Avoid the Hook

Avoid the Hook

There is a pretty simple formula marketers use to extract money from your teams.

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to get people to events?   They’ve pissed away so much money in tools that did not work that they have 2 things working against your urging them to engage in your company’s events.

  1. They spent money on systems that don’t work to build their business… and it didn’t work, so they are ‘gun shy’ about spending more.
  2. Since it did not work, they’ve become skeptical that anything will work.

So they lack trust and money.  Ut-Oh

A couple of slick marketers took them down the old Hook, Path & Persuasion’ route and got into their wallet.

The ‘Hook’ reels them in.   The ‘path’ claims they had the same problem.   The persuasion’ to tap your Visa/MC is the success that they are now having since finding the ‘secret.’

Most popular ‘Hook’ lines that should be a RED LIGHT for you and your teams?

Making money is easy or hard in MLM

And it’s a choice.

Why does that ‘Hook’ work so well?


Your friends and relatives rejected you.

And it hurt.

So if someone can convince you that they can find ‘hot prospects’ for you, you’re reaching for your VISA.



If friends and relatives didn’t like what you had to say, why would we think strangers would like it any better?

This means taking responsibility for the rejection.

While that is painful at times, it is also liberating and the only way to success.

Let’s be honest with ourselves.  Everybody knows everyone would like these 3 things:

  1. More money
  2. More time with loved ones
  3. Lower taxes

If people are successful with you, what do they get?

  1. More money
  2. More time with loved ones
  3. Lower taxes

So if everyone wants what you are offering, and they say ‘no’ it must be the words we choose… yes?

You need some skills

So we ‘burn’ through our warm list because we don’t have the network marketing skills to sponsor more people and the skill to teach others how to sponsor more, we’re in pain… and someone ‘sets the hook’.

We built a group of 10,000 with a list of 337.   More than half the list came from our teenage daughters.

The average person knows 1500 people, so restart your list and learn how to help others get 1500 names out of themselves… that is a simple skill too.

Now the few people you did work, go back and use the right words, and you’ll get more ‘yeses’.

“YES” changes everything.

I know what you are thinking.   How do I go back to people who said ‘no’

Well, if you had a cure for cancer would you take no for an answer?

There is an economic cancer growing.   People are losing homes, retirement funds and, worse, their dignity, and you’ve got a cure.

BTW, Zoe was not ‘cured’ by what we shared with her and my son.  (let’s keep the FDA happy here), but it helped bounce back from 2 years of chemotherapy …and the $2000-4000 extra a month so Derek could be off work a lot and be there for his daughter was something he appreciated.   And, trust me, he did not feel like we bothered him.

Love your biz and products?


Love your friends & relatives?


Get them connected.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Stories like this bring it down to earth. Thank you for sharing why we(I) need to learn the skills and continued to use the three step pattern to teach those skills. God bless you and Zoe.

  • Hi Mark,

    from the mouth of babes eh? You’re right though, it’s too easy to get caught in the ‘secret’ trap – if they’re so secret why are they sharing them and,indeed, why are they charging for them? You know what? If you look closely at their Ads and any related free stuff they send you, you can probably work out what the ‘secret’ is without having to pay for it.

  • Thanks for all you do with your free information. I continue to watch your videos. My up-line who trains us often refers to your teachings. Keep up the awesome work.


  • Mark, that sharing sure hit home with me, a grand mother of three, Wow!! Yes when we believe, truly believe we have something that is so wonderful and help others, it is selfish of us to not “bother” friends and family. we dis-service them all and may one day kick ourselves for not doing so….shoulda, coulda, woulda kinda of thing.Love & light to you all.

  • We can’t want something more for other people than they do for themselves but we CAN be of service and DEVELOP our SKILLS and belief so we can deliver our message to the people we care about with honesty and compassion. Thank you Mark and Davene for the wealth of expertise you make available!

  • Mark,

    You are 200% correct. If your friends and family won’t support what you are doing why would strangers???

    YES! Everyone wants

    More money
    More time with loved ones
    Lower taxes

    HOWEVER, for the vast majority of people I know that kind of success will NEVER happen with any MLM. If you told people, the only way to break into the $50K/year level with any MLM is going to Vegas bringing 25 people with them this year, how many people will buy the pills, lotions and potions? No one has ever told me UNTIL AFTER I already handed over my money for the biz kit and the super duper $1000 special Pro option that success was only for those who go to the annual Event. Some even included that years ‘ticket!’ I still had to pay for travel, food and lodging.

    Yes, I have gotten huge value out of the trips I have gone on. I have been on many. I have enrolled a core group to come with me and we all had a good time… who is going to argue with you when you are there? BUT!!!! NO, not one was worth the money and time I spent for the value received. NOT ONE. MLM sucks because it is an event driven business where the company, plan and products are essentially meaningless. The dream of more money, more time and fewer taxes is not possible when having to sell tickets to the big show, at least for most people. I am sorry but 95% of the people I know won’t go even if it was all expenses paid …. done that con before too.

    The last five years of study have proven to me that MLM is worse than a JOB for most people. I have been bamboozled by too many hucksters perhaps. Wonderful products, super compensation plans and dozens of people with high integrity and great customer service is the RULE but the truth/lie is never told up front. MLM is a ticket selling business. I have made as much money selling tools and skills training as I have in any MLM. You promote the tools and the skills. The MLM company is always meaningless. Yes, I take products sold by MLM that cannot be found anywhere else. One saved my life over 20 years ago and I will not stop using it. I won’t bother promoting the company for you to buy it either. When there is a company that allows me to share my experience without having to sell my soul besides I’ll consider it. NOT ONE has proven worth my time in over 30 years. There is a better way. Get a real job. Hire yourself. Sell something you believe in. Get paid direct and skip the middle [MLM] man.

  • Wow, another info of great value and full of common sense. I feel such a relief to have heard this! It made me think and realize that it is my ego who throws at me the excuse to “not bother my friends and relatives” (to avoid the pain of rejection). But if I really love them and want the best for them, and if I believe in my solutions, it is my duty to talk to them and to work even harder at learning what to say and what to do, so that I give them a chance to hear my message. What they do with it after that is still in their own hands. I want to keep my attention on this issue until my fear of rejection goes deep down, then share it with the team.

    PS: Mark, your grand-daughter is lovely, she surely is a great motivator!

  • I am sorry thatMichael feels the way he does…We have been in and out of several companies too, and understand how he feels. But with the internet people don’t have to buy garagesful of product and they don’t have to be “in” with anyone to be successful. yes, we have events, but they are mostly regional. ours is a small company with good communication, most of us have met the owners, 25 year old com[any. It’s about the product, and not selling kits, and people are getting healthy. My check is right now at 3,500 a month..we did 60,000 last month in my group…i can’t do that out of my store. That’s what others did, and not one was coerced into anything. They weren’t hyped. We started with company in 1993, left, and now have returned after several others. So be cynical if you want, there are good people, good products and good mlms out there.

  • Hey Mark,
    So I just recently discovered your website a few days ago (and tossed you a friend request on FB), and I just wanted to say you’ve completely changed the way I go about sharing my business opportunity.

    I’d like to admit up front that I got sucked into the “lead systems” thing and I currently use it on my blog. Yes, it has produced results (a FEW distributors and customers), but NOTHING compared to taking immediate action using your advice with my warm market.

    This particular post really hit home for me, so just wanted to say THANKS!

    Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!


  • Aloha Phil….

    Thanks for checking out what we are doing…..and most people quit instead of taking personal responsibility like you have – BRAVO!!

    We all learn lessons or we quit….and the pain of admitting we went the wrong way for a while is dwarfed by the freedom we experience when we do look to ourselves first….and believe me, I’ve had several of those moments 🙂

    Welcome to the ‘good fight’…..the one we must all win…..our own personal blind spots

    keep growing

    mark j

  • So happy to hear Zoe is healthy and CANCER FREE!!! Brought me to tears Mark because I DO believe in our products and our business model! I’m hoping one day to be able to take MY family to Hawaii for 6 weeks to have fun and connect! (Course my daughter is not even 2:)) But what your training and your facebook posts do for me is help me realize I am NOT a failure but that I have a LOT to learn. This is the first time in my life I want to take the time and make the mistakes to learn what I need to in order to be a good wife, mother, friend, leader, sponsor and MLM professional! Your training is a gift! Thank you! And you WILL see me on the beaches of the world!

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