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We are so excited when we join.  Nervous and excited.

Our thoughts vacillate between getting rich and buyer’s remorse those first few days…..normal operating procedure for all of us.


“It will be so great to pay off the credit cards and have a huge residual income”

“Am I going to have the time for this?”

“I can pay for my kids education.”

“What if it doesn’t work for me?”

“I am going to make a fortune, vacation in Hawaii & Europe every year for a month each.”

“Am I nuts?  These things never work for most people…..what made me think I could do this?”

This is all normal…….then the ‘stuff’ shows up, the kit, the product and we plug into some trainings if …….

If the vision WINS this war over self doubt…….it gets better.

Remember that battle in you mind?  I sure do.  Keep it in mind as you read on.


We are good students, our confidence grows and we are on fire.   Our enthusiasm grows, we start to get a few checks….more excitement and all that self-doubt disappears.

We are focused, know what to do and we are sure that we are right…..right deal, right company, right pay plan.

No one or nothing can cause discouragement…..we are learning, growing and can’t wait to talk to the next prospect.

Our group starts to grow a little bit more and……Ut-oh…..we start to manage and teach, with the best of intentions.


Our leaders do what we do, not what we say……and they start teaching and managing…..we are getting duplication, but not the type we really want.

We then make the problem worse……by trying to do better.

We call our leaders together… our living room…..a conference call…..whatever……

We are so wanting to spur growth….which has slowed down a little bit or completley……we don’t realize what a huge mistake we just made.

And then it DUPLICATES much to our shirgrin

Growth slows down even more.   More meetings, compounding the mistake we did not even know we made.


People do what you do, not what you say.

When you pulled your leaders together to kick their butts……or encourage them……guess what you taught them?

To go home and have a meeting with their leaders…… it duplicates. 🙁

So now people are having meetings about talking to prospects instead of talking to prospects.

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing…..because it is the main thing.

The main thing is contacting new people.


Here we, with the best of intentions, have made a bigger mistake than we realize……..

We’ve lost site of how we felt when we ‘got over’ the buyers remorse and became excited students……we’ve lost our vision.

We are focused on managing the group instead of our vision and our commitment to manifest that vision…..and…..we are trying to get other people to do what we are not doing……and feel what we are not feeling.


Trouble in river city…….we start asking the wrong set of questions:

  • Why won’t people get on the phone?
  • Why are there so few guests at the meetings?
  • Why aren’t people on my conference call training?
  • and on and on and on……

The problem and solution are in the title of the blog.

As soon as we start asking questions about the performance of other folks, we have lost the vision that won the war over self doubt right after we signed up…..

And…..if you look at the title… has become questions about things we can not control instead of excitement over the things we can control.


EXCUSE: I never have the time to make calls, I got a job, kids and lots of reps calling me for different things.

SOLUTION: If we penciled in the one thing that will drive our business, making initial calls, like we do work meetings, picking up the kids and dinner with friends we’d poke a hole in that excuse.

EXCUSE: I can’t get motivated after a long day at work…..people don’t do much when I bring them in any way.

SOLUTION: This is our work…..the job is the funding.  Focus on what will drive your business, [hint: initial calls]……and consider that your work,  Mentally commit to one hour of dialing a day before you do ANYTHING else…..including checking your email, volume or phone messages.

EXCUSE: I am too tired sometimes when I get home.

SOLUTION:  Fatigue makes cowards of us all…..Lombardi.  Chart all your activities [time surfing the web pretending to do research, TV etc.]  Eat better, go to be earlier and be willing to sacrifice fatigue

All the solutions work if you read your goal statement last thing at night and first thing in the morning.  Something, ALWAYS, has to give.  You either stop reading or start doing.

It is the ACTIONS above and the next suggestion that put us back into the state of mind we were in when we signed up and our vision won the war with self doubt.

  • Get a conference call number [free right here]
  • Schedule time every night to get on the phone
  • Tell everyone on your team, ‘I will be making live calls to prospects at 8:oo PM every night this week’
  • Keep your word.

By painting yourself into a corner….everyone wants to hear people make calls… STOP having meeting about making calls and you make them…..this and ONLY this is how to lead by example.

Re-punctuate yourself with action…..

When we are looking at what others are not doing we lose the vision, excitement and enthusiasm we had when we signed up.

Action and action alone is the only thing that can turn your dreams into a living force.

Taking action is easy if you know & master the skill:  what goes through the prospects head and you do it with a teammate.

Re-punctuate yourself today.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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