reading that which I do not know but which I am earnestly seeking!

    Please keep it coming in whatever length, Mark. 🙂

    Thanks for your interest in all of us.

  • MJ, as always good stuff. Question what is a
    with 12 different authentic $1,000,000+++ earners is coming through the auto-responder soon……opt in if you haven’t.



  • don’t worry…..i believe you’ve oped in….

    great 10 minute interviews with authenitc top earners from different companies, backgrounds and experiences

    keep fighting the good fight…..

    mark j

  • Your blogs are never too long for me

    As long as a man stands in his own way, everything seems to be in his way. Emerson. We can make money or we can make excuses but we can’t do both. The real danger of us getting in our own way? Believing our own excuses

    Brilliant !!

  • Mark,

    Great stuff and the length compared to other blogs is a bit long but then maybe others don’t have much to say worth writing 🙂


  • Thank you for the compliment and most of all thank you for stopping by and commenting

    We’ll have a nice ‘sunday’ read ….and a tad shorter blogs durning the week.

    Keep growing ~ Believe ~ Have Fun!

  • Hi Anthony

    Class will start on tail-end of sept….emails will come around end of first week in Sept…..no worries if you are opted in already, which i believe you are

    thanks for the inquery

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