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Here’s how to help yourself and your team get over that “hump” and create stress-free enrollment into your MLM.

I kept noticing that when it came right down to the prospect actually paying for the initial order, stress and tension showed up.   Found a simple way to give the prospect total control, (very important), and simultaneously taking the tension out of the transaction.   And I mean for both the prospect and the rep.

Oh, yeah… forgot to mention.  It’s fun.



Succeeding in MLM, long-term, is not now, nor has it ever been about “sponsoring more.”   It’s about getting more people sponsoring and when you can teach your team this simple, honest method they’ll be a lot of stress-free enrollment into your MLM… and it won’t depend on you being everywhere all the time.

I mean, really, get away from the nonsense.   The “sponsor ten-to-twenty” a month with “hot leads” is for suckers who’ve lost their common sense.

The point is and ALWAYS has been to get more people sponsoring, not about sponsoring more yourself, (sorry for yelling but I’m sick and tired of these ‘gurus’ making promises they can’t keep  – these are the last things a real winner does).

stress free enrollment in your MLM
Collaboration is King

Sponsoring 20 people a month is not only dumb, it’s bad business and the case against it also being unethical is easy to make and iron-clad.

So two things about sponsoring.

ONE: Until you can teach other people stress-free enrollment into your MLM, really, what have you got?   Nothing (thought I’d help you out there a bit).   Want to make the big bucks?   Common sense.  If someone brought you in and collaborated with you on your dream, not theirs and showed you the skills so you could show others you’d succeed.  Would you stick with them?   Of course.

TWO: We close at the beginning, in the first conversation, not at the end.  The end, how to create stress-free enrollment into your MLM for your teammates and yourself happens in the first three to ten minutes.   It’s about learning how to have a transparent conversation with the prospect and them presenting to you why they should look.  It’s really about becoming interested in the prospects life not trying to be interesting.

We’ve got a 3-part video series coming in a week or two so you can learn this simple skill.  If you would like it a couple days early, make sure you hop on the early notification list.

See, it’s all about knowing how to get the prospect to share with you why they should look and learning to give them control.   Yeah, it’s probably feeling backward to you. It did to me.

But, hey, I could see what’s always been taught was not working and even leaders I looked up to had horrible percentages.   This video series explains how to do it… and no stress and higher, much higher sponsoring percentages changes the team, the attitudes, the… well, it changes everything.  People make far more calls when they are making money, having fun and eliminating stress.

Let me know what you think and we’re also doing something next week live so you’ll never have to deal with objections again.  (nothing for sale before, during or after… you sick of that switch and bait crap too?  Anyway, it’s free).

So that was an idea we got from several readers who struggle with objections and we love hearing from you and all the readers about your challenges so we can put some cool stuff for you that matters… so let me know what’s on your mind.

Like the “country road/state highway/expressway”?   It is fantastic, easy to teach and easy to do so that there is consistent stress-free enrollment in your MLM.

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