So we all get into networking to make money and if we are going to be successful we better learn that helping others is the only way to build a big organization.

How to we help them? Teach them what to do. Obvious, right?

How to get started.
How to access resources.
How to order tools.
How to leverage meetings.
Or Webcasts.
Product information.
How to promote events.
How to build a list.
How to ….well you get the point.

And? It doesn’t really work, does it.

The ‘obvious’ answer to “How do we help them?” ain’t so effective. As a matter of fact teaching those things will do more harm to your potential growth than anything else except never calling them again. Although they actually may do better if you don’t call them back.

Got a beef with that statement?
As my good friend Gary Rogers,[$18,000 month and more for over 10 years running], likes to say to shorten arguments, “The proof is in the printout.” Gary is right.

Most MLMers tell people and themselves they have a 2-3 year plan to achieve ‘big residual income’ so we can ‘walk away and just tell them where to send the check.’ Right?

How long you been at it?

End of arguement.

If we don’t examine basic assumptions then we get trapped into thinking we ‘just haven’t found the right people.’

Well, if it really is a 2-3 year plan shouldn’t the prospect be told?

YOU: ‘It’s a 2-3 year plan IF you find the right people. Otherwise it may take a lot longer.’

PROSPECT: “How long?”

YOU: “Depends.”

PROSPECT: “‘On what?”

YOU: “Determination”

PROSPECT: “How many people in your group have found the right people?”

YOU: “um….none”

Well, you get where this is going.

Information about the plan, product, company, meetings is fine for building belief in people but it won’t build our business and, in the end it hurts our business.

Huh? How can that be? It’s the way we always do it you protest. My answer to that protest is 2 words. Gary Rogers.

Here is what happens. We get them involved, overwhelmed actually, with all the ‘stuff’ to get them educated ‘because that’s the way its done’ without ever looking at the fact that better than 95% of them never earn REAL checks, a thousand bucks or more. A friend of mine likes to say about Think and Grow Rich, “if you don’t have time to read the book at least read the cover. THINK and grow rich’ and he screams the word THINK to make his point. Very funny guy.

OK, back to what happens. We sponsor John and get him to learn and do all the things on the little checklists our system offers. Now he’s invested time and feels like he’s working.

He talks to a few people, gets buried, gets call reluctance, you give speeches about persistence, he gets hammered by prospects again, you give him the ‘you just have to find the right people’, speech…..he gets hammered again…..more speeches…..he quits and we make the biggest mistake of our career…AGAIN>

We arrogantly state reasons that prove John was not right for the business, didn’t follow the system….in essence, we blame John and this blocks a learning experience.

Yes, we need to help others but maybe, just maybe we are teaching him the wrong thing. I say there is no question about it. What I just described happens 1000s of times a day.

The first thing we need to teach John is how to get a ‘yes’ better than 90% of the time.

And that is all we need to teach John. Everything else will be fine if John is hearing yes. No amount of knowledge will help John, [it’ll actually discourage him], if he hears no.

Is there a way to hear the word yes 94% of the time and eliminate the myth of ‘finding the right people.

John needs to know the right people are everywhere and it just depends on what he says and what he does.

This is the knowledge John needs. The only thing that matters is that we teach John that all decisions are made on a subconscious level and he needs to learn what to say to trigger a yes.

The right people are everywhere. Everyone want to pay less in taxes, make more money and have more time. They don’t say ‘NO” because they aren’t the right people, they say no because ……their decision is made in the first 15 seconds. John spewing information about the plan, product and company always gets a response of ‘NO.’

In my last blog I mentioned that i knew 2 words that we could use to get yes all day long. I was going to write about them but decided to build a free training presentation.

I use these two words and get a yes 94% of the time. It’s a detailed training, you’ll need to go through it a couple times, practice and implement it but it works

And, it will work for John, every single time. This is ‘specialized knowledge‘ Hill wrote about. And, it’s the only thing that will actually add authentic to your ‘2-3 year’ plan.

Let me know if you like it. Free. Click here

mark januszewski
world’s laziest networker

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