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PMA?  Positive Mental Attitude

If you’re not a baseball fan, fret not and read on…..this is not one of those posts about sports being like….. [fill in the blank]…..

It is about the heart of a champion….without the usual motivational drivel

About a month or so back I wrote a series of blogs about the ‘GIRAFFE‘ philosophy I had developed to serve as the point of view that my decisions were made from.

We got lots of great feedback, thank you…….and we got some questions by email and phone.   About how I discovered the core stuff in the GIRAFFE philosophy.

That’s what this 4 part series is about.

If you’re a follower of this blog you know I’m not a ‘motivation’ quoting guy.

Those great statements from ballplayers, motivational speakers and others always seemed like a warm bath to me, ya know?

Warm bath feels great when we get in but in 10-20 minutes we’re sitting a a puddle of cold, dirty water.

Motivational quotes are pretty much the same.  They sound great but does anything really change.  Seems like some people believe the more cute, motivational quotes people know, the less money they make.   Guess their busy listening to tapes or CDs instead of listening to prospects.

I like concept quotes that further enhance and embed a consistent philosophy.

A philosophy is something we live by, thru thick and thin… something ‘smart’ or ‘profound’ we utter to our teammates.

In the end, and that is really what this 4 part series is about, my objective is to help you really get that people don’t plan to fail, they simply fail to plan.

And that plan must start with us defining who we are.

Let’s be honest, if we don’t stand for something we’ll fall for anything.  And in a business where we need people to ‘follow’ our coaching and example, it better be simple, clear, principled and smack of consistency.

I knew, and, so do you……that more people talking to more people would lead to more sponsoring.

Until we’ve got a plan to defeat our personal demons, masquerading as excuses, we are planning to fail

So I started with Ernie Banks…..a Hall-of-Famer who, because of color and prejudice, had unfair stuggels, made it to the Hall of Fame …..and, to the day remains a favorite without parallel.  He’s never been seen without a smile on his face.

But….there is something else…..something bigger that you’ll find is a thread through this series……and it is priceless.

At the end of the day…..when it’s all said and done about pay plans, billion dollar companies, products etc., we all know to be successful we must overcome our own demons…….and it was through Ernie Banks and Satchel Paige that we were able to face, defeat our personal demons……and, more importantly, help others face and defeat their demons that were preventing success.

Here’s what Ernie taught me and my teams about making calls.

Until I had this…..I had nothing…..which meant my team had nothing to follow….

It all starts right here…..

So, what do you say?
Want to make calls?
Excited to make calls, right now?

Is it a great day for recruiting?  Should we make 2x the calls?

“Let’s play two!”

Should we do it now?

What would Ernie do?

He’d jump of the phone….thrilled to take his hacks….

Waddya say?

Drop it, number of dials…….. in the comment box…..

Come on……it’s a great day for recruiting


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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