Successful MLM Business

A Successful Multilevel Marketing Business Is Responsibility 

How do we build a Successful MLM Business?

Building a Successful MLM Business is easy if we take personal responsibility.  This was a huge wake-up call for me.  Don’t get me wrong folks, I’m not saying you are irresponsible or that I was.  How was I being irresponsible?

Successful MLM Business
Closed minded losers

I had bought the big lie… Us-against-them-mentality.  I am just going to be blunt here.  We hear, even today, the same bullshit from leaders and companies and it gets quickly repeated by new people.

The cultural attitude about prospects and struggling distributors is that trap.  As long as we are drones and mimic the mantras that perpetuate this deleterious cultural trap, we’ll never build a Successful MLM Business.

What is that trap?


Successful MLM Business

It begins with each of us realizing the probability of ALL those prospects and all those failed distributors are, respectively, not “closed minded” or “losers.”

Stats show, on the average MLM team, better than a 90+% failure rate.   Really?  Do you really BELIEVE better than 90% of the people who fail are losers?   It simply defies probability.

Most people fail because they lack the skills to succeed.  They never learn them because the fearful teach and preach that anyone who doesn’t “get it” must be the villain.

How convenient!  Leaders and companies not taking responsibility for such horrendous numbers?

OMG, how irresponsible.

If we are going to make some money, we need to learn some skills.  I’ll be releasing a 3 part video skills training in about a month or so.  If you’d like it in two weeks, just hop on the early notification list.  I know it said in the video I’d give you a skill but if you grab early notification, I’ll give you 12 quick videos, one every few days.

Successful MLM Business
Blame others or learn skills

What’s on them?   The correct words so the prospects’ curiosity is stimulated, not their sales filter.

Sales filter = NO!

Curiosity = Tell me more

Here is what Marius Viljoen had to say recently, from APPLYING the videos:

Here’s something then, to make you feel good… Since I started implementing your techniques and positively developing my mindset, I now get at least 1 sign up every other day or so… My team is growing and so is my paycheck. Thank you, Mark, for what you do for the industry…”

The key point in Marius’ experience is that he went out and applied the skills so he’s building, obviously, a successful MLM business.  I’m telling you point blank that I know one of the reasons Marius is doing well is that he’s using the skills so he is hearing more “yeses” and teaching his team the same thing.

The bigger nugget in Marius’ words?   It’s in the subtext.  He combined personal responsibility for his business and open-mindedness rather than listening to the same slop being doled out by leaders for as long as microphones have been around.

He’s building a Successful MLM Business with skills, work, and personal responsibility.   Guys like him stopped buying the #1 lie…”You just have to find the right people” and instead has made himself into a skilled MLMer.


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Successful MLM Business
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