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I love the old saying, “As soon as a network marketer uses common sense they double their paycheck.”

And it’s true.

Whether you realize it or not the crazy incomes that people can and do make in MLM suck the common sense right out of us.

Twain wrote, “Common sense isn’t so common.”  Not only was he right….. he was dead center correct about us MLMers.


We’ve been conditioned by schools…..government….parents….coaches…..that achievement, talent, resources and hard work are linked.  Permanently.

Think about the well meaning people that taught us that…..they were in the swapping time for money choice.   And that is a great choice for some people.  This nonsense that working for someone else is a bad idea must be abandon.


You simply cannot beat the crap out of someone’s choice …..try make him or her feel dumb for their life’s work and then expect them to make a positive decision.  Good Grief.

But the damage is greater to us on a far deeper level.

Stop berating other occupations.

This means, on some level, in our minds….to make the kind of BIG money we hear about…..we’ve got to do something special.

And we do something special……unfortunately, what we do next is NOT network marketing.

As soon as I stopped engaging in beating up traditional ways of earning, stopped living in an ‘us against them’ mentality, trying to make the marketing plan seem like the thing that was going to ‘save them’ [even though they never said they wanted to be saved 🙂 ] and started thinking about what network marketing REALLY was……I relaxed and found out….with very, very few words……how to make a great income by doing something I already knew how to do.

Network marketing success does not require talent, leadership skills….nor for you to be a great presenter or closer.   Most big earners are none of those things.

Here’s what I discovered that changed MLM from fear and frustration to peace and prosperity.


People love stories…….they hate pressure packed sales pitches.

Really…..think about the last time you had a great experience and shared it with someone.

I remember my bride, The Fabulous Davene sharing, with her friends, her trips to Kauai.  And how she wanted to live on Kauai.

And with our daughters.

And they would sit there fascinated.

Davene was excited, enthusiastic but she was herself.

Probably no different than when she was in high school telling her friends about a J. Geils concert.

And I noticed something in the stories she’d tell as she described the experience – the ‘senses’ all people have in common.

I made some notes…..and discovered a pattern.

I tried it out and the results shifted dramatically.  Taught it to team members….big bump in the results.  Turned it into a skill and it’s not only made us a lot of money……more importantly, it’s made our team members boatloads of money.

Think of it this way…….you’ve just come back from a trip to Italy……do you tell your friends about the plane and the fabric on the seats or the pasta and people you met?

Why do we stop being ourselves?  Conditioning and the absence of common sense…….you really have be doing this your entire life.

We never explain the pay plan…..nor the business…..we just tell a couple stories…..


Chelsea Relaxing With MoMo. It was Davene telling Chels about Kauai that got her here.

It’s a skill…..being yourself and telling a story……the skill is the discipline to remember that you’ve been doing this your WHOLE LIFE!

Oh….in case your wondering…..Jackie and Chelsea both bought plane tickets and came to visit.  [folks, that’s network marketing…..Davene’s recommendation triggered a transaction]…….

But wait…it gets better.

She’d share with them how much she loved living here…..and…..wouldn’t you know it?……2 of the 3 have moved here.   Folks, that’s network marketing.


So may I ask you to do yourself a little favor?

In the comment box below, if you would, let others know the last time you ‘shared’ or ‘recommended’ somethng to someone else……like the name of a good doctor or plumber……or mechanic…..or a vacation spot …, book or shortcut you found to avoid traffic……and let yourself and other readers know….if you were ‘nervous’…..unsure about what to say…..fearful of the outcome.  If you’ll just take a moment and reflect then share…..I believe you’ll be stunned about how different that feels than approaching a prospect.

Isn’t recommending those things the same as recommending people take a look at your business?   Do you feel differently when talking about your trip to Disney World than your product.   Getting they are the same……and it’s our ‘conditioning’ that creates a ‘different’ feeling when we open our mouth…..and learning to relax … the pathway to wealth.

And the odd part is….often the restranut or day trip to the beach we recommend is as much money as a sign up into your mlm…….so, it’s not the money, eh?   So please, if you would….think about the last thing you shared that you enjoyed and share it here…..and if you were anxious at all.  🙂

And, you’ve been doing it your whole life too…….so relax and sponsor more.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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