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Actually easy or hard has nothing to do with it.

What’s easy for you and hard for someone else, when the experience is identical, is merely perception.

For myself and The Fabulous Davene……it was hard then it got easy.

No, not because the checks went up.  It was simply because we made a decision about the 4 D’s.

Our perception was that it was hard, frustrating, ya know?

Prospects lie all the time ……say they’ll review stuff and they don’t.  They blow off follow-ups too.  grrrrrrr

And reps?  They bag out on 3-ways……don’t do what they say they will …..take 3 months to do a 20 minute exercise…..and, [hilariously ironic], use the same excuses they say they hate hearing from prospects.

Love them all.  Really love them.

Just love them all?  Nice thought….. but is it possible?


The pathway to loving them all is understanding and committing to the 4 Ds.


Way back in the 90s, this cool woman shows up in my downline…..comes to my house with a group of reps for a goal-setting thing I was doing……gave the group of about a dozen people and assignment and promised them 4 hours of 1:1 time and 4 hours 1:1 help a week …….this woman, The Fabulous Davene, [she was just Davene at the time], is the only one who does the work.

We start working together……we’re building but frustrated….when we find the 4 Ds.

The Fabulous Davene Used the 4 D's Daily To Live Her Dream ~ Kauai

Within 6 months of finding and committing to them…….she’s out doing seminars all over the country……and had never spoke to groups before……I win Trainer of the Year.

We both have more requests to speak and get paid to speak than the company allows per year……it’s nuts how quickly things turned around and how it shifted MLM from hard to easy.

We laughed about it then and we laugh about it now……  All that happened… we fell in love…….and got to manifest our dream of living in Kauai……because we committed together to the 4 Ds.


In the classic, granddaddy of self-help…..Think and Grow Rich…..Hill talks about including in your Definite Major Purpose statement …..what you are willing to give up.

We found, instantly, goal statements never have this, ever.  Maybe your team leaders or company call it your ‘why’…… matter, you get the idea.

We’ve built 3 MLMs to well over 6 figures……spoke to other leaders from other companies…and……never, not once…..have we seen a ‘why’ or goal statement that included what people were willing to sacrifice.

Even more amazing is that the average person has the TV on in their home over 6 hours a day..[that’s not the amazing part]……..and we always ask audiences [we’ve spoke to well in excess of 100,000 people in hotels, conventions centers, etc], how much TV they watch…….

-……here is the amazing part:  We’ve never met an average person!!  Seems like no one who join MLM watches TV or ever has.  🙂

Denial About TV & Surfing the Net Prevents Living Legacy

Chart ALL your activities for a week.  You’ll find a few things you can ‘sacrifice’ that fall under the Delay Gratification “D”……and sacrifice it in writing……and don’t be like my daughter who used to give up vegetables for lent. Give up something of value….for 6 months and link it to your heart’s desire.


The astonishing and shameful mirco-wave, entitlement mentality newbies have…..coupled with CLO-URU‘s, [def:clowns masquerading as guru’s], hustling secret short cuts….makes it easy to forget the word dedication….and no, not to your goals, company or product.  Any occupation, including MLM, is based on skills…’ve got to be Dedicated to learning the skills in the 3 money making areas…..

  1. Getting people to agree to look
  2. Getting people who said they’d look to show up
  3. Teaching people who say ‘yes’ how to do points 1 & 2 effectively
Dedication is about learning and mastering the profession…..not becoming an expert on ‘how to manipulate’ the marketing plan.


Not quitting……and all that attitude stuff is for the birds… has nothing to do with Determination…….Persistence is probably the most misused word in MLM.  Good grief.   Persistence is not a characteristic or trait.  It is actually a habit that is a by-product of 4 tiny habits anyone can do… least if you want to give Napoleon Hill any respect.

The 'Secret' or Think and Grow Rich? One makes you feel good the other makes you rich and feel good. Duh?
  1. A definite major purpose backed by a burning desire for it’s attainment
  2. A definite plan, expressed in continuous action
  3. A closed mind to all negative thought
  4. A Master Mind Alliance [as opposed to a ‘feel good conference cookie club’ that calls it self a master mind, good grief]
If you really aren’t Determined you know it and you also know, in every fiber of your heart, without authentic Determination, not much happens.
Determined to succeed types will Dedicate themselves to learning Think and Grow Rich…’ll find a  free online version in our resource section…..just click on the book when you get there… sales pages or any of that nonsense.

My experience is pretty black and white on this point…….1. people do nothing for their mind…..2. they tap in pop culture CDs that ‘feel good’ – you know all the crap about ‘hanging in there’ ‘you can be anything you want to be’ …blah, blah, blah….. …….3. they determine they need to read, study and apply real principles

This is the big one…..the Discipline to do the things that work and the Discipline to not kid ourselves about the stuff that we know, in our hearts is a waste of time.
The discipline to learn the skills……I am mean let’s face it……if we are going to make some money, we need to talk to people…..and talking to people is a skill.
The lack of willingness to learn, practice and master a few things is really the difference between success and failure in MLM.   The successful reps simply ‘disciplines’ him/herself to do the things the unsuccessful reps makes a conscious decision not to do.
We are not special, talented nor gifted…..a lot of people think we are but once they get to know us they discover…..we are just average people who figured out all you have to do to be above average in business is simply execute discipline a few hours a day for a couple years.   We made a decision [a 5th D?] to discipline ourselves to the other 3 D’s…..seems like a small price, eh?
Shut off the TVs, turned them face to the wall and cut the cords so we could not weaken.
I mean if the idea of turning your TV to the wall and actually cutting the plug off freaks you out… may have just discovered something – unwillingness to delay gratification [1st D]…..and unwillingness to delay gratification is not so bad.  It simply prevent gratification in your business, goals dreams and life…… a few network marketing skills and role played for a few hours.
Next step?  Easy.  The discipline to say ‘no’ to anything around business that is not income producing or goal advancing…….
Next step?  Easy.  Master your mind with Think and Grow Rich 15+ minutes a day
Last step:  Put the skill of talking to people in play.
mark januszewski

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