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Why do people fail in MLM?

The truth is most people having been doing network marketing since they were 6 years old.

I mean telling people about things we like, enjoy ……or things we like, enjoy and may benefit someone else is part of the human experience!

Our parents took us to that ‘new’ Ice Cream place and we loved it.  What was the first thing we told our friends about Monday before school?  Ice Cream!

And you know some of them told their parents about it and asked when they could go, right?

That’s network marketing.

So if we’ve been doing since we were kids and, let’s face it…we love it when we can share something that helps others… can we possibly fail?

We love telling others about things we think they'll like

If 20 years has taught me 1 thing, it is that people, in the end all fail for the same core reason.

It wears many, many masks….but in the final analysis the bedrock reason is always the same.

So on the 6th day of Christmas, here is your gift of gratitude from us to you.

The reason people fail is right here:


and the solution… the gift.


The best part, of course, simply be sharing this post with others they can succeed in the solution with you.

Couple the free copy of Think and Grow Rich along with the free workbook and you’ve got the leverage to overcome the limits.

Add in some free network marketing skills and you’ll own 2012 by June.

Share this with others, on and off your team.  Work through it with your leaders, kids, friends.

We simply cannot light the path for others without lighting the path for ourselves at the same time


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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