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It’s not rocket science

I remember sitting at Super Saturday meetings… and weeknight trainings.

I remember being excited, hoping to find something, anything, that would accelerate the growth of my business.  The speakers did their best, really.   I never experienced anyone, ever, “mailing it in.”

And yet, candidly, something just was not “jiving.”

I could not understand why there was so much about how great the company, plan, and product were.   I mean, really, all of us in the room were already in the business.   Why was so much time spent doing a multifaceted commercial?

We’d hear about…

  • The company
  • The plan
  • The product
  • The industry
  • How “we” were different on two levels… how networkers were “different and how this company was different, better than all the others.
  • The speaker’s rag to riches story

Again, they were doing their best and there was some value but not much that you could go home and use… and driving home after one of these events, probably after the 3rd or 4th one, something really struck me hard that I had heard.

The speaker that day was wonderfully passionate about how great our company was… arms waving, beads of perspiration flying, raised voice… talking about how he finally found a company that was doing it right.

Our Plan and Product Will Make You Rich - Don't Quit!
Our Plan and Product Will Make You Rich – Don’t Quit!

This followed a long, long rant about why working for someone else for 45 years was sooooo wrong.

I flashed back to the other speakers… same basic format, not as “rant-ee” but, none-the-less, same-old message.

I knew, really knew this was wrong.  With all due respect, they didn’t sound much different, in principle, than the guy standing on a crate in the middle of a downtown area raving about how everyone is crazy but him… that the day of reckoning is at hand.

I’m not trying to be cruel or hard here… but I’m seeing this same drivel showing up at an alarming rate on the new Periscope app…  Nice, warm, fuzzy stuff about how great the industry is, how you “can make it too,” rags to riches stories… hope and hype.

Hope and hype… or Grow

There is nothing wrong with a little hope and hype.   Hey, we all need our batteries recharged from time to time, we all need to hear some good news but really, it’s all useless if “how and what” are not the vast majority of the message.

That is what hit me on the way home from the Peabody Marriott that day.   Like a pie in the face.  Poor, extremely poor business principles.   Putting down other companies and claiming you are the best, says to a prospect, “this industry has problems”… and that is not good for anyone.  Ever.  It’s bad business.

A rising tide raises all ships.    Sound business principles.   I realized in my desire to succeed that I had allowed myself to believe networking marketing was “different” than other businesses and, really, that is a massive mistake.

Fashion comes and goes, only principles endure.

W. Clement Stone focused on principles of success
W. Clement Stone focused on principles of success

I had been trained, right out of college, by W. Clement Stone.   He built the largest and most successful sales organization in history.   He built it on sound principles.

Stone, really, made Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, the classic that it is… and made Hill wealthy and famous.

Anyway, I’m driving home and I make a decision…  With all due respect to all the speakers, I would take what they had to offer but I was going to go back to Stone’s amazing book, “The Success System That Never Fails” and the sound principles of that and “Think and Grow Rich.”

And I did.

And business grew…  the right way.

Our team could actually AND instantly help other people improve their business… all our businesses.   Again, a rising tide raises all ships.

Absent were things like

  • Speeches
  • Motivational crap
  • Don’t quit statements
  • This is going to be huge rhetoric
  • Bah-blah-blah

The conversations, first last and always, were based on sound principles and the trainees always left with a specific plan… exactly what to do… the “what and how”

What would your choice be –heartfelt hype and hope or sound principles?

First set of business principles we need?   How to break down a business and construct a plan of action we can measure.

Right from Stone & Hill… into my business… into the successful businesses of our many partners… to you.

You follow this simple set of principles you will grow and you will KNOW how to teach this to anyone, instantly growing their check and yours.

Here are 3 principles to “rain” into your business… and grow it



You’ll find 8 free network marketing skills here… study and practice on the extra mile (where there is NEVER any traffic).

Burn this one on your brain…

If it is not written, it is not true.   Why would you resist that?

Additionally, it has 2 great benefits… massive benefits are derived from sound business principles.

  1. It proves to the IRS (a written schedule) that you have intent to make a profit.  This qualifies you for 150+ deductions that are worth, on average, $4000-$8000 a year in additional tax dollars transferred directly to your account.  Legally.
  2. You can “show” instead of “tell” new people what you did, exactly, to succeed.

It all begins, like everything surrounding you, with a thought.   We must feed our mind, daily and early… before we get sucked into the vortex of fear, negative energy, devices, and distractions.  It gives us, focusing on mind first, the power to stay on our intention and pay attention.

No one makes it without a mastermind - Hill
No one makes it without a mastermind – Hill

Think and Grow Rich is not a book, it is an exercise.

I wasn’t trying to be a wise-ass in the video.   People who think they “read it” don’t really understand it and once you do understand it by “doing it”… the exercise or discipline if you will, your position will be about the same as the one expressed here.   And, there is a little bit more.

No one makes it without a mastermind, that’s just the way it is” 

There is an old saying…”it’s lonely at the top” and it is a lie.   The truth is no one makes it to the top alone and the more people you bring with you, the longer your run at the top.

So here’s a copy of the workbook and Think and Grow Rich..

And… the little bit more?   We’ll be working through Think and Grow Rich and the 13 principles as a mastermind group* at the end of October.   Imagine setting your self up to win 2016 by mastering these principles before the new year.

You can hop on an early notification list for this elite mastermind  (it’s work baby, a true mastermind) right here.

Keep giving to keep growing


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Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post


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