Using Fear of Loss to Sponsor

Time for a Mini Rant…

It’s not really a ‘rant’.  Coach Kathy Zimmer only allows me 3 a year, so I don’t want this one to count against me.  It’s more about common sense than anger.

I’m just flabbergasted that in 2013 new MLMers are not only STILL being taught this idiotic ‘method’ of recruiting…

I don’t know what’s more maddening – that people still believe this crap inspires people – or new people actually believe it.

It all starts with desire

Building a business, any business, is a challenge… er, check that… is challenging, and fear based people will quickly fold.  Always have, always will.

New proof?

Dates back over 2000 years, really.

Guy by the name of Gideon was called up to fight over 100,000 Midianites with a band of about 30,000.

First thing Gideon was told to do by the Lord?

Give them a test.  Ask those who are afraid to raises their hands, and send them, who do raise their hands home?

22,000 raised their hands…

Gideon followed the directions and sent them home…


I know, if you’re anything like me, I’d be thinking, ‘Wait a minute!  We need more guys, not less!’…am I right?  You with me?

So why?   Why have those who were fearful raise their hands, 22,000 of the 30,000… and send them home?


Fear is contagious.

And using fear of loss, fear of the future… while telling prospects they are, basically, morons for working for someone else may get some people to enroll, but they won’t stick.

Fear is contagious.  It was true over 3000 years ago and it’s true today.

Even more disturbing…

When people teach others to use fear of loss, fear of the future, etc and really try to push those fears down someone’s throat, (and let’s not kid ourselves, that is exactly what it is) …by talking about the perils of working for someone else and, really, trying to scare them on several levels, the students don’t feel good about it.   At least not the ones with ethics and/or compassion.

Piling on fear?
Piling on fear?

And guess what people do who do not feel good about what it takes to drive their business?  Duh…

I mean really, if I teach people how to use fear of loss, fear of the future, fear of poverty, why would you be surprised that good peeps don’t want to make calls?

Faith.  Hope… this is what brings out the courageous and all we have to do is decide to focus on faith and helping others improve.

Social Proof?

What would be easier for you – finding out what others have hope of and helping them get it by teaching them to do the same, or using fear.

Who would you rather be ‘supported’ by?

Someone you fear or someone who has first-hand knowledge of your heart’s desire and does a little every day to help you get it?

Now, for the interesting part.  Bet you’re wondering how the story of Gideon turned out… and like I said in the video, people live stories…

So here are a couple cool, free, network marketing skills – How to be a great story teller...(5th on down) …and how to get a yes 80-90% of the time rejection free

OK, back to Gideon.  He was told to give the remaining 7000 or so another test, for fervency …focus if you will.

So what did he end up with?  A team that was both fearless and focused and, he won the battle.

All started with …drum roll… getting rid of fear.  Try it out …you might like what you do better, and when we do, we do it more often.


mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker


Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing
Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing
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  • What a fab post Mark!

    Using faith as your driver puts you on a higher plane. Faith-filled people rise above the fear-filled competition.

    The moment you bash, or criticize, someone, for working a job, remember that your fear created the act, and of course, you will attract fear-filled people who will rarely if ever join your team.

    If they do join, you better believe they are not duplicating.

    Leaders realize this; if you come from a place of reward, instead of revile, you will attract leaders, people who want to work, and prosper.

    Stop being against, start being for, and you will be amazed at how quickly this establishment of clarity changes your life.

    Excellent points as always, thanks for sharing!

  • Mahalo Ryan…….

    I have long appreciated your work and point of view…….despite being oceans apart….and took different routes to get where we are at…….clearly, our understanding of success is congruent…..

    Your posts have long carried the message of hope without harshness….caring for the success of others without expectation …..and this is why your kind words and time are so meaningful….

    Thanks man……and keep carrying your wonderful message……

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Still hearing the “fear based” scenario all too often, Mark, and it definitely has impact on my choices in time management ~ wanting to be a part of the “giving hope, faith &” consitutent instead? therefore, I’ve chosen in more recent times to work on relationship building in my most immediate circle, then on building clientele in my bodywork modality ~ while honing the skills you teach so well. “I’m workin’ on a building” ~ triumphant over fear ~ developing, instead, FAITH & FOCUS . . . thank you so much for your passion to continue . . .

  • Mark,

    Great post. To start with…MaryAnn.

    Ok, now, Faith overcomes fear. I can’t stand it when someone tells me what a lousy life I’ll have if I don’t do…xyz, so why are we taught to tell that to others?
    HOPE is what it is all about, as you said. Thanks for all you do.

  • Thanks Skipper! As always, very informative and inspirational. I do believe prospects and people in general have so many things to be fearful if, that we should be offering some semblance of hope and prosperity. Good job.

  • I just wanted to say thank you for all of the encouraging videos that you provide for free. I have listened to many, many of them. Your heart to help people and your belief in this industry’s power to help people is very evident. Thank you.

  • Mark,
    As always your info. hits home. It makes more sense to boost people up with possibility then to tare them down with fear. We live in enough fear and people have plenty of opportunity to Fear and how often are they supported in seeing their dreams.
    Thanks MJ Lovin’ your work
    Peace & Blessings
    Billy Mitchell

    PS Maryanne Baby

  • Hey Mark! Great video, and I’m super-impressed at how your videos have gotten better and better- LOVE the little “next video” square in the bottom, and the “1/3 frame” setup!

    I have always been, and continue to be a GINGER fan… That is, because in real-life, I have a wonderful Mary Ann… who slips into a Ginger occasionally 😉

    I haven’t been around much, but I just wanted to let you know that this “Fear of Loss” selling is really one of the WORST things about our entire Capitalistic system, but the problem is…. IT WORKS!

    At least, in the short-term you can get a sale, and sometimes that’s all there is. I was TOTALLY taught to do fear-based selling, but I’ve never liked it.

    I prefer this “INSPIRATIONAL selling” (Can I trademark that?), and I’m definitely going to keep it in mind with my communications from now on- Thanks!!

  • Hello Mark,
    Kudos on a great subject that has been used to destroy sentient being versus empowering them. Fear is a fuel of short duration while the power of hope and faith is eternal.
    There are two basic and Universal Laws,
    Let us opt for the second, and make it a Win Win situation foe all concerned,
    No hurt no sin,

    Kudos and Mahalo,

  • I was always told be different.

    So leading people towards something good will always be better than pushing them from behind by fear.

    Our newscasters are the professional fear mongers along with our governments,most people just don’t know IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY.

    When they shown how good they can be by looking forward they will grow and grow

  • Mahalo Billy…..

    You are dead center … in seeing their dreams….beautiful man

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Mahalo Shannon….

    And….I might add….your heart is part of that power too….

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • 🙂

    One of the great fun debates of all time…..and isn’t it a great idea to put a little fun back into MLM?

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • BONES!!

    So great to see that great smile man…..and….your great ability to ‘see’ the real deal…..

    Unfortunately… are right… the masses have been conditioned…..around fear… a real abuse of the capitalistic system…..

    I love your idea ‘Inspriational Selling’ ….dude , TM that bad boy

    thanks for the kind words about the videos but that is all The Fabulous Davene…..

    keep doing all those good things……hope your still acting and engaged with the kids…..those vids I saw of you were the ‘real deal’ man…working with kids…..

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • I love your “So leading people towards something good will always be better than pushing them from behind by fear”… on Alan

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Scott…..

    we know how much sacrifice you’ve made with your life to carry hope all over the world…….and, this post, in part, is insprired by your tireless contributions to the needy world wide…….

    You are HOPE for those how know you …..

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Mr J, this absolutely rocks. I’m a guy new to sales, and its this kind of integrity that I now see I need to build my skill set on.
    Thanks a million, I’ll see you on the beaches of the world!

  • Hello Mark,

    Loved your presentation and illustration of Gideon. Ultimately it only took 300 men to win the battle!

    Faith & Hope will always beat Fear! Fear motivation is external and short lived.
    Attitude motivation is internal and long lasting!

    When you can show someone that they have what it takes to get to where they want to go; all you need to do is let them know that you are there to help them and keep encouraging them over and over again that they can get there!

    Keep up the good work Mark!

  • Hey Mark,

    Great post and insights as always.

    Here’s another take on what fear of loss (or any negative based tactic for sponsoring/recruiting) does:

    You and I know (finally) that when a person is deep in debt, struggling to move forward, feeling the pain of past failures.. the LAST thing you want them to do is focus on negative outcomes.

    WHY? Because that is exactly what they will attract.

    It took me a LONG time to learn this very simple rule of life. These days, when I see or hear someone coming at life (or business) from that kind of starting position I stop them in their tracks (if I feel they deserve it) and ask them to look at things in a different way; i.e. with a positive outcome as the focus. It’s amazing how many people don’t even know they are starting out with failure in mind!

    Keep sharing the wisdom Mark!

  • BAM!! You are dead center, spot on……300 defeated over 100,000……..

    We should be able to do MLM ….if we just copy that principle……


    mark j

  • Hi Mark,

    I love your message! This is so true! We all join for the same reason – a different outcome. Leaders help others to paint their own picture so that they can see a different future.

    Faith and Hope are the very factors that allow potential leaders to stay laser focused. There is not a shadow of doubt that the goals and dreams would be reached. It is just a matter of when.

    Thanks to all the training and inspirational messages, Mark!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum

  • Hey Mark!!
    Super awesome post! Learning these new skills has been an awesome journey and we have discovered they actually work and more and more people are moving from possibilities to prospects. It’s so much more fun when others are telling you why they want, with a hope in their tone… instead of being told what they should want with fear as the underlying motive.
    Thanks so much for the paradigm shift!
    Oh and by the way… Love the Ginger pose… and oh do I remember the aromas of the day!
    Make it a great day my friend! Cubanos on the way!
    Your brother from another mother… The Chipster!

  • Nice post Mark……Fear kills dreams….so it makes perfect sense not to use fear in sharing information that will change a persons life……

    Ilove video Mike….Two thumbs up!

  • Hay Mark, DTM here. I just used this advise and yyyaaahhhooo….I just sponsored two people into my business. Thanks for this great tip.



  • Thank you for the Gideon story! 8000 who will not quit, no matter what win hands down every time. I spend a fair amount of time in social media and I began collecting what I call ‘Quitters mantras’ the excuses that are socially accepted for reasons to quit. Everyone who gets into any kind of home business … or any other kind of relationship, will eventually bump into their subconscious chattering … I want to quit… you should quit cuz… Why take on anyone from the group that already knows they will quit for one of six hundred different reasons, all socially acceptable, or take someone who will call you first… or better yet, refuses to quit until they succeed. I am reading a book about the two kinds of games we play, finite and infinite. If your home business is just another finite game, you will quit as soon as you bump into your usual good reasons for quitting. If I have to discover what keeps you motivated and int the game….. gag. Sorry, I am looking for players of infinite games, the only reason to play is to play and never quit. Thank you Mark for letting me play.

  • I agree, not a rant just a cold hard fact, great post, as always right on. Thanks Mark

  • Makes sense– Fear of loss OR the hope of gain…LOL…come on…hope has to be better than fear. Nice video “Skipper” ! I think I’ll go with Maryann. I like the Daisy Duke cut offs…LOL…

  • Hi Mark,,

    Common sense anger? ….Ok. ….Sounds like a mini rant, but we’ll let that one slide (for now) because most reps need to be reminded of the right way (the common sense way) to qualify a prospect and enroll a new rep based on something truly meaningful to them.

    This reminds me of a comment Anna Ray recently made in Go90Grow….why would we ever hesitate or be afraid to talk with prospects? We hesitate and procrastinate because we’re focusing on and telling them the wrong things. We need to remember that we have the privilege of helping them uncover their dreams and a hope for a better future. Some will engage and some won’t….but at least we can use the skills and do our best to take them on a little hero’s journey of their own. That’s why we all joined our mlms.

    We wanted a change….we wanted our life to look better in some way, shape or form and we thought our mlm could be the vehicle to facilitate that change. If we do our job and help people uncover their own reason for enrolling, of course it makes perfect sense that they would make the best reps and stay the course…duh.

  • Hey Mark! Awesome blog and video…loved it! I may have been the crazy but I always liked Mrs. Thurston Howell III. Hoped the old guy would kiel and I would take care of the finances. Romantically Ginger did it for me.

    Anyway, awesome stuff loved it like all the things you teach!

    Be well, cowboy john

  • Thanks Mark for all the incredible information. I never got this when my wife and I signed up for our business. Again many thanks for all that you are doing.

    I think I liked Mary-Anne.

  • Mark, you are spot on! Nothing irritates me more than someone trying to “get” someone to join. I love my team and my company because we always focus on “giving.” Fear drives people away. We find ways that our company and our product can “HELP” people have a better life than they have now! Can’t wait to walk on that beautiful beach with you!


    P.S. I’m a Mary Ann boy myself.

  • Steve…..we are TWINS! You get it….

    And…..looks like we have 1 difference, Ginger 🙂

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

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