Love Sunday.  Didn’t used to love it.

Would start thinking about work right after church.


Best sports section in the country.  Hasn’t hurt that the Red Sox, C’s and Patriots have hung 6 World Championship Banners up in the 7 years.

Winning is great when we are fans but winning in Network Marketing is much greater.

Everybody knows who follows these teams, or any team, that they don’t show up for the Championship game and pick up their rings.

They practice.  In the off-season  In pre-season and everyday during the season.

Still stunned that Networkers won’t practice 3 sentences while admiring people who do.  Go figure.

Player’s get paid, spectators pay to watch players play.


All pay plans pay the same.

There are only 2 types of reps.

Producers and non-producers.

Producers get paid, non producers do not.

Anyone who thinks their pay-plan is ‘the best’ and ‘that is why people join’ ends up broke.


The plan has nothing to do with a prospects decision.  Getting a BIG FAT check [being a producer] will get more people to join than some complicated formula about bonus money on the 17th level.

They all pay the same…..they pay producers lots of money and non producers nothing.   Just like sports.

Yeah, yeah….you love your payplan and think it is the best in the universe.  GREAT.  Happy for you.

So, in all those conversations where you clearly demonstrated ‘why’ it’s the greatest ever, how many people said….”WOW, what a great pay-plan.  I am IN!”


Everybody says ‘you can’t tell the players without a program,’ but it’s pretty easy to spot them in MLM.

The players commit and  promote a single program the rest promote multiple programs and claim they will help you build your ‘primary’ program.

Players understand commitment is what they need from people.  Leaders give what they want to get….basic law of the universe….. so players commit to one thing and do the work.

Players work to learn skills, teach skills and teach people to teach skills.   Their program is based on the idea that if we are going to grow we need to talk to people.  So they learn how to talk to people rejection free and teach it.

Spectators?  They got a different ‘magic program’ every other week.

Player’s get paid, spectators pay to watch players play.


Players know there are no secrets.  They do the work.

They know they’ve been doing network marketing their whole life anyway.

Spectators are suckers for con men & women selling secrets because they are lazy, not uninformed.

Spectators invest money in short-cuts/junk, players invest time in themselves and their teammates.

Player’s get paid, spectators pay to watch players play.


10 years ago cell phones were a decision.  Pros, cons, rates, plans, coverage…..we were all baffled.

Should we get one?

Now?  It’s like gas & electric.

We misplace our cell phone less often than our car keys.

How did cell phones become a necessity so fast?

Store I go to for odds and ends won’t wait on folks if they are on their cell.  I like that.


Friday night I saw a few pizzas delivered to different tables around us, none the same.

Every pizza would have been more fun to eat than the salad we were eating.   I had order envy, the aroma was intoxicating.

The salad was good but left me wanting pizza.

Saturday morning I felt great and loved the number on the scale, down 27 pounds.

Sacrifice.  Players sacrifice.

Player’s get paid, spectators pay to watch players play.


Cannoli is just an amazing Italian dessert.  Ricotta cheese sweetened and lightly flavored then stuffed in a thin, crispy pastry shell.

Amazing.  Don’t get the custard filled ones.

We go out for coffee Friday night after salads and there the cannollis are…..while waiting to order coffee.


The path to success is easy, straight and downhill.   On the left and right is temptation.

Temptation cannot get on the path of success. We have to get off the path.

Temptation is REALLY good at it’s job.

In the end, what is really cool … that it is our choice.

I get a Latte, with 4 shots and no foam.   I don’t think ….”Hey, I passed on the pizza, I deserve this.”

I see and admire TEMPTATION for what it is…..excellent at it’s job.  Really good.

I won this round.

Am I as good at my job as temptation is at it’s job?

Player’s get paid, spectators pay to watch players play.


Time for the Sunday Globe Sports Section, a nice cigar and 4 shot home-made latte.

Then I get to do something really cool, study for tonight’s Think and Grow Rich master mind call.   Meet every Sunday night with like minded people.
We all have a written assignment due every week.

The price is just the time we invest.

Wondering what other networkers will be doing Sunday nights sometimes.

Some are preparing a plan….

some are watching TV [Temptation wins]…..

….some are adding to their list….

Sure hope they are not looking on line for short cuts.

What do you do?  Player’s plan ahead then execute.

I’d love to know what you do to prep a winning week.

Player’s get paid, spectators pay to watch players play.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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