Goals won’t build a business. Nice fun hobby but they simply will not build a business.

I know, I know…blasphemy.

In 1971 I graduated college. My first job was with Combined Insurance. The great W. Clement Stone , Napoleon Hill’s life long friend and partner was one of my trainers.

I get the Definite of Purpose thing and believe it is crucial but it will not build a business.  A goal without a plan, knowledge and continuous action is just a daydream.

There is a problem .

Most of us start networking part time, in conjunction with a job and our overloaded lives.  Once you learn how easy recruiting is, and it is, succeeding really gets down to time management.

The most successful reps I have worked with and observed simply make better decisions with their time, all the time.

How do they do it?

How do people with average to below average recruiting skills out perform their more talented, well connected, technology savvy counter-parts?

Organized planning.

Organized Planning is one of the most crucial elements in Think and Grow Rich [Free Copy], and probably the most overlooked and undervalued.
Organized Planning is the foundation of a  ‘little bit more’ MLM’s best ever A.L. Williams‘ talked about constantly.

Let’s break it down because understanding we’re in a time management business will save a lot of time.  Once you know it and master it you can teach it and help other’s be more effective.   I have learned that defining a few simple terms can have a profound effect in communicating with new people.

Getting new folks going on the right direction quickly is also the best way, and probably the only way to inspire stubborn veterans too.

OBJECTIVE: What you want, your Definite Major Purpose, ‘Why’ , etc.

STRATEGY: The plan to get it.  This would be, after all is said and done, recruiting, sponsoring and then duplicating those two things to maximize a marketing plan.

TACTICS: The actions we take weekly/daily to employ the STRATEGY to obtain the OBJECTIVE.

Look, we can ‘read our why till we cry’ and talk about persistence all we want….you know…eye of the tiger, heart of a loin and lots of other dead-animal-body parts but without a plan its all ‘feel good’ motivational hogwash and we end up running out of time.

These two simple ideas save time for you and for your team.

1. When your day has ended, clean up your mess and get prepared.

  • Emails, notes you scribbled, etc…clean it all up, both on your computer and your desk
  • Look at tomorrow’s plan
  • Figure out what you need to get those things accomplished.
  • Get everything ready for tomorrow before you leave your office.
  • Example: you are going to make 50 dials.  Have the names and numbers you are going to call ready
  • example
  • When you’ve cleaned TODAY and PREPARED everything for tomorrow, read the 3 things outloud
  • Read your goals outloud.
  • Just before you go to sleep, repeat this ritual.
  • The effect on your subconscious, over a short period, is immense.  NO TV after the final reading.
  • This 2-3 minute ritual will create decisions in the subconscious that will save you time.  Proof

2. Sow your OATS every Friday and teach it to your team.

  • O ~ OBJECTIVES. Write down your objectives for the week.   [Example;  Get 8 serious candiates to look at information and book follow-up with them]
  • A ~ ACTIONS. What actions are neccessary to hit objectives.  [Continued example; Make 160 dials]
  • T~ TIME. How much time will it take to do the acctions?  Add 20% as things go wrong .  [Contined example 20 dials takes 8 hours x 20% = 9.6 hours
  • S ~ SCHEDULE. The difference between knowing what to do and doing it is whether or not you schedule it.
  • Every busines has a ‘main thing’ that drives it.  Make sure when you make a list of objectives you want to accomplish in the upcoming week that 80% of your time is focused on the ‘Main Thing.’  And, I can assure you, surfing the web for magic solutions so you can avoid the Main Thing will be avoided with these 2 simple exercise.

The best way to save time is to take care of first things first.

If you set this in motion with your group, scheduling the next week on Fridays ~ tell people that want your time to call you Friday ~ great things happen.  Combining both strategies brings about great results and saves time because if you take care of your PRIMARY objective, strategies that support it and set in motion weekly and daily tactics, you don’t have time to waste time.

The best way to manage our time is to manage ourselves.


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