Great question this week from a reader……’do you really shave on Sunday?’


Rituals really serve 2 basic purposes.

  1. A ritual is, by definition, the manifestation of cultural belief ….the myths we collectively hold as having value that symbolize our beliefs.  Like Thanksgiving Dinner.
  2. On a personal level, they can make us feel secure…..our ‘tent-posts’ of our lives.

It’s always interesting to notice that when things start to get unmanageable, when things feel like they are spinning out of our control, we tend to do what we like to do, know how to do or are used to doing… create a feeling of ‘order.’

Take a little kid for example.  40 books in his room.

Different story every night?  Nope.  Same one.


Kids are afraid of the dark.  Fear is stressful.  The routine of the same story is comforting and last time he heard it, [last night], everything worked out OK….no boogie-man.  Makes him feel secure.  Personal rituals can do that.

Networkers overlook this.   When people join, for the most part, they are short on time…..or money…..or both.  What are the first 2 things we ask them for?

Time and money.   This INCREASES their stress.  Under stress people want to do…what they know how to do, what they like to do and what they are used to doing.

And, that won’t work in networking.  Change is required from them to get a different result.

Winners know this and work with it ….the rest of the pack just figures they ‘aren’t the right people’ and blames.

So I do shave every Sunday…..part of my ritual …..gym, shower & shave…..Boston Globe Sports section, triple Latte and a cigar.


Moving to Kauai this Tuesday.  Had lunch with MLM vet and ex-state trooper Walt Pomerleau Friday.   Met Walt when we were both working with Market America.

Walt brings me and The Fabulous Davene out to his car after lunch and he gives me a great cigar.   Gives us a nice card and then hands The Fabulous Davene a yellow rose.

The ‘special’ part of the cigar is the authenticity of Walt.  We are with different companies.   We weren’t there as business people, just friends with no agenda except friendship.

Wooden taught, “The time to make friends is before you need them” and “Friendship is an art form, make yours a masterpiece.”

If we are going to build a business with people, we better know something about people.   Do we know anything, really, about them?

Walt does…… been as good a teacher as Wooden.  He knows things about his people.


This Sunday will be the last time I read the Globe while holding it in my hands.

Started selling the Globe as an 11 year old kid outside Fenway Park, shortly after we moved into the Boston area.

That is 50 years.

Next Sunday I will be reading it online sitting on our lanai overlooking the ocean.

Don’t you just love those bozo’s spending thousands of bucks trying to convince us MLM does not work?

It just doesn’t work for them…..a lack of personal responsibility leads to blame, which, sadly for some, leads to a loss of spiritual values.

Tough to improve while blaming others.   And what a haven these bottom-feeders have found on the internet.

BUT….I love the internet, it has let me move 6000 miles and still have the Boston Globe in my front porch Sunday morning.


How come we drive on the parkway and park in the driveway?

It’s backwards, yes?

So is network marketing.   Embrace it.

If not, we better love frustration.


shhhh…..between you and me one of my 3 mentors [AKA my Master Mind Alliance]… Albert Einstein.

A lot of the nice comments about the material here is really stuff I learned from Albert.

Not just a math guy.

“Concern for man and his fate must always form the chief interest of all endeavors. Never forget this in the midst of your diagrams and equations.”

Knowing the prospect can and  will do the work needs to take the top spot, not a global-business-pool or matching bonus.

We have not explained a marketing plan but once since 1998……had more fun, made more money, made even more for our groups who ‘got’ marketing plans are not why people join.

No one understands them anyway….even people in the business.

Proof?  Never met an earner that did not ‘wish’ they structured themselves differently.  99% of the time they were trying to ‘short cut the plan and it bit them in the ass.


You can read all the stuff, some good, some bad….what to do?

Shortcut to saving time and money.

Ask a leader upline who is respected and breaking pin levels in his/her organization.  Ask them what they read.


We’re independent distributors… are they.

Usually sponsors suck because they won’t do for us what we can do for ourselves…….

They won’t take my calls…..are you bringing prospects to them?

They won’t do a meeting for me……any reason you can’t it yourself?

They are lousy presenters …..any reason you can’t practice and do it yourself?

What about the one’s that made promises about putting people below us or steal people from us?

My experience is people behave as advertised and they told us in a 1000 ways that they were unethical, that they lie.

Maybe, just maybe, we should evaluate our decision making process and not make another bad one.

The only sponsor we have control over is ourselves.  Don’t like what your sponsor does or does not do?

Don’t do the things they do and do the things you’d like your sponsor to do.


Been blessed, betrayed and ignored…..had all 3 types.

More fun with the good ones than the ones who betrayed or ignored me.

Gor even with the bad ones by making more friends, money and more money for my friends.

Bitching about them would have never allowed me to succeed.  We simply cannot move forward when looking back, blaming and doing it with bitterness and rancor.

Don’t know if I am a great sponsor yet but I am better than I used to be thanks to all 3 types I have had.


Albert said…….

“Confusion of goals and perfection of means seems, in my opinion, to characterize our age.”

Curley said


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Thanks Mark,
    In the midst of my equations today…
    Remember as you are leaving the ground on Tuesday, It’s OK to choke up a bit as familiar ground shrinks in the distance. Experience the emotion. That’s what life gives us.

    The next chapter will be the best, you are simply turning the page. Besides; Boston will always be here, you can re-read that chapter whenever you want.

    You give so much to so many…
    May this coming week be amazing for you buddy,

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