Blog   Success In MLM is No Secret, 1 Proven Princple Will Do It


The gift today is, in my humble opinion, the best of the 12 gifts we wanted to share with all the great support we’ve experienced in 2011.

It really is at the core of authentic success…..and, really, why would you want any other kind?

There is no mystery here, no secret and nothing hard about it.

It guarantees your success, makes it permanent and best of all, you and all you touch feel great about the whole, simple and very easy process.


People, from brand new to big time check cashers, with 2 exceptions, all say the same thing.

They want to help people.

Oh, really?  Gimme a break.

Why so cynical?

Easy… time someone tells you they want to help their people ask the following qustions.

  1. How many people have you sponsored, roughly?
  2. Can you tell me the first names of the last 8 or so?…..then ask them this.
  3. What are their goals?


Here is the path to something so spectacular that you won’t understand what is happening to you and your world… changes everything.

  1. Get Goals of you personal’s and their personals
  2. Read them out loud every morning and evening
  3. Send them something about their goals in the mail [not email] weekly

In less than 30 days…’ll find you, your life and your business…..all change….without effort.

You’ll notice courage and creativity are who you instantly become.



Not lip service, but genuine service.

And you will wonder where this humble greatness has been hiding all your life.

Surprise……it was always there… is authentic service that ignintes and awakens the sleeping giant with you.

Once that happens and you learn the free networking skill of how go get others to catch ‘duplication‘ you’ll own 2012 and much much more.

You’ll understand you were always great, wonderful and gifted.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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