Disraeli said “Man is not the creature of circumstances, circumstances are the creatures of men.”

On a networking mind, we are so convinced that what we do is so different that when we read powerful thoughts we tend to think who in our group to tell it to so they will get on the phone…..rarely pausing to comprehend the magnitude of the thought itself.

Disraeli’s idea has more to do with the state of an organization than any other single thought.  The group is our creation and, good, had or indifferent it is precisely a circumstance or condition that we created.  A reflection of us.

Looking without out and being frustrated with the circumstances is looking in the wrong place for the circumstances are simply an outward manifestation of what we created……ouch.


I have regrets but I am letting them go right now. My regrets center around waiting to live the dream.

I challenge you to co consider this: live your dream right now, learn from my procrastination.  Nothing will motivate you more than living the dream and creating the methods you need to stay in it.

Disraeli’s statement about circumstances is applicable here too.

Did you find yourself starting to list all the reasons you cannot live the dream right now? 🙂


So, there you have it.  Proof of Disraeli’s statement.

If we are not living our dream because of ‘circumstance’ then why in the world would we think it is OK to be frustrated when Johnny explains why he can’t make calls because his brother is visiting?  Why are we baffled when Mary says she can’t attend the Saturday Training because she has to help her cousin with a yard sale?

Aren’t they describing what they cannot do based on circumstance?

That is duplication…….they are citing circumstances that are preventing them from doing the things that will manifest their dream…….just like we are.  Double ouch!


The solution of course is not looking outward but within.

The Fabulous Davene had pictures of us in Kauai.  Sent them to a company and had pillow cases made, 4 of them.  Pictures of us in our favorite spots.

We went to sleep in Kauai every night and woke up in Kauai every morning……had about a helf dozen ‘palm tress’ we hung from the ceiling she’d bought at a party store……drank coffee we bought online from Kauai…out of cups that had pics of Kauai…..much longer list of what we did but I am sure you are starting to get the picture.

Looked at real estate in Kauai daily for 15 minutes.

Human thoughts have a tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent” Hill


We’ve preached over and over here that goals will not build a business.  Skills will….on this point I have got on the bully pulpit many times.

So is this a change of heart?  No.

Goals are a reason to build our businesses but in and of themselves they will not.  Understanding this made me a student who did his homework…..and practiced daily, still do.

There is a problem with goals.


Like many home-based business peeps, I would write down my goals and never attain them….going on to fail at achieving them many times and failing at the businesses I tried in the home-based arena.

Then, one day, the great discovery happened.  And I call it ‘the great discovery’ for a reason.

Within each of us are pivotal needs……personal pivitiol needs.  Most people, including myself, set goals that were in conflict with my PPNs, personal pivotal needs.

The Great Discovery led to 6 months of study…..which led to the keys to the vault….and, as they say…..the rest is history.


Everything changed…..same guy, sort of, went from failing to succeeding.   We started teaching ‘the great discovery’ in our living room……to a few folks….we were blown away.


We had not got ‘lucky’ but actually discovered a pathway …..that led to completely different results.

The folks who completed the course we designed and refined grew…..not just their businesses…..but virually everything got better……every single person.


I graduated with a degree in education and while I had some fundamentals down I needed help as I became obsessed with improving 2 things….the course and how to teach it.

Research, friends who had their Doctorates Degrees in Education….outside courses on training, teaching, how the mind works……this was my obsession.

We defined what we wanted to do and then refined it with the help of professionals.

Now it sells out every year…..and we scholarship 50 or so folks every year into this course.


Microwave mentality types need to know this…..this is not a short little thing…..but a 26 week commitment.

We want things to change, we need to change and for most of us that involves breaking 20, 30, 50 years of thinking one way.

It’s not easy but it is a hell of a lot easier than staying stuck and frustrated.

Since circumstances are the creatures of people……and…..people are what they think about all day long…..we need to change our very core thoughts.

This is not motivational speeches, cute phrases, nice slogans……it helps people change themselves……we sure can’t do that but what we have discovered is how to create an environment where change is possible and easy for the brave, ambitious and courageous.


If you are opted in here you will obtain the upcoming emails so you can learn more about it and how to obtain a full scholarship…..well, almost full.  You’ll have to spend about 3 bucks to get some materials.

You’ll have to earn it …..but the ‘earning’ thing is kinda cool because you’ll learn some new skills and help you grow faster.

This course is tough…..but it makes life easy……you can hear more about before deciding to apply [free] for a scholarship….here is a national radio broadcast I did about it Friday.

Once the scholarships are gone there will be no stupid, insipid emails about paying to get in.  To get earlier notification, email The Fabulous Davene at davene13j@gmail.com ….this will give you are 24 hour jump.


1. Why does coffee smell so good in the morning?  2. If lead generating companies have such great leads, why don’t they just build a deal themselves with the leads? 3. Does it seem like there are more experts than there are distributors? 4. Are all the people on Twitter and Facebook selling ways to make money on Twitter and Facebook just making money on selling courses?  When we asked for proof from over 100 people…..not a peep.  5. If communication is not our top priority, all our other priorities are in jeopardy.


Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal” Einstein

Great book entitled Good To Great by Jim Collins charts the characteristics of companies that go from good to great….the pattern is astonishing.  None of them, I repeat none…..jump at new technologies.  Mediocre companies feel threatened by not having the newest wiz bang tech-no gadgets….they fear they will be left behind and someone might beat them to the punch.  Mandino teaches that ‘fashion comes and goes but principles endure’ which is another way of saying the same thing.   Prostep was a tool company far ahead of its time in the early 90s….they had an auto-responder and leads….and 1000 leads emailed would get you upwards of 200 people opting in to watch a pitch….now that stuff is a dime a dozen…..Prostep is long gone.  The Techno-progess in the hands of some of the tool peddlers on-line and their subtly fear based ad copy is like an axe on people’s credit cards.  Get proof folks, not from them or their testimonial page.

The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education Einstein

Most people have been doing network marketing, telling people about things we like or enjoy….since we were 6 years old……it’s not complicated and it is not new and it is not hard.  We’ve all being doing it for decades.  As soon as we get ‘educated’ about it…..we forget what we’ve done virtually every day of our life. 🙂

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination Einstein

As soon as we started living in Kauai mentally and imagining it all day long…….everybody thought we were really smart.  Really.  Very strange.  Pick up the pace of imagining the life you want…..every hour for a few minutes and those around you will become amazed at your sudden increase in intelligence.

When Thomas Edison worked late into the night on the electric light, he had to do it by gas lamp or candle. I’m sure it made the work seem that much more urgent George Carlin

Our lives can be like the electric light…..how do we want to be remembered?  A candle in the wind or something that changes the world?  Just 20 calls a day will change the world of all those around you and all those around them….20 lousy calls a day.  Any urgency?

Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough money not to quit George Carlin

Failing to lift the phone up makes a job our destiny by default…..I might not like picking up the phone sometimes but a refuse the default here and now

Keep growing


mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

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  • Hey Mark —

    About the fresh coffee aroma early in the morning. …Obviously written by someone that has not smelled the odor of burned kerosene emitted from the tailpipe of the sleek jet recently parked next to the one you are also about to launch into the heavens.

    F-O-R R-E-A-L! (and part of my “Reasons Why”)

    Today’s submission is not up to your normal” par”…it exceeds that by more than just a couple of angstroms. Thank you for once again provoking introspective thought that, if it keeps up, will likely jar me off my moribund butt!

    Keep it coming…and put all of your stuff into book form; It’ll sell!


  • Hi Mark,
    A really thought provoking post. I have just had my morning coffee and I think I will have to let it kick in a bit more and go re-read it. There is a lot of depth there.

    All the best

  • Yikes,
    Not living in my dream right now, and every day forward would only cause the actions not to happen that could have gotten me there. Profound.

  • Too many people living with regret.
    It’s time for a change,
    It’s time for the education that we failed to get before.
    It’s time for me.

  • Thank you Jim for stopping by and sharing your thoughts….it is a little deeper …or a least we were going for ‘thinking’ ….over your coffee 🙂

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