Limiting beliefs are why people fail

Why do people fail?


Why do people fail in MLM?

The truth is most people have been doing network marketing since they were 6 years old.

We love telling others about things we think they’ll like

I mean telling people about things we like, enjoy or things we like, enjoy and may benefit someone else is part of the human experience!

Our parents took us to that ‘new’ Ice Cream place and we loved it.  What was the first thing we told our friends about Monday before school?  Ice Cream!

And you know some of them told their parents about it and asked when they could go, right?

That’s network marketing.

So if we’ve been doing since we were kids and, let’s face it…we love it when we can share something that helps others…how can we possibly fail?

If 20 years has taught me one thing, it is that people, in the end, all fail for the same core reason.

It wears many, many masks…but in the final analysis, the bedrock reason is always the same.

So on the 6th day of Christmas, here is your gift of gratitude from us to you.

The reason people fail is right here:


and the solution is the gift.

Share the solution

The best part, of course, simply be sharing this post with others they can succeed in the solution with you.

Couple the free copy of Think and Grow Rich along with the free workbook and you’ve got the leverage to overcome the limits.

Add in some free network marketing skills and you’ll own 2012 by June.

Share this with others, on and off your team.  Work through it with your leaders, kids, friends.

We simply cannot light the path for others without lighting the path for ourselves at the same time.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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  • Mark,

    Most people know about Think and Grow Rich, and a lot of people have even read it. But interestingly enough, there are two types of people, those that read T&GR, and those that that read it AND use the workbook.

    Some people possibly never even knew there was a T&GR workbook, so that’s awesome you talked about it, and even included it here, it’s a game changer for a lot of people.

    Keep fighting the good fight!


  • Mark, Thanks for these great gifts! Especially your workbook. Everyone knows that this TGR is the TRUE steps to the “secret” and “your” workbook is what we need to get this in action!

    Have the Best New Year ever and Love and Joy to ALL! (NO DOUBT about this!)
    I appreciate you and so does my Team! Thanks again.

  • Hi Mark,
    Our team has three “mastermind” groups who call in once a week and work with the Think and Grow Rich workbook – we just launched a new group this past Wednesday. Thank you for sharing this with everyone.

  • Oops, sorry, I didn’t include my limiting belief in my reply above – it is as follows, “Although I have, and do, experience wealth in the love and joy of family and friends, I’ve never experienced significant financial wealth, and can’t imagine living with all the options that become available with it.”

  • My limiting belief is (was) that I couldn’t learn to overcome my techie challenges in putting Web or WordPress sites together and getting tracking and scripting under my belt enough to market properly with.

    I’ll be blowing that one away this year!

    Happy & Safe New Year Mark…

  • Aloha Mark! Thank you for the 3 minute sojourn on the beach:)
    Hmmm, I think my most limiting belief I shall give up for 2012 is that I don’t deserve to succeed and earn BIG $!

  • Have a hard time believing i can re-tool myself.

    I am 100% convinced it is about skills. I am ready to learn new ones that work.

  • have a hard time believing I can re-tool myself.

    but 100% convinced it’s all about skills. look forward to learning.

  • Hey Mark,

    My limiting belief is ” believing If I’m not involved in every step there is something wrong. It bogs me down and limits my team. I will end that this year.

    Thanx for all the help,

  • Thanks Doug…..

    There is no question….as a friend of mine likes to say….’If you don’t read the book, at least read the cover!’ … sound advice

    Thanks for all the tips you’ve shared with us about generating leads on line free……..what a difference you’ve made

    keep growing

    mark j

  • L-I-G-B !!

    Let it go baby 🙂

    You were made first class by first class …..go first class by getting the dreams of others on paper and read them everyday…..

    We are all, everyone of us, at our very best when helping others

    mark j

  • L-I-G-B!

    Let it go baby!!

    Explode in 2012 by serving the dreams of others daily

    It’s when we are in service that we are our best!
    mark j

  • Hi Sherry

    Replace ‘have a hard time believing i can re-tool myself’ with ‘I presently stuggle with re-tooling myself and I win the stuggle over a SHORT period of time’

    mark j

  • limiting belief: that I can’t succeed financially in a big way vs just getting by paycheck to paycheck

  • Mark, despite the outward appearance of confidence, wealth and success in my life, my limiting self belief is that I still have trouble believing in myself as a coach to others 🙁 It’s back to the basics from MKMMA and TGR. Thanks for all you do to help people and Happy New Year to you and Davene~

  • A mentor gave me some advice the latter part of this year that for some reason struck a chord. Different things strike a cord for different folks.

    He said he was laying in a hospital bed feeling sorry for himself when he got a call from a true friend. He told him “Get over yourself”. He called the friend back 9 months later and he said, Well, that was faster that I expected.

    He said I am going to tell you the same thing. Get over yourself. That enters my thoughts whenever I find my self hesitating to make a call, or not doing something I really need to do, but am procrastinating doing it. That comes to mind and I think “Get over it” And then I’m able to do it.

    The past doesn’t matter. Only the now. And for some reason the excuses fall away with that phrase. I don’t have to identify why I’m doing that. Just get over it.

    Thanks for all you and Davene do. Happy New Year.

  • Mark, Great information on your website and Go90Grow!! My biggest limiting factor for 2012 to get over is not being the coach to our team in getting them started correctly and get them the success they are looking to gain.

  • I have a hunch that most people who really look at what Think & Grow Rich, the Workbook and Go90Grow offers will get really excited or at least a little curious and want more information.

    But, some won’t, I think you know the ones. They’re the ones who would rather sit at home, watch TV all night, become a couch potato and complain instead of taking a look at and understanding something that could really help them and their families.

    Would it be OK if I ask you to join Mark J. next Saturday, January 7, for his short webcast about how to do something about it? Would that be OK?

    There are only two (2) types of people in this world, those who will do something about it and those who won’t…which type are you?

    Thanks Mark and Fabulous Davene & Happy New Year to all!

  • If you have read Think and Grow Rich and haven’t received instruction from Mark on the use of the concepts in this book you haven’t really received the information and processed it correctly.

    Jump in and get involved. It will change everything you believe about yourself and your life and move you forward to a higher plain.

  • Mark,
    First, Thanks for all your great videos and messages. They make a difference. This video in particular. My limiting belief is that I don’t have enough time. Baloney. If I don’t have enough time to reach my goals can I really expect others to have the time? Getting my butt in gear in 2012, back to the skills of go90grow and T&GR (AND THE WORKBOOK – THANK YOU VERY MUCH)! Sending this email off to my team. 2012 will be a different year if we incorporate your skills. Thanks!!

    Keep Making a Difference


  • That’s a great line Michael! “get over yourself!” I’m going to put that one on my cork board….

  • Aloha Mark.Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the skill that you gave us. Go90grow is the best training any one can have. I am trying to do what you say to do and i am having some success.What i need to do now, is do more of the same.2012 is a must i need it bad. By saying would it be KO if is the best once again thanks,you are the man.


  • My limiting belief WAS that I couldn’t be a leader.. I’d grow a business to a point and then stall…. I really believe it was things I learned growing up which were FALSE. I will be a huge leader in 2012 and help so many people achieve their dreams!!!!!
    Most people won’t do what I’m doing 🙂

  • Mark, I can’t thank you and Davene enough for Go90Grow and the TAGR process! It’s such a powerful toolset. I second what Doug said above about the workbook…

    The limiting belief I’m giving up in 2012 is that I have a terrible memory (due to an old head injury). I bought into this limitation years ago and have allowed it to be a crutch and an excuse for inconsistent effort and results. Our brains are remarkably plastic and mine has begun rewiring and healing now. (Our bodies have a miraculous capacity to heal.)

    Many thanks for making this available so we can do the work ourselves and then help others succeed.

    Peace, Health, Joy, Gratitude, Abundance for 2012!

  • I’d say my limiting belief is that people I approach will reject what i have to offer. But I know I just need to really study and apply the G90G skills.

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