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Yesterday’s post about leaders at lots of companies undermining the objective, duplication, pissed a few folks off…..I guess they didn’t read or hear in the video that it is NOT their intent….and it is because they are trying so hard.

Lighten up leaders… my friend Doug likes to say……about Think and Grow Rich……”if you don’t have the time to read the book, read the cover.”

We’re all in this together, looking for solutions……but the truth is as long as we refuse to look at our own behavior, we never be our best.  And different leaders, as we pointed out yesterday, with the same companies….are sending conflicting information…..and prevent themselves and their groups from taking advantage of an uncontrollable compulsion every human being has……And if our passion overrides our common sense…..not only is it an ‘Ut-Oh’ …..we lose our sense of humor to boot.


We All Crave Accecptence Of A Group. Are You and Your Up-team really a group?

When we join a group we will unconsciously copy [re:duplicate] the behavior of the group to gain acceptance.  Conflicting information prevents us from looking like a group, gives new people choices and dismisses this astonishing uncontrollable characteristic that would manifest the objective.

Talk about irony.

Here’s the solution.

Duplication is a network marketing skill, just like getting a ‘yes’ 85% or more of the time is from prospects to look at what you have.

Duplication is a 4 syllable word for copy… lighten up, don’t just work together leaders, work in harmony and keep the objective above your ego, experience and desire to be ‘different.  After all, if duplication is the objective, why do you want to be different?

We are a hilarious group of passionate but often irrational and stubborn…..

If you don’t have a sense of humor about yourself and love irony, this can be a tough business 🙂

Be more concerned with what is right, not who is right.  John Wooden


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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