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Contrary to popular belief, attitude, as it is bandied about in MLM, will not build your business.

In the early going back in early 1994, I was not pleased with the way things were going and venting to my sponsor.   Sensing I may pack it in, he got his sponsor on the phone who gave me a long “pep” talk about attitude.

I bought in.  Told me to listen to a couple of cassette tapes, (yeah, it was a while ago) that had come with the kit and he’d be sending me 4 more cassettes “special delivery” he felt would “turn” my attitude.   I needed the biz to work and I agreed.

Tapes showed up the next day and I kept my promise.   Listened to them 4 hours a day or more while delivering seafood on my route.   He told me to give it 30 days and that he’d call me once a week.   He kept his promise too.

Nothing changed
Nothing changed

Nothing changed in my business… but I felt better about myself.

What is a Winning MLM Attitude?

Attitude will not build your business was the inescapable conclusion.

For the record, goals won’t build your business either.  Goals are a reason to do the business but they won’t build it.  You can do all the nonsense like “reading your ‘why’ until you cry and listen to all the warm, fuzzy attitude-motivational stuff you want… but it won’t make you ten cents.

The hard reality is that a winning attitude is not something that comes from external repetitions of hackneyed cliches and, quite candidly, in the long run, will have a negative effect.

I mean, really, how many “rags-to-riches” about not quitting can you listen to with no growth and eventually NOT feel like a loser?

For the record, “not quitting” has zero to do with winning.


So I’m having lunch with a long time friend and very successful insurance company owner.   I’d set some records working at his insurance company and shared my frustration.

Asks me a series of questions, first about the biz then about me.   Maybe 15, 20 questions.  All short answer stuff.

“Your problem is you.   When you worked for me you knew what you were doing, there was a reason for everything you did and everything you did was based on that reason.”

We sat in silence for a long time.

One thought altered our life
One thought altered our life

“Do you remember the first or second time I asked you to tell my sales team your thought process?”

“I think so.”

More extended silence.   He was grinning.

“What the hell are you grinning about, this is serious.”

He laughed.   “You said, ‘never do anything unless you know why you are doing it‘ and continued along the lines of telling them you had a clear vision before you made a call, every call, of what that would mean over ten years of renewals, referrals, conversions of referrals and what that would mean over ten years.

I’ll never forget it because it had never occurred to me that while everyone else was making calls in their minds to set appointments you were playing a different game in your head.   I marveled, really… you were a machine on a mission.”


Making big money is a by-product of an authentic attitude birthed within and centered around understanding, first-last-and-always, what a privilege it is to pick up the phone.

It comes on like a tsunami and it just keeps coming once you know, really know, the true potential of each dial.  And… it never goes away, ever.

That is a great benefit because from that day on I never had to torture myself listening to “attitude” ragtime (and it is) or rags-to-riches, don’t-quit bullshit again.   Better yet, I never ever had to do any motivational speaking to individuals or groups.  YEAH!!   I could spend my time building and teaching others the network marketing skills needed to effectively build.

How do you get into that spot, permanently?

All you have to do is know the answer to this question:

Do you know what each call really means?



I personally challenge you to leave a “declaration” in the comment box and share this with your team.

How many will you make today and every day?

It’s a trick question… hey, ya gotta have some fun.

Calls or $15,000,000 pitches?

And, how many?

Winners move towards challenges…  Wishers?   They’ll think about it, refuse to commit in writing and rationalize.

You in or are you out?

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
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