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Lighten up!

I’ve got to tell you, seriously, I’m pissed.  So don’t miss Tuesday’s blog this coming week.

Now I don’t mean I’m putting out the usual stuff you hear from others.  You know, how they are on a ‘rant’ but all they really want you to do is open their email and lead you to a sales page.   I mean I am hot, really hot at the latest brand of bullshit designed to do one thing… grab your hard earned money.

In that blog, I’m going to make a webcast available.  As usual, it will be limited so we can answer questions.  And, just so we are really clear, there won’t be anything for sale.  Nothing but a cause I hope you’ll jump all over.

I’m going to take a couple of minutes of your precious time right now to share with you evidence of my dream coming true.

You know how we never really know if the ‘expert’ we are reading has really made it?

The Fabulous Davene and I are not ‘going to make it’, nor did we have an ‘alleged’  success (wink-wink) 10 – 15 years ago.  We are smack dab in the middle of our dream.

There may not seem, at first, a lot of ‘information’ you can use here, but there is.

You really need only 2 things to make it big… to sponsor more people and get more people sponsoring people in your group.

Here’s a dream come true…

You see… 6 weeks of adventure beats the hell out of Disney World.

Dreams come true?

I’m not talking about goals or the standard bullcrap… ‘why’ that MLMer’s are so fond of using.

I am talking about digging deep, past the credit card debt and retirement fund.

I am talking about your heart’s desire, and it’s been whispering to you for a long, long time.

Within you lives a spot and a yearning.  You must give yourself permission to hear that voice.  It gets a little more faint every day… and further and further from the single biggest success requirement – a burning desire.

This heart’s desire is inviting you to the ‘big dance’ and you’ve got to woo it, nurture it, grow it, so it is screaming so loud that negative thoughts, self-doubt, and fear have no room to operate.

How do you do that?

Don’t Die With The Music of Your Soul Never Played

Answer the call.

I was living, like most people, a life of ‘quiet desperation’ (Thoreau) and I answered the call.

Friday, tomorrow, my son joins us here for 8 days.  Two of our daughters live here now, and uniting the family for a week is a result of building a burning desire and skills.

Why is this important to you?  Evidence of my dream?

Simple.  I was a blue collar guy delivering seafood 10-12 hours a day and The Fabulous Davene was a secretary in a second rate, small office – more blue collar.

We did one thing that led to the two things.

We committed to Think and Grow Rich.  That led to answering the voice inside, and we applied the skills.

We had no real talent, genius, resources or lists.

We did build a burning desire and then learned, mastered and applied the network marketing skills.

And once we did, all the short-cuts, self-proclaimed experts, leads and magic systems appeared to us as they really are – junk.


What is that voice whispering to you?

I’ve got some great news for you… your soul is rooting for you.

You were made first class by first class, and you can go, first class, if you’ll just respond to that voice within, learn the skills and share them with others…

So, really…
What’s that one thing?

Ours was simple.  Get over here to Kauai, not have to work and get the family over here.

Yes, they are wearing my sorry old butt out and I can’t wait for them to do it again tomorrow.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

About the Author

  • i had a burning desire, so i thought to secure financial freedom.
    i still havent figured it out there is something more than money which i am unable to catch.

  • To own my own home near the beach where I grew up and to grow vegetables and fruit trees – have some chickens and ducks and walk my 2 wee dogs on the beach everyday

  • Yep being able to spend more time with your family is definitely the major benefit of successfully doing this business. And you are living the dream Mark. I’m envious but motivated. thanks for sharing. You inspire!

  • I am sitting here – with a necklace on that I made =
    Dreams Do Come True!

    Thank-you for being such a great inspiration of living your Dreams!

  • To succeed one must have a definite plan of action or purpose, otherwise why do it.. What is your reason? The jet fuel for your journey is.. a burning desire.. The constant cry must be Next and move on as the no’s will stop you with a road block. The montra needs to be, Some will, Some wont, So what..Next. I agree with what you said and do not let someone steal your dream. See yourself as reaching your dream and you will…

  • The dream is to be “free at last”…free from the 9-5 where the only people who make the money are the people on top!! Free to keep my 90 year old dad home with me…free to make choices. I’m in A slump right now…but even so, I still have the freedom to excel…my biggest goal to make my own and other peoples dreams become a reality…Mark, thanks for giving us the tools to make all our dreams come true!! As always, my most warmest regards!!

  • Thank you for all your encouragement, Mark. I DO know what my One Thing is (actually its two), and they include MY grands as well. I’m ready to learn the skills. I’ll be drinking them in until I run into YOU on one of the beaches in this wonderful world that God Has Given to us!


  • Living from the experience that your desire and imagination are already fulfilled got you to Hawaii! There is another larger desire hidden from us that keeps you creating. My ‘DMP’ is now a short five word declaration every time my mind attempts to go negative. The last five minutes of the day set up tomorrow! Plant seeds you are excited about NOT what sucked or you’ll have more of the same. Every breakdown is just the precursor to a new breakthrough. Every ‘failure’ is a seed of wisdom required for the next step. DO NOT STOP imagining your hearts desire EVER!!!

  • What a great picture! Living proof and more fuel for our creative imagination. Your joy and passion are so contagious, and your family is beautiful. Thank you 1000x for EVERYTHING you and Davene do to light the way for those of us who are hungry with desire and dreams!

  • Oh… The dream…. 🙂 It’s two-fold… to light the way for others to heal naturally from depression and to celebrate the amazing planet we live on with my children: travel and experience the world!

  • Hi Mark,
    I have dreams of things to have and do. But none of that is as important to me than breaking through the bullshit I make up that gets in my way. I look forward to the day that I can say, ” I DID IT! “, just because I can, and didn’t make any excuses about how I couldn’t. And if I can do it, I am living proof that others can do it too.
    And that I suppose is my greatest desire. To do it as proof and liberation for myself and others.

  • Traveling the world with my husband. Revisiting all the wonderful places we’ve loved (Thailand, Australia, Italy, France, Santorini, etc..) and discovering those we’ve yet to experience!

  • Great post and video Mark!

    I have to admit my dream is kinda fuzzy- I want to be financially independent, and create comedy and shows without having to concern myself with the profit behind them. I want to CHOOSE what I do everyday. I’m kinda almost there now…. except for the money part! LOL!!!

    Yeah, I took a HARD stance against the “Futuristic” stuff this week. Too many people selling shovels!!!!

  • To put my son in a position where he can rise to his full potential and live out his dreams (…and box seats at Fenway) : )

  • It’s so great seeing you and the Fabulous Davene interact with your children and grand-children. That’s a big dream of mine – to retire from working for others to working for myself to provide for all in the family – especially the grandchildren. To help them prepare for the future so that they too can realize their own dreams.

    Thanks Mark J – you’ve given great insight again as usual.

  • Mark, I love the fact that you share your information from your experience, and actually share some of the psychology behind why it works and what the prospect is thinking. Keep up the great work, I’ve learned a lot from you and share as often as I can, knowing they won’t be asked to jump from one program to the next. Keep up the great work.

  • Like you….i am blessed with 3 grandkids…9, 6 and 2 and taking them all around the world is a major dream of mine!!! anywhere, anytime….I know I can do it!!Thanks Mark…really appreciate your encouragements along the way!

  • Mark, My one thing, is… fulfill my purpose in this life and that is to be a service to others. But to do that I had to learn the skills first. The first skill was to hush my mind so I could hear the deep voice inside saying “answer the call”, go on the Hero’s Journey, and come back to the starting point of the journey and share with others.
    I believe the value of money is not in having it, it is what I can do with it that brings value to my dreams.

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