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Succeed in the mind first almost sounds like a cliche, one you’ve read hundreds of times too.  So I’m glad you’re reading this because I want to share something with you that all those statements about “mind first” never reveal.

Succeed in the Mind Pitches

Are the other authors and bloggers fibbing?   No.

Are the guys and gals with the same lead, “succeed in the mind” stuff, who then share how they discovered something that will magically transform you in a few minutes a day… lying to you?  For sure.

No matter.

Here is what I want to share with you.

While we must succeed in the mind before we can succeed in the tangible world is true, what we are really talking about is modifying our behavior.  The big share here?  It takes work.   Consistent, hard mental labor to replace old mental habits by forming new ones.

It’s hard.

It takes time.

It is challenging.

It is the hardest thing we can ever do.

And it is so worth it.

See, we’re not talking here about learning a couple of things, chanting a couple of affirmations and then doing better at MLM or online marketing or whatever.  Nope.

I’m talking about unilateral success, in all areas of one’s life.

See, most people in MLM or sales believe, really believe, that if they can get to a certain achievement level, that they will be successful… and they’ll suddenly, because of money, be the person they deem successful.   They’ll be a better dad, husband, friend, son, etc.

Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth.

I interviewed this rising star a year ago.  She somehow, after that interview, “got it” and committed to working to really understand how to succeed in the mind.  Once she had that, she did the work to create, reinforce and master some mental habits… and is living the dream.   Her dream.


It is a Habit

What I did not tell you when I said it was hard, challenging, etc… is that once you develop a true understanding of how the mind works, learn to play with it and reinforce the good things so they become habits… it gets easier and easier and easier.

Sarah is one of my favorite people because to find the power, the power to control her thoughts and thereby create the life she desires, she has stayed incredibly humble.

Succeed In The Mind
Paid The Price, Paradise Rocks

As Sarah’s power and confidence grew, like so many Master Key Experience members, her values evolved.    No longer trapped by company goals, upline urging or cross line competitors, she knows who she is and what really matters. The family, known as Dooley3, is thriving.

Bottom line?  Sarah paid the price with the effort by becoming a student of herself and taking advantage of the Master Key Experience.

So right about now you might be expecting a “pitch” but as I shared in the video, there is nothing for sale.   Last year 1529 applied for scholarships (that’s the only way you can get in, you can’t buy the course)… we took around 700.

Your scholarship and everyone’s is covered.

How do we decide?  We don’t.  That would be too difficult and unfair.

It’s a first come first serve thing.  So hop on the early notification list and be looking for the application sometime in mid-September,

Interested in being challenged for six months? Daily?

Great, hop on the early notification list.  We start in late September. (24th)


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Succeed In The Mind
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